Milwaukee 2010 Fall/Winter Shopping Guide

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  • 1. Get Awayleaving town without Discover  Historic  Downtown  Greendale Over  25  Unique  Shops Reiman  Visitor  Center and  Great  Restaurants Taste  of  Home  Outlet  Store Family  Events   More    than  100,000 For  All  seasons Twinkling  Lights Enchanting  Norman  Rockwell  Setting     5602  Broad  Street,  Greendale,  WI  -  10  minutes  from  downtown  Milwaukee    ~    414.423.3080
  • 2. P4. “What’s Hot!” P6. “Brady Street” P12. “Third Ward” P18. “East Town” P24. “Westown” P32. “Retail Centers” 800-­554-­1448
  • 3. Premiering in st ores everywhere the buzz. You’ll la this fa ugh, you’ll cry, yo ll, it’s all and buy...the co u’ll go out lor purple. a t ’s OT wh Ev er-changin d with a s can be ha n H g fall temp r hooded sweater, lig v-neck o re and you’r nably and ht e good to g awlessly. dled fashio or heavy, you choose o in any clim Start with ate. a classic wh . Tie it all to gether ite dress shirt toppe red neckwa with rich, warm-colo
  • 4. Find feathery headbands, pins or jewelry with an exotic embellishment to set you apart from the ock. T e n tim brea Whe eed to No n t , it’s tim t br ight bank, ju s are k the s ten tigh a new e to eak in ar w sc ory a ne access und f aro . an old fa vor ite l ike a jacke t or aswea ter.
  • 5. BRADY St. Nine  blocks   running  east  to   west  from  Lake   Michigan  to  the   Milwaukee  River   that  contain  some   of  the  city’s  finest   shops  and  salons.   From  everyday   necessities  to  the   extraordinary,   you’ll  find  it  on   Brady  Street,   where  shopping   has  its  own   unique  flavor.  
  • 6. AALA REED MEN’S CLOTHIER CVS PHARMACY 1320 E. Brady St. 1650 N. Farwell Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53202 414/277-5054 414/226-2252 DETOUR Men’s clothing including Hugo Boss, 1300 E. Brady St. 414/273-5156 Ted Baker London, Gant, William Rast and more. Clothes for work or a night DRAGONFLY VINTAGE GOODS out on the town! Voted Milwaukee’s AND GIFTS Best Boutique. 1117 E. Brady St. 414/271-1244 ANNIE’S 2ND HAND CHIC 1668 N. Warren Ave. 414/727-5586 EXCLUSIVE COMPANY 1699 N. Farwell Ave. 414/271-8590 ART SMART’S DART MART & JUGGLING EMPORIUM 1695 N. Humboldt Ave. FAMOUS SMOKE SHOP 414/273-3278 1213 E. Brady St. 414/277-9904 BOUTIQUE VIEUX ET NOUVEAU 1217 E. Brady St. GLORIOSO BROS. SPECIALTY FOODS 414/287-9049 1020 E. Brady St. 414/272-0540 BRADY STREET FUTONS 1200 E. Brady St. GLORIOSO’S GOLD IMPORTS 414/277-8088 1020 E. Brady St. 414/347-0992 BRADY STREET HARDWARE 1234 E. Brady St. GREEN FIELDS 414/272-9919 1800 N. Farwell Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53202 CAGGIO: AN ART EXPERIMENT 414/224-7762 918 E. Brady St. green 414/220-4545 Follow your bliss to life’s little luxuries! Clothing, jewelry, incense, oils, candles, CD MAX tie-dyes, tapestries, drums, purses, t-shirts, 1428 E. Brady St. doorbeads and so much more. 414/431-0770 CELL U ALL 1419 E. Brady St. 414/271-2800
  • 7. HALO HAIR SPA 1221 E. Brady St. Milwaukee, WI 53202 414/272-4256 Featuring Japanese thermal straightening, hair extensions, eyelash extensions, Brazilian hair smoothing, color bar, Balayage, precision cutting, micro mist restructuring, nail services. Relax, refresh, impress! HAMM’S UNIVERSAL FASHION 1229 E. Brady St. 414/220-8115 LADY PINK 816 E. Brady St. 414/223-0123 MARI’S 1017 E. Brady St. 414/431-2033 MISS GROOVE 1330 E. Brady St. Milwaukee, WI 53202 Shop Brady Street 414/298-9185 A friendly boutique in a great Milwaukee neighborhood, Miss Groove has been serving women with fashionable accessories, apparel and lingerie since 2000. Look for Benny, the canine greeter. OUT OF SOLITUDE JEWELRY 918 E. Brady St. 414/223-3101 Visit Historic Brady Street for more than 60 places to REAGAN & RUBY SALON shop, eat, relax, and 915 E. Brady St. experience the neighborhood 414/271-4247 for all walks of life!                                    
