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  • Yeah. You have to do it yourself. One of the main function of wind energy is to give us independence from electrical companies. In your own, you can also provide yourself of electricity without any charges.
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  • 1. Wind February 18 Power - "Do it 2010 Yourself"
  • 2. Wind Power - "Do it Yourself" Alternative Energy Www. WindEnergy. Alternative Energy Why Wind Energy is the Best Alternative Energy Wind Power Electricity - Is This the Best Form of Alternative Energy? Pros and Cons to Using a Home Wind Power System Alternative Energy For Your Home - Wind and Solar Power Wind Power How to Design Wind Turbines and What Are Its Advantages 3 Reasons Why Wind Power is Our Energy Future Remanufactured Wind Turbines Grow in Popularity Using a Home Wind Turbine to Generate Electricity Wind Power- "Do it Yourself" Wind Turbine Construction Build Wind Electric Generator - Wind Power "Do it Yourself" Build a Wind Turbine For Under $100 and Reduce Your Electric Bill Significantly Build Yourself a Free Power Supply Resource WHY WIND ENERGY IS THE BEST ALTERNATIVE ENERGY Homeowners across the regions confirm how wind energy transforms their lives. Because of unending global economic crisis, the price of conventional energy is increasing drastically. It is always been good to have something to use in case of shortage or inadequate supply. That is to look for alternative energy that would benefit us in both ways, reduce electricity bill and help preserve the environment. By resorting to renewable energy especially the widely adopted wind energy system, we can all save a lot of money. Wind energy is one of the recommended approaches in order to minimize the household expenses especially with regards to electricity consumption. Wind energy is also the most environmental friendly among renewable energy unlike with what is currently used today which produces harmful particles into the atmosphere. It entirely produces clean energy and no byproducts which can damage the atmosphere. If you happen to ask someone, why you need to build such windmill if you can get connected to the main grid as easy as making phone call? They would answer you in Alternative Energy Page 2
  • 3. Wind Power - "Do it Yourself" Alternative Energy Www. WindEnergy. the same manner also, why you need to get connected when you can make your own? Now it's time for you to decide. Wind energy which can be acquired in the market may cost you a thousand dollar, but furnishing a copy of step-by-step installation process will cost of less than $200 and you will see in just a week how it change your savings. You don't need to buy things which you can do by yourself. Besides we must lessen our dependence to fossil fuel. Sooner or later it will come to its end and all of us will be the one to be affected. So, it's not too late to be part of the renewable team. WIND POWER ELECTRICITY - IS THIS THE BEST FORM OF ALTERNATIVE ENERGY? Wind Power Electricity has started to become one of the most popular forms of alternative energy. Because of this, it is important that you understand exactly what wind powered electricity is and whether or not it actually works. 1-Take a look at what the total cost is Obviously, when looking into alternative forms of energy, you are doing so because you want to save a lot of money on your electricity bill. Because of this, the first thing you need to take a look at when it comes to wind power electricity is the total cost. It may seem like it is a good deal right off the bat, but the truth is once you add everything up you are in for a surprise. The actual wind turbine may not cost a whole lot, but installing it and maintaining it cost a good chunk of money 2-You need to make sure you understand the dangers One thing that is never mentioned when people write about wind power electricity is the dangers of it. The truth is, when you purchase a wind turbine, you need to be prepared to wake up and see dead birds on your lawn, and even other animals such as squirrels that can get all the way up to the blades. If you are someone who either is an animal lover or does not want to have to deal with cleaning up the mess, you may want to reconsider purchasing a wind turbine. 3-Know you are very dependent on the environment Obviously, wind power electricity works by the wind blowing and spinning the blades. But what if you don't have any wind that day? Are you stuck without electricity? Well, you aren't stuck without electricity, but you will not be able to save any money on electricity because you will have to go back to the old way of doing it. If you live in an area that does not get much wind, then the wind turbine will not do much for you. Alternative Energy Page 3
