U pipe solar collector


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new generation of solar vacuum tube collector for heating system.

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U pipe solar collector

  1. 1. Company ProfileHaiyan Uniepu Trading Co.,Ltd is a subsidiary of Uniepu Electric Co.,Ltd, who manufacturesLED and HID headlight lamps. Uniepu Electric also owns shares of a solar water heater and solar New Energy Sources Forpanel/module company. We have more than 500 employees and our own R&D team.Uniepulargest markets are in The United States, Spain, Poland, Australia and India.We have developed Better Life!long term relationships with our client which has proven to be beneficial over the years.Our products line including: auto lighting,HID conversion kit,energy saving lamps, Led house Contact us:lighting, Led bulbs, solar water heaters, solar vacuum tubes, solar heat pipe, solar collector Miss Jussi Han,pressurized solar heating systems, flat plate solar water heater, solar house heating, solar heat Tel: +86-573-86118006 Fax: 0086-pump,heat pump, swimming pool heating, house heating, floor heating, BIPV solar, solar 573-86118007panel,solar module, solar photovolticas system, off grid system, grid on/tie system, solar Skype:jussi.hangenerator,solar inverter, diesel generator, solar accessories,solar flashlight, solar charger, solar MSN/Facebook:street lighting solar led light, solar gift, wind power and related energy saving products.We have a hanlingxia1983@hotmail.comprofessional international business team ready to take charge of any of our clients needs. E-Mail:jussi@unipu.com Website: www.unipu.com
  2. 2. U Pipe Solar Collector (For Split System)Working PrincipleIn each vacuum tube there is a U pipe with direct flow-through that is connected to the headerpipe inside manifold. This U pipe is seamed in an aluminum heat transfer fin in the interior ofvacuum tube that transmits the heat from the interior tube to the U pipe.Solar radiation permeates the outer glass tube and is captured on the outside of inner glass tubeby highly selective sputter layer. The captured solar radiation is transmitted to flush-contactaluminum shield and then copper pipe filled with heat transfer fluid. The 360° aluminum heattransfer fin assures the fastest energy transfer. Connect with pressure water tank and workstation. Water is circulated through the header via intermittent pump cycling. Each time the water circulates through the header, the temperatures is raised by 5-10℃. Throughout the day, the water in the tank is gradually heated,Solar absorption: solar radiation is absorbed by the solar tubes and converted into heat,Solar heat transfer: heat pipes conduct the heat from within the solar tube up to the U pipe.Features1.No water flows in the evacuated tube,so water scale and tube expostion are avoided, single broken tube will not affect the working ofthe system.2.It can be integrated with the architecture perfectly and be connected with the existing pipes. Features 3. U pipe solar collector can be installed in the solar heating system to heat water for a wide variety of uses, including home, hotel, school, business projects and industrial uses. 4. When in series or parallel connection, it also can used to heat swimming pools,and supply heat for underfloor heating or air conditioning. Standard And Warranty
  3. 3. Standard/Certificates:Prolonged Warranty Period.. We prolong for 5 years, which is 2 years longer than international standard of 3 years.Comprehensive Warranty Range: We broaden the warranty scope for both our machine and key parts. A. Series 5 years warrantly Tube Coating Absorber Installation (mm) System Loading Quantites FOB Model No. Tube Specification Frame Angle Insulation Copper Dia. Area Length Width Capacity 20 GP 40GP 40HQ Shanghai UPSCP-U-01 Φ58mm*1800mm-12Pc U pipe 8mm 0.96 2020 1160 80L 82 195 209 Ask for offer UPSCP-U-02 Φ58mm*1800mm-16Pc U pipe 8mm 1.28 2020 1530 100L 67 142 167 Ask for offer UPSCP-U-03 Φ58mm*1800mm-18Pc 8mm Paralled or 1.44 2020 1640 150L 57 138 142 Ask for offer U pipe Embedded or Rock Wool UPSCP-U-04 Φ58mm*1800mm-20Pc U pipe 8mm 45°/38°/25° 1.60 2020 1825 200L 54 114 134 Ask for offer UPSCP-U-05 Φ58mm*1800mm-24Pc U pipe 8mm 1.92 2020 2150 250L 45 95 116 Ask for offer UPSCP-U-06 Φ58mm*1800mm-30 Pc U pipe 8mm 2.40 2020 2655 300L 37 79 93 Ask for offer B. Series 5 years warrantly Tube Coating Absorber Installation (mm) System Loading Quantites FOB Model No. Tube Specification Frame Angle Insulation Copper Dia. Area Length Width Capacity 20 GP 40GP 40HQ Shanghai UPSCP-U-01/1 Φ58mm*2100mm-12Pc U pipe 8mm 1.13 2320 1200 80L 67 142 167 Ask for offer UPSCP-U-02/1 Φ58mm*2100mm-16Pc U pipe 8mm 1.50 2320 1568 100L 53 111 132 Ask for offer UPSCP-U-03/1 Φ58mm*2100mm-18Pc 8mm Paralled or 1.69 2320 1728 150L 46 98 115 Ask for offer U pipe Embedded or Rock Wool UPSCP-U-04/1 Φ58mm*2100mm-20Pc U pipe 8mm 45°/38°/25° 1.88 2320 1880 200L 43 91 108 Ask for offer UPSCP-U-05/1 Φ58mm*2100mm-24Pc U pipe 8mm 2.26 2320 2210 250L 39 82 97 Ask for offer
  4. 4. UPSCP-U-06/1 Φ58mm*2100mm-30 Pc U pipe 8mm 2.82 2320 2700 300L 30 64 76 Ask for offer C. Series 5 years warrantly Tube Coating Absorber Installation (mm) System Loading Quantites FOBModel No. Tube Specification Frame Angle Insulation Copper Dia. Area Length Width Capacity 20 GP 40GP 40HQ ShanghaiUPSCP-U-01/2 Φ58mm*1500mm-12Pc U pipe 8mm 0.79 1724 1000 80L 112 237 279 Ask for offerUPSCP-U-02/2 Φ58mm*1500mm-16Pc U pipe 8mm 1.05 1724 1484 100L 82 195 209 Ask for offerUPSCP-U-03/2 Φ58mm*1500mm-18Pc 8mm Paralled or 1.18 1724 1652 150L 73 154 181 Ask for offer U pipe Embedded or Rock WoolUPSCP-U-04/2 Φ58mm*1500mm-20Pc U pipe 8mm 45°/38°/25° 1.32 1724 1817 200L 64 135 159 Ask for offerUPSCP-U-05/2 Φ58mm*1500mm-24Pc U pipe 8mm 1.58 1724 2136 250L 54 114 134 Ask for offerUPSCP-U-06/2 Φ58mm*1500mm-30 Pc U pipe 8mm 1.97 1724 2610 300L 45 95 116 Ask for offer Accessory-parts Pitched Roof Pipe Fittings Insulation Pipe Controller Work Station Hooks Welcome To Visit Our Factory
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