  • 8. temps in  the  8 OT 0s a t ’s Fall wha t ’s wh H Like, totally, like, believe it - the 80s are back! Go bright with powerful pinks, big blues and eye-popping purples. Make a run for it in high-top sneakers and get a leg up with leggings and plaid or jean skirts. Enjoy it while it’s here. Afterall, the 80s only happen, like, once. SALON NOVA SWEET KICKS 1437 E. Brady St. 1690 N. Franklin Pl. 414/273-6682 414/727-7800 SCIORTINO’S UNCOMMON BAKERY ITEMS 1101 E. Brady St. 1316 E. Brady St. 414/272-4623 414/224-8141 SHERWIN WIL WALGREENS LIAMS CO. 1400 E. Brady St. 807 E. Brady St. 414/272-7770 414/272-2728 WATERFORD SMITH BEER & WINE CO. LIQUOR MART 1327 E. Brady St. 1413 E. Brady St. 414/289-9463 414/272-8310 YELLOW JACKET STARSHIP VINTAGE 1659 N. Farwell Ave. CLOTHING 414/277-0646 1237 E. Brady St. 414/372-4744
  • 9. Ward HIRD historic This  turn  of  the   This  turn  of  the   century  warehouse   century  warehouse   and  manufacturing   and  manufacturing   district  may  fool  you   district  may  fool  you   at  first.  Behind  the   at  first.  Behind  the   historic  facades  lies   historic  facades  lies   one  of  Milwaukee’s   one  of  Milwaukee’s   best-­kept  secrets.   best-­kept  secrets.   No  need  to  shhhhh,   No  need  to  shhhhh,   the  secret’s  out.   the  secret’s  out.  
  • 10. A NEW BLOOM Hand-selected fashions, jewelry, CEDARBURG COFFEE 320 E. Bu alo St. accents, antiques, furniture and ROASTERY 414/727-4809 art from China, Tibet, Nepal, 400 N. Water St. Mongolia and Southeast Asia. 414/431-4199 A WOMAN’S TOUCH Now featuring Dragonfly 200 N. Je erson St., Ste. 101 Premium Bamboo flooring and CHRISTINE PLAMANN 414/221-0400 furniture. PHOTOGRAPHY 244 N. Broadway A WORLD OF FLAVORS BELLA BRIDESMAID 414/744-0995 400 N. Water St. 309 N. Water St., Ste. 170 414/271-0401 414/270-0344 CIRCLE K PANTRY 130 N. Water St. A. MITCHELL LEATHER BLUSH BEAUTY 414/224-7060 MANUFACTURING & 249 N. Water St. OUTLET Milwaukee, WI 53202 COLLEEN HORNER 226 N. Water St. 414/272-1718 KITCHEN BATH Milwaukee, WI 53202 TILE STONE 414/272-5942 A beauty and cosmetic 191 N. Broadway boutique featuring 25 di er- 414/298-9969 Manufacturing the nest ent product lines from men’s customized leather handbags products to make-up and skin CR DAVIDSON ART and briefcases since 1968. care. Enjoy the relaxing atmo- CONSULTANTS Attractive, long-lasting and sphere for all of your personal 207 E. Bu alo St., Ste. 210 made of exclusive domestic care needs. 414/220-9389 and European leathers. 30-50% o retail. By appoint- BREADSMITH CRANSTON ACCENTS ment only. 400 N. Water St. FOR LIFE 414/224-6301 250 N. Water St. AGAMI SALON INC. 414/289-9880 147 N. Broadway BROADWAY PAPER 414/278-7226 191 N. Broadway EAST TOWN Milwaukee, WI 53202 WOMEN’S SHOP ALADDIN TASTES 414/277-7699 159 N. Broadway OF THE EAST 414/273-1030 400 N. Water St. Specialty paper store located 414/271-0400 in the quaint Third Ward. Your ELAINE ERICKSON source for ne stationery, GALLERY ALLEN KITCHEN greeting cards, gift wrap, 207 E. Bu alo St., Ste. 120 AND BATH handmade papers and more. 414/221-0613 225 E. Erie St. Innovative products and 262/395-7100 ideas for creating beautiful EMBELEZAR invitations, packages and 241 N. Broadway ARTASIA GALLERY memorable events. Milwaukee, WI 53202 & MUSEUM 414/224-7644 181 N. Broadway C. ADAM’S BAKERY O ering an exotic and luxuri- Milwaukee, WI 53202 400 N. Water St. ous collection of furnishings 414/220-4292 414/271-1871 from around the world. To embellish and become