  • 4. Wind Power - "Do it Yourself" Alternative Energy Www. WindEnergy. RENEWABLE ENERGY SOLUTION - PROS AND CONS TO USING A HOME WIND POWER SYSTEM Many people are considering alternative energy solutions that use renewable energy such as solar and wind energy systems. Wind power systems are gaining popularity because of the abundance of wind available. But before you decide on installing a windmill for your home's power consider these following pros and cons. Pros to Wind Power 1. Free Energy - Wind power is free after the initial investment of the technology needed to capture it and use it in your home. 2. Clean for the Environment - Wind energy doesn't emit any harmful gases in order to provide your home with the energy it needs. 3. Provides Power to Remote Areas - A wind system can provide power to people who live in a remote area and don't have access to traditional power. Cons to Wind Power 1. Noise - Some people do not like the noise associated with the turning blades of a windmill while it doesn't both other people. 2. Could be Damaged in Weather - Windmills can be damaged in severe weather. The most common damage is caused by lighting. 3. Needs Average Winds of 11 MPH - Wind energy is a great alternative energy solution in areas that have an average wind speed of 11 MPH but are not very effective in area that have lower wind speeds. So, as you can see, the pros far out way the cons of using a home wind power system if you live in an area with the right amount of wind speed. If you don't live in an area with the correct amount of wind you may want to consider solar panels as a renewable energy solution for your energy needs. ALTERNATIVE ENERGY FOR YOUR HOME - WIND AND SOLAR POWER I am like most people and am very concerned about the rising utility costs. In the state where I live, electricity rates are 30% higher this year than this time last year. This is a huge expense since most homes using electricity for heat, air conditioning, hot water, washing machines, clothes dryers and more. So I began to search for alternatives to buying electricity from my local utility company. Some of the options I looked at were wind and solar power. Alternative Energy Page 4
  • 5. Wind Power - "Do it Yourself" Alternative Energy Www. WindEnergy. Wind Power Wind power is generated by the use of a windmill. These windmills are modern, distant cousins to the windmills we think of when we were young. Today's windmills are constructed of high-tech metals and carbon fiber composites. And they are no longer a slave to the wind. New windmills are computer controlled and are pointed in the proper direction to get the maximum amount of wind power to turn the turbines. These turbines rotate in the wind spinning a generator which, in turn, creates the electricity needed to power your home. Solar Power The sun's rays can be harnessed to generate electricity as well. Solar panels can be mounted on the roof of your home or on the ground. The light energy from the sun is absorbed by the panels and converted into electricity. Considerations To be cost-effective, either method has it advantages and disadvantages. In general, wind power is less expensive to install but you must live in an area with a lot of wind. Your site must receive about a 7 mph average wind. Any less than that and you won't generate enough electricity. Also, on days with no wind you won't generate any power. On very windy days, you may generate more electricity than you can use which your utility company must buy from you. In fact, on these days your electric meter may even run backwards! Solar panels need good, direct, unobstructed sunlight in order to be effective. They should be able to get eight hours of sunlight a day. If you live in a typically cloudy or overcast area, then they won't generate enough power. And they can only make electricity during the daytime. If you want to be totally self-sufficient, you will need a large battery storage to store your daytime electricity to use at night. However, if you are considering alternative energy, now may be a good time to invest in it. The U.S. government is offering generous tax incentives for people installing wind or solar power systems for their homes. And with energy costs going up, it may be a win-win situation. HOW TO DESIGN WIND TURBINES AND WHAT ARE ITS ADVANTAGES Wind Turbines are machines which rotate and convert kinetic energy into mechanical or electrical energy. These power generation machines produce clean and renewable energy whose raw material which is wind does not deplete like oil, gas and coal based power plants. How to Design a Wind Turbine Alternative Energy Page 5
  • 6. Wind Power - "Do it Yourself" Alternative Energy Www. WindEnergy. 1. Measure the Wind Energy available in your target area by measuring the Wind Power Density (WPD) which is the mean of annual power available per square meter of the swept area of the turbine. 2. Do Aerodynamic modeling to decide the tower height. 3. Decide the Control Systems to be used in the turbine. 4. Decide the number of blades based on your aerodynamic model. 5. Decide the type of blades to be used 6. Choose between Vertical and Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines: Generally horizontal axis turbines are used in wind farms and windmills, the vertical axis ones which are less noisy are used for local or domestic purpose. Propeller Free personal turbines with vertical propulsion are bird friendly too. Advantages of Wind Turbines 1. Nil Pollution: This is clean and natural energy source so no air pollution as in oil, coal or gas based power generation plants. 