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Big Data - Introduction and Research Topics - for Dutch Kadaster
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Big Data - Introduction and Research Topics - for Dutch Kadaster


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Presentation (in Dutch) on Big Data (BD) given on Oct 10, 2013 for Dutch Kadaster. To provide an introduction on BD, what could be BD in the geospatial domain, what could be opportunities and research …

Presentation (in Dutch) on Big Data (BD) given on Oct 10, 2013 for Dutch Kadaster. To provide an introduction on BD, what could be BD in the geospatial domain, what could be opportunities and research topics for Dutch Kadaster. A personal view, i.e. by no means that this represents opinions or positions of Dutch Kadaster. Just a clarification beyond the buzzword...

Published in: Software

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  • 1. Big Data Onderzoek Inventarisatie Just van den Broecke versie 1 - 10.okt.2013 1
  • 2. Big Data Onderzoek Agenda •Big Data •Big Geo Data •Onderzoeksvragen 2
  • 3. Big Data Onderzoek Not JustVolume 3
  • 4. Big Data Onderzoek Wat is Big Data? 4 Big data is the term for a collection of data sets so large and complex that it becomes difficult to process using on-hand database management tools or traditional data processing applications.
  • 5. Big Data Onderzoek Uitdagingen •inwinnen •beheren •opslag •zoeken 5 •delen •transfereren •analyse •visualisatie en meer...
  • 6. Big Data Onderzoek Opportunity or Threat? 6 The opportunity of big data is also its challenge. We are drowning in data, and tweets, posts and video are not the structured data that fits well into relational databases for traditional querying. As a result, big data simply requires a new way of thinking about how to store and analyze data to accommodate these new realities and turn insights into actionable decisions.
  • 7. Big Data Onderzoek Gartner 2012 - 3V’s 7 Big data is high volume, high velocity, and/or high variety information assets that require new forms of processing to enable enhanced decision making, insight discovery and process optimization.
  • 8. Big Data Onderzoek Actually 4thV... 8 Veracity: Professional managers are wary of unverified data. Since much of the data deluge comes from anonymous and unverified sources, it is necessary to establish and flag the quality of the data before it is included in any ensemble.
  • 9. Big Data Onderzoek Gartner 2013 - Not Just 3V’s 1. 3Vs Volume, Velocity, Variety 2. Cost-Effective, Innovative Forms of Information Processing viz. technologies for storing, linking and analysis 3. Enhanced Insight and Decision Making “...the ultimate goal. Business value is in the insights, which were not available before...” 9 Three Parts
  • 10. Big Data Onderzoek Some Facts 10
  • 11. Big Data Onderzoek Some Facts 11 Some Facts
  • 12. Big Data Onderzoek12
  • 13. Big Data Onderzoek Use Cases 13
  • 14. Big Data Onderzoek Case - Obama Re-election 14
  • 15. Big Data Onderzoek15 Inside the Secret World of the Data Crunchers Who Helped Obama Win
  • 16. Big Data Onderzoek16
  • 17. Big Data Onderzoek Amazon 2x 17
  • 18. Big Data Onderzoek Amazon - Case 1 18 Amazon pioneered the use of big data analytics in e-commerce, web personalization, multivariate testing of product offerings, and inference engines to predict consumer preferences.
  • 19. Big Data Onderzoek Amazon - Case 1 + others 19
  • 20. Big Data Onderzoek20
  • 21. Big Data Onderzoek21
  • 22. Big Data Onderzoek 2. Big Geo Data 22
  • 23. Big Data Onderzoek New? 23 Geospatial Data has always been Big Data. Now Big Data Analytics for geospatial data is available to allow users to analyze massive volumes of geospatial data.
  • 24. Big Data Onderzoek Big Data in Geographic Information Science Panel 2012 24 Big Data is not only big because it involves a huge amount of data, but also because of the high-dimensionality and inter- linkage of the involved data sets. The on-the-fly integration of heterogeneous data from various sources has been named one of the frontiers of Digital Earth research, Bioinformatics, the Digital Humanities, and other emerging research visions.
  • 25. Big Data Onderzoek Lidar 25
  • 26. Big Data Onderzoek26 Meteorology
  • 27. Big Data Onderzoek Amsterdam Realtime 2002 27
  • 28. Big Data Onderzoek Amsterdam RealtimeVideo 28 ▶ Amsterdam Realtime -YouTube
  • 29. Big Data Onderzoek29
  • 30. Big Data Onderzoek30
  • 31. Big Data Onderzoek UK Linked Data 31
  • 32. Big Data Onderzoek Geonovum LOD Pilot 32
  • 33. Big Data Onderzoek 3. Big Data Kadaster 33
  • 34. Big Data Onderzoek Beware of Labeling 34
  • 35. Big Data Onderzoek Mogelijkheden 35 •Data Analyse op Kadaster diensten/kanalen KLIC PDOK •Basisregistraties • koppelen (linken, navigeren) • ontsluiten (WFS) • real-time • multi-diminsioneel (2d,3d,4d,...) • visualisaties
  • 36. Big Data Onderzoek36
  • 37. Big Data Onderzoek Vragen ? 37