  • 11. beautiful in Portuguese, INSTITUTE OF BEAUTY MILWAUKEE PUBLIC Embelezar truly lives up to its AND WELLNESS MARKET name. 342 N. Water St. 400 N. Water St. 414/227-2889 Milwaukee, WI 53202 EXCLUSIVA HAIR 414/336-1111 DESIGN AND SPA, INC. JUJU GIFTS, 179 N. Broadway, 2nd Fl. ACCESSORIES & DECOR A year-round indoor market 414/319-7777 222 E. Erie St. featuring a bounty of the 414/221-9580 freshest and most delicious FLAIRE products including: fruits, 407 E. Bu alo St. KATIE GINGRASS vegetables, owers, meats, Milwaukee, WI 53202 GALLERY cheeses, wines, seafood, and 414/223-5100 241 N. Broadway ready-to-eat prepared foods. shop 414/289-0855 For those with a desire to MODA SALON, LLC dress with distinction, Flaire KEHRS CANDIES 151 N. Water St. o ers contemporary collec- 400 N. Water St. 414/291-3900x226 tions for him and for her. 414/223-4305 MODA3 FRECKLE FACE LELA 320 E. Bu alo St. 244 N. Broadway 321 N. Broadway 414/273-3333 414/298-1488 414/727-4855 MP: MARGARITA GOOD HARVEST MARKET LOCKER’S AT PARADISE 346 N. Broadway THE MARKET 400 N. Water St. 414/727-3560 400 N. Water St. 414/226-2422 414/226-0259 GRAVA GALLERY MUSCARI FLOWERS 207 E. Bu alo St., Ste. 130 LORENA SARBU 207 E. Bu alo St., Ste. 202 414/277-8228 BEVERLY HILLS 414/332-2009 310 E. Bu alo St., Ste. 11 THE GREEN KITCHEN 414/273-9779 NEROLI SALON & SPA 400 N. Water St. 325 E. Chicago St. 414/273-8830 LUMINOSITY, INC. 414/227-2888 207 E. Bu alo St., Ste. 52B GROOM FOR MEN 414/278-0992 OOH LA LA 330 E. St. Paul Ave. 316 N. Milwaukee St., Ste. 101 414/298-2076 METRO EYE 414/271-3134 301 N. Water St. GROTTA & CO., INC. 414/727-5888 QUALITY CANDY/ 207 E. Bu alo St., Ste. 209 BUDDY SQUIRREL 414/273-8066 METROPAWLIS PET 215 1/2 N. Water St. BOUTIQUE & BAKERY 414/483-4500 THE HOME MARKET, LLC 317 N. Broadway 222 E. Erie St. 414/273-7387 RETIQUE 414/755-2165 190 N. Broadway 414/273-1797
  • 12. RUBIN’S FURNITURE ST. JAMES PLACE VINO 100 MILWAUKEE 224 E. Chicago St. 316 N. Milwaukee St., Ste. 101 219 E. Erie St. 414/278-8100 414/271-3134 Milwaukee, WI 53202 414/277-8466 RUPENA’S FINE FOODS ST. PAUL FISH 400 N. Water St. COMPANY Over 150 great wines to enjoy 414/732-2900 400 N. Water St. by the bottle or glass. Custom 414/220-8383 wine tasting for groups and SB FRAMING GALLERY parties available with notice. 409 E. Bu alo St. SUSHI A GO GO Wine accessories and unique 414/431-5050 400 N. Water St. gifts. Non-alcoholic wines. 414/272-4646 SHOO WEST ALLIS CHEESE & 241 N. Broadway THIEF WINE SAUSAGE SHOPPE 414/765-2355 SHOP & BAR 400 N. Water St. 400 N. Water St. 414/289-8333 THE SOUP & STOCK Milwaukee, WI 53202 MARKET 414/277-7707 400 N. Water St. FIFTH WARD 414/276-4444 Milwaukee’s top wine shop & FOX SKYLIGHT GALLERY bar! Featuring an exceptional OF ANTIQUES THE SPICE HOUSE selection of distinctive and 112 E. Mineral St. 400 N. Water St. eclectic ne wines from Milwaukee, WI 53202 around the world by the glass, Milwaukee, WI 53204 414/431-0835 taste, ight or available retail. 414/382-0006 Nationally-acclaimed for our TOM QUEOFF Milwaukee’s leading antique high quality, hand-ground SCULPTURE STUDIO mall, a minute south of and blended spices and 231 E. Bu alo St., 4th Fl. downtown. 23,000 sq. ft. seasonings. We sell to top 414/224-6086 with thousands of antiques, notch chefs, cookbook authors and the public. Prices more TORY FOLLIARD consignments, vintage col- reasonable than grocery GALLERY lectables and artwork from stores! 233 N. Milwaukee St. local artists. Open 7 days 10 414/273-7311 a.m.-5 p.m. Air conditioned. SPROUT 320 E. Bu alo St. UTRECHT ART Milwaukee, WI 53202 SUPPLIES 414/289-0844 143 N. Broadway 414/847-3304 A kids clothing and maternity boutique . . . clothes and accessories from Young Colors, Citizens for Humanity, Petunia Pickle Bottom and Under the Nile organic. Fun and trendy maternity clothes. Stroller rental.