2. Less Maintenance: Very less manpower or material is required to maintain these turbines. 3. Cheap Power Cost per Unit: Since the raw material of this energy source is free thus the resultant cost of energy produced is very cheap. 4. Unlimited Raw Material: Since Wind is free and is always available so one can be sure that the raw material of their wind turbine will not deplete like fossil fuel based power generation methods. 5. No Green House Gas Emissions: since the raw material to power this wind power generator is wind, there are nil green house gas emissions making it eco- friendly. 6. Can be installed anywhere: The turbines can be installed anywhere even on roof tops or local and domestic locations, making it the most easily accessible energy resource. 7. Plants are Economical: Installing a wind turbine is very economical if you are installing it for local or domestic purpose. 8. WIND TURBINE ELECTRICITY - 3 REASONS WHY WIND POWER IS OUR ENERGY FUTURE Is wind turbine electricity the future of renewable energy? Of course you have heard the buzz about renewable energy resources. No matter where you stand on politics, left right or in the middle, the fact is we must move away from using fossil fuels to make our electricity. Currently, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, 90 percent of 2008 energy production came from nonrenewable sources. Think about that. Nonrenewable means it will run out at some point in the future. As supply diminishes prices will go up, perhaps way up. We must begin now to switch to renewable power sources. With all of the talk surrounding wind energy you may wonder if it is a viable green energy Alternative Energy Page 6
  • 7. Wind Power - "Do it Yourself" Alternative Energy Www. WindEnergy. solution or just hype. Lets take a look at 3 reasons why wind turbine electricity is a major part of our energy future. 1. Wind turbine electricity can be utilized in most areas of the country. Wind blows everywhere and every day. Most areas receive enough wind to economically generate electricity based on today's cost of production. 2. Cost control into the future. As we burn through our existing nonrenewable energy supplies the cost of those supplies will rise. This will make wind energy an even greater bargain 20 to 30 years from now. An investment into wind turbine electricity today secures tomorrows energy independence. 3. Wind turbine electricity is good for the environment and our health. Wind generated electricity does not pollute the atmosphere like a coal fired electric generating plant. Nor does it have the risks, both operating and future storage of waste materials, that nuclear power plants do. So whats the rub? Why are we not moving faster to implement wind generated electricity? The government, despite what both presidential candidates promised in the past elections, has not made this a major priority. On a commercial basis it takes a large amount of capital to set up wind farms. The banking crisis has made borrowing money quite difficult as bankers just are not lending money at the rate they once did. Another factor is the "not in my neighborhood" syndrome. People complain about the high cost of electricity, but when a solution is presented they often complain about the solution. Witness the fuss the Cape Wind project has created. This proposed wind farm, to be built in Nantucket Sound, has met with vigorous opposition from the New England area. An area that pays well above the national average cost for their electricity. So what can you do? Take matters into your own hands and install your own wind generation system. A commercially installed system capable of replacing the electricity you now buy will run in the $8,000-15,000 price range. If that seems high, consider building your wind turbine, which is the most expensive part of a wind power system. Due to advances in design and technology you can purchase the parts necessary for a few hundred dollars. The process of building the wind generator can be accomplished in several days. If you go the route of building your own wind power system, you must make sure you have clear, detailed plans. Be careful, much of what is available online has been written by part time hobbyists and they leave out many crucial details. Search for plans written by folks that actually work in the wind power industry. Alternative Energy Page 7
  • 8. Wind Power - "Do it Yourself" Alternative Energy Www. WindEnergy. REMANUFACTURED WIND TURBINES GROW IN POPULARITY Everyone knows that wind turbines are considered a green technology and offer among the most affordable sources of renewable energy, but remanufactured wind turbines offer buyers even greater advantages than new wind turbines of similar nameplate capacity. Remanufactured wind turbines are proving more reliable, and are even better for the environment than newly manufactured wind turbines. In the 1980's thousands of wind systems were installed in the western part of the United States and other European Countries. New technologies in wind generator design have allowed a single modern turbine to produce as much power as 100 or more older turbines. Wind farm operators and utility scale projects