October 20th Abu Dhabi Chapter Event


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Abu Dhabi Chapter of TESOL Arabia is proud to invite you to their first PD event of the academic year, on Saturday October 20th. Please see the attached flyer for details about the day’s program.

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October 20th Abu Dhabi Chapter Event

  1. 1. TESOL Arabia - Abu Dhabi Chapter Professional Development Event for ELT ProfessionalsDATE 20th October 2012 (Saturday)VENUE ALHOSN University, Abu Dhabi (Men’s Campus) Map: http://www.alhosnu.ae/WS/Site/Home/Contact%20Us.aspxTIME 9:00am-12:00pmFOR INFORMATION & Abu Dhabi Chapter: fmohamed3@adnoc.aePRE-REGISTRATION 050 4412529 0501302650FEE Free for TESOL Arabia members AED 40 for non-members TESOL Arabia Online http://www.tesolarabia.org |USEFUL LINKS TESOL ARABIA on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/tesolarabia | TESOL Arabia on Twitter @tesolarabia The membership secretary will be available to issue/renew memberships (cash only, please). Details regarding membership at this link: http://www.tesolarabia.net/ta/?page_id=381
  2. 2. SCHEDULE OF ACTIVITIES 8:30 – 9:30 Registration of Participants 9:30 – 10:30 Concurrent Sessions A (3 Presentations) Sandra Zaher: 21st Century Learning: What does that mean? What does a 21st century learner look like? What do I need to be doing in my classroom? What is a flipped classroom? Want to see what IT can do in your classroom? Then join this session and work your way through what is and isn’t possible in your classroom…Did I say isn’t?…Ummmhh…that is up to you isn’t? When students, technology, and an innovative creative teacher are involved… literally…anything can be created, explored, developed, and become part of a solid knowledge base that is filled with critical thinking skills…want to come ‘play’ in my session? Presenter Bio: Sandra Zaher is the Supervisor, Special Projects at Academic Central Service Abu Dhabi, for the Higher Colleges of Technology System. She holds certification as: K-12 Generalist, K-12 ESL, K-12 Special Needs, K-12 Gifted and Talented, K-12 Adapted Behavior Specialist, 6-12 English, K-12 Class Teacher, K-12 Texas Mid-Management Principal, and CELTA. She is on the Editorial Board for BMENA IRA, member of Texas Association for Teachers and Principals, and currently the Co-Chair of the ESP SIG of TESOL Arabia. She is an advocate for empowering students and teachers through interactive education. szaher@hct.ac.ae Mouhamad Mouhanna: Teacher Research in EFL Beliefs and Practices This survey based study explored teachers beliefs and practices related to conducting research at an EFL university foundations program. More specifically, it explored motivations and obstacles for teachers conducting research, the role of qualification and experience in determining teachers potential for conducting research and institutional support that was provided to facilitate teacher research. The presenter will analyse the statistical data and discuss the benefits of educational institutions investing time and money to create more opportunities for research. Presenter Bio: Mouhamad Mouhanna is an English Language lecturer at the UAE University in Al Ain. He is currently enrolled in the doctorate program at Exeter university and has interests in bilingualism and student development. He has conducted many research papers in the areas of L1 use in the classroom and
  3. 3. 9:30 – 10:30 teacher research in ELT. mmouhanna@uaeu.ac.ae Hayette Amdouni: The Mismatch between Real-life Grammar and the Grammar in ELT Books. The computer has been widely used in EFL contexts to teach grammar, but most available software duplicate traditional approaches that focus on drilling techniques and quiz the learner on the application of rules put forward by grammarians in grammar textbooks. In this research, computer technology was used to test those very rules and reveal the gap between real-life discourse and grammar books’ norms. The presentation will report on a study that compares the use of conditional in grammar books to data from the British National Corpus, and suggests that corpora and concordancing technology can offer a view of grammar as a strand of discovering grammatical patterns in actual use. Presenter Bio: Hayette Amdouni holds an MSc in TESOL from Aston University. She has recently won Hamdan Bin Rashid Award For The Best Action Research. Hayet is currently teaching at the U.A.E University. h.amdouni@uaeu.ac.ae10:30 – 11:00 Coffee & Networking Break11:00 – 12:00 Concurrent Sessions B (3 Presentations) Mouna Abou-Assali: Teachers’ Emotions and Teachers’ Persistence Teachers are driven by different kinds of emotions in their working environment. The presenter and the participants will share the different types of emotions they experience towards the educational changes in their contexts and the impact those changes have on their persistence, personal life and classroom practices. Presenter Bio: Mouna Abou-Assali is a lecturer at Emirates College for Advanced Education, ECAE. She holds a Med. in ELT from Sheffield University, UK. She is a doctoral candidate at Exeter University, UK. Her main research interest lies in areas that include: teacher professional growth, teacher and student emotions, and leadership. massali@ecae.ac.ae
  4. 4. 11:00 – 12:00 Developing a Culture of Self-inquiry through Teacher Portfolio. As important changes are taking place in education regarding such a complex issue as teaching, new ways for evaluating teachers’ practices are being explored to enhance the quality of teaching, a pre-condition for making teaching come alive for students. Teacher development has, indeed, become the main concern for school reformers, policy makers, educators and all those in charge of evaluating teacher classroom performance. This presentation will try to bring answers to how teachers can develop and how their accomplishments and efforts can be measured and evaluated. Presenter Bio: Azzeddine Bencherab is a university lecturer and doctoral candidate in TESOL. He is author of several articles in the States (ETF, TESL Reporter, and TESOL Journal) and Japan (TLT Journal). He has also presented all over UAE, Syria and Qatar. His field of interest is reflective teaching, motivation and developing skills. azzeddineb@hotmail.fr Sabina Ostrowska: Autonomy, UAE Students, and Stereotypes in TESOL Discourse. The presentation focuses on the issues of autonomy among UAE students. Past research claims that UAE students have difficulties in gaining autonomy in language learning due to cultural constraints, i.e. the collectivist nature of the Emirati culture and the high level of respect for authority. Both these characteristics are said to hinder autonomy in learning. The framework used to yield this type of results is deterministic in nature in that it assumes that the social and cultural contexts determine individuals’ behavior. Secondly, it assumes essentialist notion of learners’ identities, namely the learners are portrayed as a homogenous group and not as unique human beings. Thus, the presentation argues against using cultural stereotypes to explain students’ behavior. Socio-cultural approach to TESOL research is summarized as an alternative to the essentializing and stereotyping research paradigms. The presentation provides ideas for researching learners’ autonomy in the UAE. A group discussion will help share experience and practice of fostering learner autonomy in the UAE. Presenter Bio: Sabina Ostrowska is a Lecturer at Khalifa University in Abu Dhabi (UAE) and a doctoral student at Exeter University (UK). She has taught English as second and foreign language in Poland, Sweden, and the UAE. She has published and presented on topics related to Arab EFL learners, specifically reading assessment, motivating students, and teaching writing. sabina.ostrowska@kustar.ac.ae