  • 13. historic third ward we have it all! Women’’s Fashions Galleries Children’’s Boutiques Salons Specialty Shops Performing Arts Home Furnishings Restaurants The Historic Third Ward is known as ““Milwaukee’’s Arts and Fashion District”” and offers the city’’s most dynamic array of restaurants, galleries, theaters, spas and unique shopping, all in a historic warehouse setting. J u s t 3 b l o c k s s o u t h o f D ow n t ow n Home To MILWAUKEE’’S FINEST FRESH FOOD VENDORS Plus COOKING CLASSES & PRIVATE EVENTS Visit website for special vendor hours 1111 Free one hour parking with purchase and validation. Free parking on weekends. M i lw a u keePu b l ic Ma rket .o r g
  • 14. EAST Town Where  buildings   meet  the  sky  and   land  meets  the  lake,   Milwaukee’s  movers   and  shakers  meet   in  masses.   This  upscale   downtown   community  offers   shopping,  dining,   entertainment  and   major  cultural   institutions  with  an   urban  vitality  that   rivals  the  greatest   cities  in  the  world.  
  • 15. BLATZ MARKET & LIQUOR DELIND ART GALLERY 1121 N. Broadway 450 E. Mason St., Milwaukee, WI 53202 located insided George Watts & Son, Inc. 414/277-0777 Milwaukee, WI 53202 414/271-8525 Downtown Milwaukee’s largest selec- tion of craft and imported beer. Home Established in 1969, a changing col- of “The Blatz Cave”. Also a great selec- lection of artwork from regional and tion of wines and liquor. Check our web internationally known artists, featuring page for beer and wine tastings! 18th, 19th and 20th century paintings, sculpture, drawings, original graphics, BOUTIQUE B’LOU classic and antique posters all available 424 E. Wisconsin Ave. to purchase. Milwaukee, WI 53202 414/226-0112 DISCOVERY WORLD Sophistication with a contemporary 500 N. Harbor Dr. air. Sportswear and sleepwear to eve- Milwaukee, WI 53202 ning wear. Unusual jewelry, handbags, 414/765-9966 scarves and wraps. Personal, courteous service. B’lou, A True Boutique. Take the world of fun and learning home. Shop here to nd interest- DAVID BARNETT GALLERY ing scienti c toys, music, books, sea 1024 E. State St. at Prospect Ave. creatures and Milwaukee, WI 53202 much more. 414/271-5058 FRED BOUTIQUE Wisconsin’s premiere gallery showcases 524 N. Water St. over 5,000 artworks in the Button Man- 414/273-3733 sion - the nest American, European, African, Asian, Latin American and GEORGE WATTS & SON, INC. regional artists. Paintings, sculpture, 761 N. Je erson St. original prints, mixed media and art Milwaukee, WI 53202 glass. Tue.-Sat. 414/290-5700 Milwaukee’s legendary shopping for luxury brands of china, crystal, and silver, displayed in elegant gallery settings. Fabulous values on unforget- table accoutrements for your home and lifestyle!
  • 16. GLOW SALON AND SPA METRO MARKET 765 N. Jackson St. 1123 N. Van Buren St. Milwaukee, WI 53202 414/231-5807 414/727-4569 MILWAUKEE ART MUSEUM STORE A full service salon and spa located in the 700 N. Art Museum Dr. heart of Milwaukee’s business district. Milwaukee, WI 53202 O ers haircuts, highlights, manicures, 414/224-3210 pedicures, massages and much more! Works of art aren’t just in the galleries. KLOIBER JEWELERS With unique merchandise and a design 411 E. Wisconsin Ave., First Floor unequaled, shopping here is a must-do 414/276-2457 experience. LAACKE & JOYS MILWAUKEE STREET GALLERY, LLC 1433 N. Water St. 717 N. Milwaukee St. Milwaukee, WI 53202 414/352-4737 414/271-7885 MISS RUBY A BRIDESMAID Milwaukee’s premier outdoor retailer. & SPECIAL OCCASION BOUTIQUE We’re locally owned and operated. Three 522 N. Water St., Ste. 203 locations: Milwaukee, Brook eld & 414/755-2900 Mequon. Departments include camping, clothing, footwear, gift & game, paddles- MORNING GLORY GALLERY ports, patio furniture and rentals. MARCUS CENTER FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS LUCI 929 N. Water St. 532 N. Water St. Milwaukee, WI 53202 Milwaukee, WI 53202 414/273-7121 414/226-0114 Located in the lobby of the Marcus Center This diva destination will satisfy all your for the Performing Arts featuring ne shopping needs. Luci stocks the latest craft work by members of the Wisconsin trends in womens fashions: hip, sassy and Designer Crafts Council, a state-wide ne sexy. From day into night, the price is oh crafts organization. Shoppers will delight so delicious from $28 to $88. mention this in the handsome o erings of contem- listing for 20% o ! porary work in ceramics, ber, jewelry, leather, photography, glass, wood, sculpture and mixed media.