financially benefit from the largest production turbines. Farms, rural manufacturers and factories as well as other smaller projects are able to benefit from the upgrades by remanufacturing the used wind systems. Wind turbines are mechanical machines that harness the wind's kinetic energy and transform it to mechanical energy used to power an electrical generator. A wind system is similar to a car or boat in the fact that they all consist of moving and non- moving parts, and may have a body, computer, transmission and gears, and other specialty parts. As with a car or boat, people may choose to restore a model because of its reliability, performance, durability, ease of operation and other factors. Wind turbines being removed from service are now being purchased and firms specializing in wind turbine remanufacturing are restoring the machines to "like new condition". Properly remanufactured systems are completely disassembled and thoroughly cleaned and inspected. All wear parts are replaced and the PLC control should be replaced with an updated model for increased reliability and ease of operation. All quality remanufactured wind turbines should be remanufactured to original specifications and include some type of warranty; 2 years or longer is common. Buyers considering a remanufactured wind turbine must be cautious. A buyer should pay special attention to the exact condition of the equipment. A buyer should understand there is a difference between a used and a remanufactured wind turbine. A used wind turbine is frequently in "as-is condition", meaning the turbine may be at the end of its useful life or may not even work at all. Other companies may try to sell a wind turbine that has not been completely or properly remanufactured. Buyers of remanufactured wind systems should carefully research the remanufacturer of the system and all of the parties that may be involved in the proposed wind energy project. Considering the risk involved why would anyone considering installing a remanufactured wind generator? The answer is simple. It makes financial and environmental sense. Here are the facts: Alternative Energy Page 8
  • 9. Wind Power - "Do it Yourself" Alternative Energy Www. WindEnergy. a. Quality remanufactured wind systems exist and are easy to find. The total price of a remanufactured wind system installed is much less than the total price of a new wind system of similar nameplate capacity. This shortens the amount of time the investment takes to pay for itself and increases the projects overall rate of return. b. Many of the used wind systems coming available, while much smaller than the modern utility sized systems are ideally sized for stores, farms, manufacturers, factories, and other large rural power users to offset their usage from their utility company saving them money. c. Using a remanufactured wind system is keeping an otherwise useless turbine and tower out of a scrap yard. d. Buyers are able to rely on proven technology without the "tests and trials" of newer systems. e. Many users of remanufactured wind systems experience immediate financial gains when considering grants, incentives, and financing in comparison to monthly electricity bills. If you are considering a wind energy system, a refurbished wind system may be a good option. For more information on remanufactured wind generators you are encouraged to contact a qualified wind energy professional or reputable dealer of remanufactured wind system equipment. USING A HOME WIND TURBINE TO GENERATE ELECTRICITY Traditional sources of energy can be replaced with a new source of renewable, green energy, like a home wind turbine. this system might only provide a small amount of your typical energy usage if you live in a residential area. Home wind turbines are still a fairly new option for those who want to use sources of energy which are better for the planet. Many residents of sunny locations opt for solar panels, but these turbines are a technology that is also becoming popular. The market provides a variety of different home wind turbine choices for residential areas. These can cost between $500 and $22,000 to install, depending on the amount of energy you need. You can bring down your carbon footprint with the use of this system, reduce your energy costs, and even eliminate them completely. Read on for methods about reaching your energy needs with it, as well as the pros and cons. Commonly, home wind turbines are used to cut down on your traditional energy usage, which usually comes from power plants. It's possible for anyone to do this, though your exact location will determine how effective this will be. You should not generally utilize it if you live in an area with a dense population. Wind patterns are usually disrupted by urban developments and large buildings, effectively reducing the energy that would be generated in a more natural environment. Alternative Energy Page 9
