Just Books clc toddler collection


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Keep your kids in good company. Introduce them to books.

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Just Books clc toddler collection

  1. 1. www.justbooksclc.com
  2. 2. Keep your kids ingood company.Introduce them tobooks.
  3. 3. Read with me (Age: 2-5Years) - Recommended by KartikKaruturi
  4. 4. Arthur loses his marblesMarc BrownRent it from JustBooksArthurs Grandma Thora is amarbles champion and with heras his coach, Arthur is sure tosin the first-ever Elwood CityMarbles Tournament. ButGrandma doesnt teach himeverything, and enters thetournament, too.
  5. 5. Mallipoo, where are you?Radhika chadhaRent it from JustBooksWhen Paytu the piggoes on a sugarcanewalk with Amma theelephant and Hutoxi thehorse, she asks Annaand Akka to look afterher babies.
  6. 6. Pavo and cavoNirupama RaghavanA curious crow comes acrossthe palace of the rich andelegant king of birds, PavoCristatus the peacock. Soonafter, Pavo has a visitor - acousin, Cavo Pristatus, fromAfrica who looks like apeacock, but is not quiteone.Rent it from JustBooks
  7. 7. Colour-Colour kaminiRadhika chadhaKapila aunty is teaching thelittle chameleons how tochange colour, one at A time.But Kamini gets excited andgoes red, purple, green,yellow . . .She cant stop!Meet baby elephantBahadurs new friend in thethird book in the series.Rent it from JustBooks
  8. 8. Mr. Jeejeebhoy and the BirdsAnitha BalachandranEach page of thisspectacular picture book willdelight and amaze children.Anitha Balachandransunique illustration stylecombines real objects anddrawing: theres so much todiscover in every page.Rent it from JustBooks
  9. 9. What makes music?Betty Ann SchwartzRent it from JustBooksA new ribbon appearsas Mama Bird teachesBaby Bird each note ofthe scale.
  10. 10. Silly DillyKuntie Ramdat BalkaranRent it from JustBooksDilly, a young duckling sets out toexplore the rest of her farm withhis mother and siblings. The tripsoon turns out to be very eventfulwith silly Dilly meeting severalanimals along the way which tohim appear to be dangerous wildanimals, looking for easy preywhile in reality they are justharmless farm animals as sillyDilly’s mother reveals.
  11. 11. Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?Bill Martin Jr/ Eric CarleRent it from JustBooksEach spread leadsseamlessly into thenext and young childrenwill delight in Ericscolourful collageanimals and simplerepetitive language.
  12. 12. The bad-tempered ladybirdEric CarleRent it from JustBooksThe bad-temperedladybird picks fightswith every animal hemeets, but soon learnsthe importance offriends and turns into afar nicer, happier bug.
  13. 13. Golgappu makes tamoto soupTarla dalalRent it from JustBooksGolgappu loves to discoverhow some of his favouritefoods are made from whatthey are made. Comediscover with Golgappu thejourney of tomatoes from thegarden to the bowl, in thisstory Golgappu MakesTomato Soup
  14. 14. Dear ZooRod CampbellRent it from JustBooksIn this delightful tale about ayoungster looking for theperfect pet, readers can liftthe flaps to see the animalsthe zoo has sent. New art anda gold-ink cover for this 25thanniversary edition give thisclassic a fresh new look.
  15. 15. Math Fables TooGreg TangRent it from JustBooksMore rhymes about animalsthat introduce counting andgrouping numbers, as well asexamples of such behaviorsas cooperation, friendship,and appreciation.
  16. 16. If you give a pig a pancakeLaura & Felicia BondRent it from JustBooksIf you give a pig a pancake,shell want some syrup to gowith it. Youll give her some ofyour favourite maple syrup.Shell probably get all sticky,so shell want to take a bath.Shell ask you for somebubbles.
  17. 17. Baby’s First ChristmasTomic dePaolaRent it from JustBooksSimple texts andillustrations introducesome of the familiarsights and experiences ofChristmas. On boardpages.
  18. 18. How do dinosaurs count to ten?Jane YolenRent it from JustBooksDescribes how a littledinosaur counts fromone to ten, using thetoys and other thingsaround him.
  19. 19. The Knight and the DragonTomie DepaolaRent it from JustBooksA knight who has neverfought a dragon and anequally inexperienceddragon prepare tomeet each other inbattle.
  20. 20. How it works at JustBooks…Rent Read Return
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  22. 22. Unlimited Membership Plans…-One membership for entirefamily
  23. 23. BasicRs.250/Month2Books at a timeRefundable DepositRs.1000SignupRegularRs.300/Month3Books at a timeRefundable DepositRs.1000SignupAvid+Rs.4750/Year4Books at a time2Magazines at a timeNo Registration FeeNo Refundable DepositSignup
  24. 24. http://www.facebook.com/JustBooksCLChttps://twitter.com/JustBooksCLCEmail: info@justbooksclc.com / blog.justbooksclc.comwww.justbooksclc.com