  • 17. MP/TWO WELL SPA AND JANICE SALON 825 N. Je erson St. The P ster Hotel, 414/272-4672 424 E. Wisconsin Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53202 ROGER STEVENS 414/227-9207 MENSWEAR p The P ster Hotel An escape from everyday life and a feeling of well-being. 428 E. Wisconsin Ave. Reward yourself with services including facials, massages 414/277-9010 and body rituals. Milwaukee’s private suite spa - where added privacy provides total comfort. Be Well. Feel Well. Spa Well. ROHR JEWELERS 813 N. Je erson St., WHOLE FOODS MARKET 414/276-1780 2305 N. Prospect Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53211 THE SOPHISTICATED 414/223-1500 MAN 322 E. Wisconsin Ave. We o er the highest quality, best tasting selection of natural 414/271-4490 and organic dining in Milwaukee, featuring 30 ft. of ready- to-eat salad and hot food bars, hearth-baked pizza, sushi, a shrimp and seafood bar, 16 hot soup selections daily, freshly made gelato and much, much more.
  • 18. HOT ’s what Lead the right fabrics withIT ern ic SU the mod A suit is a man’s armor and the return to class give you the winning two-button, peaked-lapel, side-vented model will town. edge for any boardroom battle or knight on the
  • 19. WEST
  • 20. TOWN Milwaukee’s  central   business  district   earns  its  stripes   with  the  likes  of  the   Midwest  Airlines   Center,  Milwaukee   Public  Museum,   Humphrey  IMAX   Dome  Theater,   Daniel  M.  Soref   Planetarium,  The   Shops  of  Grand   Avenue,  Old  World   Third  Street  and  the   RiverWalk.  
  • 21. BIOSCRIP PHARMACY GRAND AVENUE MARKET 826 N. Plankinton Ave. 612 W. Wisconsin Ave. 414/278-7828 414/289-9244 BOOKSELLER USED BOOK STORE JOHNNY WALKER’S 814 W. Wisconsin Ave. 234 W. Wisconsin Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53233 414/271-7746 414/286-3032 KEN MICHAEL’S FURNITURE Historic library o ers unique collections, 423 N. 3rd St. Internet, WIFI, Bookseller used book store, 414/271-7335 Perk & Peruse co ee shop. Free tours Sat. 1:30 p.m. Call for hours. MATC COLLEGE BOOKSTORE 800 W. Wells St. BORDERS BOOKS, MUSIC & CAFE 414/297-6811 101 W. Wisconsin Ave. 414/225-9977 MILWAUKEE PUBLIC MUSEUM 800 W. Wells St. BOSTON STORE Milwaukee, WI 53233 331 W. Wisconsin Ave. 414/278-6198 414/347-5056 The Museum Marketplace features BREW CITY PROMOTIONS unique hand-made, fair-trade and 240 N. Milwaukee St. “green” items and boasts a large Milwaukee, WI 53202 selection of educational toys 414/226-2244 and games. FULL SERVICE screen printing, embroidery OLD WORLD THIRD STREET and logo merchandise. In house produc- N. Old World Third St. tion, wtih an eye for the creative approach. Milwaukee, WI 53203 414/276-9100 DUSANKA’S HAIRSTYLING 633 W. Wisconsin Ave. Old World Third Street Includes the 414/278-8055 Milwaukee County Historical Center, The Spice House, Vecchio Bar & Grille, Usinger’s ED’S FASHIONS Famous Sausage, Lucille’s Rockin’ Pianos, 184 W. Wisconsin Ave. Have A Nice Day Cafe, Wisconsin Cheese 414/271-4715 Mart and Mader’s Restaurant. EXPRESS N’ GIFTS PAK’S JEWELERS 633 W. Wisconsin Ave. 208 W. Wisconsin Ave. 414/276-5535 414/224-0101
  • 22. POWER’S JEWELERS THE SPICE HOUSE 240 W. Old World Third St. 1031 N. Old World Third St. 414/272-4510 Milwaukee, WI 53203 414/272-0977 QUALITY CANDY SHOPPES/BUDDY SQUIRREL OF WISCONSIN, INC. Nationally-acclaimed for our high quality, The Shops of Grand Avenue hand-ground and blended spices and 275 W. Wisconsin Ave. seasonings. We sell to top notch chefs, Milwaukee, WI 53203 cookbook authors and the public. Prices 414/272-0097 more reasonable than grocery stores! Milwaukee’s only state-of-the-art candy STEIN’S JEWELERS kitchen that makes award-winning pecan 715 W. Wisconsin Ave. caramel tads, butter almond to ee and 414/272-2356 many other ne confections, nuts and popcorn. UHLE’S TOBACCO COMPANY 114 W. Wisconsin Ave. QUALITY OPTICAL Milwaukee, WI 53203 806 N. Old World Third St. 414/273-6665 414/276-7217 Founded in 1939. Milwaukee’s premiere RENAISSANCE BOOKSHOP selection of cigars, pipes, hand blended 834 N. Plankinton Ave. pipe tobaccos and luxury accessories. 