  • 10. Wind Power - "Do it Yourself" Alternative Energy Www. WindEnergy. In areas of high development, it's suggested that home wind turbines can be used to reduce a very small portion of your carbon footprint and energy bill, as little more is really possible in such an environment. If you are a resident of this type of area, it's advisable to invest in one of these systems that you can place on top of your roof instead. Your energy costs can be reduced around 10% if you use them in this type of terrain. If you reside in an area that's considerably flatter or more remote, you can choose from the aforementioned home wind turbine for your roof, or a more complex, larger elevated home wind turbine. An elevated system is typically perched atop a tower that can measure up to 120 feet tall. This height places the turbine above any objects that would disrupt the natural flow of wind, therefore powering them more strongly and consistently. The Grand Rapids Press recently published an article stated that these wind turbines in rural areas of Michigan can generate up to 500 kilowatt hours monthly. This amount still probably won't compensate for the typical power usage of a typical home, but it is still useful if you're seeking to utilize less energy that's derived from coal, and therefore put down on your carbon footprint. Should you want to completely replace your energy requirements with green energy, you'll likely need to construct multiple, elevated home wind turbines to capture as much wind energy as possible in your area. If you want to store the energy that you do not immediately use, you should also have a system to store the energy in batteries. It's not impossible to completely compensate for your energy needs using the technology offered by a home wind turbine, but there are still many technical advances that need to be made before this is a simpler, viable option. WIND TURBINE CONSTRUCTION There are four basic parts to wind turbine construction. The wind turbine consists of turbine blades, turbine hub, motor and tower or mount. The entire wind turbine can be constructed out of parts that you either build or purchase on the internet. Unless you are an excellent carpenter, you will need to purchase a tower. Some people are tempted to only put there tower about 10 feet in the air. In reality the tower needs to be at least 20-25 feet in the air and clear the nearest houses and trees by two feet. If you do decide to build your own tower make sure you secure it in the ground with concrete and reinforce the structure with cross bars. You will need to purchase the turbine blades and motor from the internet. Some people are tempted to save some money buy building their own blades out of PVC pipe. PVC pipe is meant to be buried in the ground and would have to be painted Alternative Energy Page 10
  • 11. Wind Power - "Do it Yourself" Alternative Energy Www. WindEnergy. frequently to be used for blades. These homemade blades also may not stand up to strong winds and they are not as aerodynamic. They can lessen the power your home made wind turbine can produce. The motor will also need to be purchased and getting the right one is vital to power production capability. The turbine hub can be made as can the housing for this component. The turbine hub can be carved out of wood or you can buy one that is predrilled. A metal one will cost about $20. The housing for the turbine motor and hub can be made out of 3" or 4" PVC pipe. Wind turbine construction can be done by someone who is handy and has some experience with remodeling or building. Making your own wind turbine can save you money and the home made turbines produce about twice the power of the commercially built models. BUILD WIND ELECTRIC GENERATOR - WIND POWER "DO IT YOURSELF" GUIDE REVIEW Do you want to learn how to build wind electric generator with a wind power do it yourself guide? Making your own renewable energy system is actually easier than what most people think. Even though there are commercial retail models available, they are generally much, much more expensive and will take several years before the cost of investment can be recovered. If you have been thinking about saving energy bills and conserving the environment, you should definitely start thinking about how to get a renewable energy system up and running. 1. How to Learn to Setup Your Homemade Wind Electric Generator Step by Step? I personally managed to download a clearly illustrated manual that showed me exactly how to set up the wind turbines and also solar panel systems. This complete set of instructions has helped thousands of people worldwide to successfully reduce their electrical bills through the use of wind energy. Today, this system augments the utility electrical supply to my home, sometimes even completely eliminating my electric bill. 2. What Do You Need to Have to Set up Your Own Wind Electric Generator, and How Much Will It Cost You? Overall, the typical costs of setting up this homemade electrical system is below $200. These materials can generally be found at your local hardware store, including things like nuts and bolts to secure objects, a battery pack (those in the 28 to 48 volt range), a hub that joins the blades together and the other miscellaneous materials for constructing the other parts. Alternative Energy Page 11
