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Eco Designers Guild of Pittsburgh has started a new project!

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Green + Screen Project Overview 050809

  1. 1. THE PROJECT About the Green + Screen Project Penn Ave Arts Initiative (PAAI) has grant applications out for Green + Screen Project along Penn Avenue (Mathilda St to Negley Ave). PAAI has spent about $58m on the avenue helping residents and building owners fix up the facades and structures of the buildings along Penn Avenue. Even though Penn Avenue is an arts district and there are several galleries and shops, there are 25 empty lots and blighted buildings. The Green + Screen project is centered on creating architectural screens and landscaping that can fill in the gaps on the avenue and make a more cohesive arts avenue. The first of theses Green + Screens will be at the 4903 lot of Penn Avenue. Pilot Project Location 4903 Penn Avenue is a barren lot owned by PAAI. Criteria for a Green+Screen Project - Cost effective screens and landscaping - Temporary, movable, and modular to adapt to new spaces - Be contribution to the Avenue - Inexpensive but elegant - Secure to prevent litter, loitering, 4903 Penn Ave and crime Elevation view of 4903 Penn Avenue
  2. 2. KEY PLAYERS About Summit Academy Summit Academy is an award-winning school for delinquent youth. They have a day and night school in Allegheny County and a residential school in Butler County. Many students have court ordered community service hours as well as service required for school. The Eco Designers Guild (eDG), Summit Through the community work they help the students build an identity for positive work Academy, and Penn Avenue Arts and instill pride. This Green + Screen project will give them a chance to work hard on a Initiative will be working together on the project and leave a mark they can be proud of. Age of the students ranges from 14-20. design and building of the first Green + Screen in the Penn Avenue Corridor. Summit Academy website: eDG will be leading the design of the project and working with the Summit Summit Academy Fabrication Capabilities: Academy students in the fabrication and - Screen printing landscaping of the pilot project location. - Carpentry + construction PAAI has given the groups 4903 Penn - Welding and metal fabrication and cutting metal sheet Avenue lot for the first Green + Screen - CAD and drafting project. - Landscaping - Starting a digital media class About Eco Designers Guild Eco Designers Guild (eDG) are a group of volunteer professional designers based in the city of Pittsburgh. Their common goal is to utilize their design backgrounds to give back to the city of Pittsburgh in a green and sustainable way. The eDG designers come from a variety of backgrounds centered around research, interaction, industrial, architecture, and communication design disciplines. Together they work to inform, empower and inspire the community and it’s leaders to further sustainable practices at home, in urban green spaces, and the collective culture. More about our past projects and events can be found at: Penn Avenue Arts Initiative (PAAI) Lead by arts director, Matthew Galluzzo, the Penn Avenue Arts Initiative’s (PAAI) core mission is to revitalize the Penn Avenue Corridor, between Negley and Mathilda avenues, by using the arts to enhance public perception of the district, instill pride in the neighborhood, foster inter and intra community ties, and establish an artist’s niche. PAAI has been designed to act as a springboard for attracting and enticing artists to live and work in the neighborhoods along the Penn Avenue Corridor. More about PAAI at:
  3. 3. MATERIAL EXPLORATION < Bayer Corrugated Plastic eDG recently had a meeting exploring materials Bayer PC- PLA blend of corrugated plastic sheet, Alcoa aluminum foam, and recycled stadium seats. The following pages show how the group experimented the materials. < Alcoa Aluminum Foam > < Recycled Stadium Seats (Steel Frame) Recycled Stadium Seats (Plastic Housing) >
  4. 4. MATERIALS Re purposed Steel + Plastic Alcoa Aluminum Foam Bayer PC-PLA Blend, multi-walled sheet
  5. 5. TEAR DOWN Break-down of stadium seating Reconfigure and experiment with new forms Combine surfaces
  6. 6. COMPOSE Combine elements to create new forms Geometric forms connect to showcase positive and negative space
  7. 7. CONNECT Experiment with attachment methods Test material limitations Explore movement within the screen
  8. 8. DETAIL Aluminum foam allows for a number of texture possibilities Color and finish exploration Ideation sketching