414/271-6850 Shepherd Express “Best Milwaukee Smoke Shop”. Finest cigar brands: Fuente, THE SHOPS OF GRAND AVENUE Davido , Ashton and more. 275 W. Wisconsin Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53203 ULTRA FIDELIS AUDIO & VIDEO 414/224-0384 740 N. James Lovell St. 414/221-0200 Downtown Milwaukee’s sparkling retail center spanning three city blocks with USINGER’S FAMOUS SAUSAGE stately, turn-of-the-century architecture, 1030 N. Old World Third St. glass skywalks and contemporary Milwaukee, WI 53203 additions. 414/276-9100 Recognized as America’s nest sausage. More than 75 varieties available at their charming turn-of-the-century store. Taste-tempting brats, old-world ham and gift boxes always available. Mon.-Sat. 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.
  • 23. w h a t ’s HOT inny jeans, Dip into a pair of sk up or perfect for dressing S them with dressing down. Pair KINN ght-time heels for a smart ni to boots look or tuck them in ime wear. for comfortable dayt Y DIPPIN VIAGGIO 230 W. Wells St. 414/221-0565 WESTOWN MARKET G 700 W. Wisconsin Ave. 414/223-1600 WISCONSIN CHEESE MART 215 W. Highland Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53203 414/272-3544 The world’s largest selection of Wisconsin cheese! Since 1938, gourmet Wisconsin cheese, wine, beer and foods. New wine bar added in 2009. Enjoy your favorite Wisconsin cheese with a Wisconsin beer or wine.
  • 24. BAYSHORE TOWN CENTER, LLC O ering over 130 stores and restaurants including Cheesecake Factory, California Pizza Kitchen, Trader Joe’s, New York & Co., J. Jill, Coldwater Creek plus much more. Ace Shoe Clinic Barnes & Noble Chocolate Factory Gap Aeropostale Bath & Body Works Christopher & Banks GapKid/BabyGap Aldo Shoes Bayshore Tailor Claire’s GNC Alterra Co ee bebe COA: Heart of Mexican Guaranty Bank American Eagle Out tters Board Game Barrister Street Food Gymboree Ann Taylor LOFT Boston Store Coach H&M Apple Bravo! Cucina Italiana Coldwater Creek Imports Channel Applebee’s Grill & Bar Brooks Brothers dELiA*s Ipic Entertainment Artisans of Morocco Cacique Devon Seafood Grill J. Crew Auntie Anne’s California Pizza Kitchen Eddie Bauer J.Jill Aversa Caribou Co ee Erehwon Mountain Out tter Johnston & Murphy BD’s Mongolian Grill Champs Sports Five Guys Journeys Banana Republic Charlotte Russe Foot Locker Justice Bank Mutual Cheesecake Factory Forever XXI Kay Jewelers Bar Louie Chico’s Fossil Kiddie Kandids Bare Escentuals Children’s Place Francesca’s Collections Kohl’s BROOKFIELD SQUARE Treat yourself to good times at the newly-renovated Brook eld Square. Enjoy the tranquility of the center court water feature and the food court replace as you shop over 100 nationally recognized specialty stores. abercrombie Beepcell Deck The Walls Gymboree Play & Music Abercrombie & Fitch Big Easy Cajun Dino’s Hairstylists Gymboree Aeropostale Boston Store Ethan Allen Hot Shades Aldo BRAVO! Cucina Italiana Express Houlihan’s American Eagle Out tters Buckle Fan Appreciation H&M American Greetings Cellairis Finish Line Integrity Wireless Ann Taylor Loft Champs Sports Firestone JCPenney Arby’s Charlotte Russe Five Guys Burgers and Fries Journeys Associated Bank The Children’s Place Flemings Prime Steakhouse Justice At Your Convenience Chinese Relaxation Center & Wine Bar Kirlin’s Hallmark Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Christopher & Banks Foot Locker Lane Bryant Aurora Quick Care Cinnabon Fox World Travel Lids Bakers Shoes Claim Jumper The Fresh Market Life Uniform Ballistic Bean Cafe Claire’s GameStop Limited Barnes & Noble Booksellers Country Sisters Gap Major League Baseball Bath & Body Works C.J. Banks GNC Clubhouse