  • 12. Wind Power - "Do it Yourself" Alternative Energy Www. WindEnergy. In fact, I have even managed to find many parts in recycling centers for free. Scrap metals, steel tubings etc. can be found for really low prices if you know where to look. REVEALED - BUILD A WIND TURBINE FOR UNDER $100 AND REDUCE YOUR ELECTRIC BILL SIGNIFICANTLY Most people who start to use green renewable energy are starting off with solar panels. However, if you live in a windy area, you should consider going for a small residential wind turbine, as this is a much more cost effective solution. Building a home made wind turbine with 1000W output, will cost you between $100 and $200, while a DIY Solar panel that produces for example only 80W could cost you around $200. But the solar panels only work during day and on shady days they produce very little electricity. Don't get me wrong, solar panels are a great way to harness the power of the sun, but many people underestimate the efficiency of small wind turbines. Build wind turbine tips It is quite an easy task to build a wind generator, if you follow the instructions of a professional guidebook. You can buy all parts needed in most hardware stores for reasonable prices. You even can find many parts for free, just check your local scrap yards. PVC tubes are great for the wind turbine blades, for example. Let's have a look, what parts you will need to build your wind turbine: • Base, that is the part holding the tower • Tower, this part holds the whole structure high up in the wind • Blades, they rotate to produce the energy • Shaft, enables the blades to rotate and connects them with the tower • Generator, converts mechanical energy into electricity Reduce or even eliminate your electric bill Building your own wind turbine is one very economical and ecological way to reduce your energy costs. Even if you are not a handyman, or handywoman, you could make a wind generator in one day! Although it may seem a difficult task at first, once you get started, it will be fun. It's a great feeling to see that finished windmill, and it is a even better feeling, once you receive your electric bill after the first month your wind generator has been in use. There are many guides, that give you step by step instructions how to build your wind generator. They offer different qualities, however. If you are only looking to Alternative Energy Page 12
  • 13. Wind Power - "Do it Yourself" Alternative Energy Www. WindEnergy. make a wind turbine, I can recommend you the guide from Les and Jane from the off grid living family. They have 15 years of experience in building them, and they provide you with lots of tips how to build it the cheapest way, while maintaining a good quality and professional look. WIND TURBINES - BUILD YOURSELF A FREE POWER SUPPLY Wind turbines at present appear to be one of the best alternative energy suppliers. They are completely independent from the cost of fossil fuels. They can therefore be an excellent environmentally friendly solution to the ever present problem of the cost of oil and gas. There are other possible power sources which can also help. Solar energy is very clean and totally free.The only drawback here is the high cost of solar panels and their limited power output. They can be a good secondary power source when used along with wind turbines. Nuclear power is another obvious answer and this form of power is being developed in various places around the world. The initial cost of nuclear power plants is very high however and there is much opposition to their use after the Three Mile Island and Chernobyl accidents. Properly built and supervised nuclear power stations will probably be a large part of future power supply around the world. Wind power is presently the most promising power source for small scale power generation. Individually owned wind power generators can supply a substantial portion of our power requirements in the years immediately ahead. Many companies are now offering wind turbine generators for sale to the general public and they are being installed by city and country property owners on an ever increasing scale. Another alternative is to build your own wind turbine at a very substantial saving. It is possible for any farmer or home owner, whether located in city or country,to access this free form of electric power and so become completely independent of the power utility.It is not necessary to have continuous high winds. Even a gentle breeze will generate power. A very good wind turbine can be constructed using used or new auto parts. Installation can be on a building's roof or on it's own freestanding tower. It is actually quite simple to construct a wind turbine from available plans and instructions.The average person with a little home workshop experience can build one or several of these turbines quite easily. The power utility in many areas will now buy any excess power which you generate. This type of wind turbine was extensively used on farms in the 1930-1950s period and was proven very reliable. Two or three of them can be built to supply as much power as needed and the power can be stored in batteries ready for use. Build it and the wind will come--bringing free power along with it. Alternative Energy Page 13
  • 14. Wind Power - "Do it Yourself" Alternative Energy Www. WindEnergy. Resource Alternative Energy Page 14