  • 25. LA Fitness Northern Home Fitness Rogers & Holland U.S. Cellular Lady Foot Locker Origins Sears Urban Accents Lane Bryant Ovation Restaurant Select Comfort Vera Bradley LensCrafters PacSun Smoothie King Verizon Wireless LensCrafters Optique Panda Express Sequel Bar Vici Capilli Salon Lids Payless Shaw’s Jewelers Victoria’s Secret Lise & Kato’s Pinstrikes Bowling Specs Appeal Village Shoppe Luci Boutique Potbelly Sandwich Works Stephanie Horne Vitamin World Ly Ly Nails Qdoba Mexican Grill Stride Rite White House | Black Market Ma Jolie Quality Candy/Buddy Squirrel Subway Williams-Sonoma Magical Nails Quick Fix It Sunglass Hut Yankee Candle Men’s Wearhouse and Tux Ragman Swarovski Zales Neroli Salon & Spa Relax the Back T-Mobile Zumiez New York & Company Ritz Camera Talbots Nine West Rockport Trader Joe’s North Shore Bank Rocky Rococo U.S. Bank MasterCuts Portrait Innovations Spencer Gifts US Cellular Merle Norman Proactiv Solution Starbucks Co ee V-Wireless Cosmetics Studio Quality Candy/Buddy Squirrel Steak Escape Vanity Mitchell’s Fish Market Quick Fix-It Sterling Optical VICI Capilli Restaurant & Bar Quick Test Stir Crazy Victoria’s Secret Mrs. Fields Cookies Quizno’s Classic Subs Stir Fry 88 Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen Mens Warehouse and Tux RadioShack Stride Rite The Walking Company Naturalizer Regis Subway Weathertight New York & Company Rocky Rococo Sunglass Hut Wet Seal Nori Japan Rogers & Hollands Super Nails Windsor Old Navy Rosetta Stone T-Mobile Yankee Candle Company Osterman Jewelers Sears Things Remembered Zales Jewelers Paciugo Sears Automotive Time Square Zumiez PacSun Shaw’s Jewelers Trade Secret Payless ShoeSource Shoe Shine Services Universal Wireless Piercing Pagoda The Sleep Number store U.S. Bank
  • 26. JOHNSON CREEK PREMIUM OUTLETS I-94 midway between Milwaukee and Madison. Daily bus service available from the downtown Milwaukee Depot 414-276-7490 or An exciting collection of 60 outlet stores from the world’s leading designers and brand names, o ering savings of 25%-65% every day. 2 Loons Cafe Beauty Express Coach Easy Spirit Adidas Bose Corningware Corelle Revere Eddie Bauer Outlet Aeropostale Calvin Klein Cosmetics Company Store Factory Brand Shoes Ann Taylor Factory Store Carter’s Crocs Gap Outlet Banana Republic Factory Store Casual Male XL Direct Tool Factory Outlet Guess Accessories Bass Children’s Place Outlet Dressbarn Gymboree Outlet Bath & Body Works Claire’s Accessories Dressbarn Woman Harry and David PRIME OUTLETS AT PLEASANT PRAIRIE The hottest name brand outlet stores including, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, Polo Ralph Lauren, Sony, Nike and more. Plus, savings of 35-75% everyday! adidas Carter’s Factory Stores Ghiradelli Chocolate Aeropostale, Inc. Casual Male Big & Tall Cosmetics Company Store Guess? Factory Store Aldo Shoes Chico’s Crabtree & Evelyn Gymboree Outlet Ann Taylor Factory Stores China Max Designer Fragrance & Harry and David Banana Republic Factory Store Clarks Bostonian Cosmetics Co. Hugo Boss Factory Store Bass Outlet COACH Factory dressbarn Outlet IZOD Bath & Body Works Outlet Coldwater Creek Outlet Stores Easy Spirit J. Crew BCBG Max Azria Group Cole Haan Eddie Bauer Outlet Japan Cafe Benetton Columbia Sportswear Co. Factory Brand Shoes Jockey Brooks Brothers Factory Store Factory Outlet Store Fossil Johnston & Murphy Calphalon Kitchen Outlet Converse Gap Outlet Jones New York Calvin Klein Corningware Corelle Revere GapKids/BabyGap Jones New York Woman THE SHOPS OF GRAND AVENUE Downtown Milwaukee’s sparkling retail center spanning three city blocks with stately, turn-of-the-century architecture, glass skywalks and contemporary additions. A to Z Buddy Squirrel/Quality Candy Daly’s Pen Shop Grecian Garden Accents & Decor Cajun Grille Famous Footwear Guaranty Bank Applebee’s CELL-U-ALL Fan Fair Kids Foot Locker Arby’s Charcoal Celebrities FootAction USA Lady Foot Locker Beauty Luxor Children’s Place Foot Locker Lane Bryant Besso China Max GameStop Laura’s Gourmet Popcorn Blue Kiss Photo Chocolate Factory General Nutrition Center Lazor Jewelers Boston Store Cool Shades Gold n’ Jewels Lids Brew City Beer Gear Culver’s Grand Jewelers National City Bank
  • 27. Jones New York Nike Clearance Store Polo Ralph Lauren Factory Ultra Diamonds Kitchen Collection Old Navy Store Van Heusen L’eggs Hanes Bali Playtex OshKosh B’gosh Rockford Footwear Depot Vitamin World Lane Bryant Outlet PacSun Rue21 Wilson’s Leather Outlet Lang Store Paper Factory Samsonite Company Store Zales Outlet Maurices Petite Sophisticate Outlet Tommy Hil ger Zumiez Motherhood Maternity Journeys Old Navy Rug Decor ULTRA DIAMONDS Justice OshKosh B’Gosh Sbarro Italian Eatery Under Armour Factory House Kasper Outlet PacSun Samsonite Company Stores Van Heusen Le Creuset Pepperidge Farm Skechers Vitamin World Le Gourmet Chef Perfumania Sony Waterford Wedgwood Outlet Liz Claiborne Polo Ralph Lauren St John Company Store White House/Black Market Naturalizer Factory Store Stride Rite Wilsons Leather Outlet Nautica Puma Sunglass Hut International Worth Company Store Nautica Kids Quizno’s Classic Subs Timberland Outlet Store Yankee Candle Nike Factory Store Restoration Hardware Tommy Hil ger Zumiez Nine West Outlet Rockford Footwear Depot Totes-Sunglass World The North Face rue21 Tupperware Store New York Jewelers Personalizing You Shear Perfection Tomato Destination Nova Potbelly Sandwich Works Signature Scents Torrence’s House of Threads O ceMax Precision Jewelers Smooth Drinxx Trade Secret One Stop Alterations Qdoba Mexican Grill Stone Creek Co ee Underground Station & Dry Cleaning RadioShack Subway US Cellular Outlook University Rainbow T-Mobile Villa Pizza Payless Kids Rocky Rococo Pizza Tes’s Beauty Supply Walgreens Payless Shoe Source Sakkio Japan Time Square Walgreens Pharmacy Peddler Jim’s Produce Scented Garden TJ Maxx Wild Flour Bakery
  • 28. ve. ct A Bayshore Bayshore h Town Center, T C t BRADY STREET spe Pro Cedarburg Brady St. y Brady St. y . Ave Dr. ect rial sp mo Pro Me oln Linc Old World Third St. Water St. S WESTOWN State St. State St. State St. N EAST TOW r St. Wate Midwest Airlines Center Visitor Center Wisconsin Ave. Wisconsin Av e. LAKE Wisconsin Ave. MICHIGAN Water St. Summerfest Grounds (Henry Maier Festival Park) Brookfield Square, HISTORIC Johnson Creek, Potawatomi Bingo Casino D THIRD WAR Greendale, Prime O Outlets Airport Airport rpo p
  • 29. Hit all the hot spots. Shop Brook eld! With over 200 stores, you can find your shopping bliss in Brookfield. Looking for something specific or just out for the fun of it, Brookfield offers a fantastic mix of national chains, a beautiful upscale mall, large scale box stores, strip malls, specialty shops, clothing boutiques, upscale jewelers and, fine art and antiques. Relax in one of Brookfield’s full-service spa retreats after a day of business or serious shopping. Make a weekend of it! Hungry? Experience unique and exciting dinning options in Brookfield, over 200 restaurants serving just what you are looking for, from fine dinning to family favorites. Brookfield has it all! You will see why we say, breakaway to Brookfield! Say goodbye to your old routine. Breakaway! To Brook eld, Wisconsin