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Haiyan Uniepu Trading Co.ltd Company file

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Haiyan Uniepu Company file

  1. 1. Business Managerment: The goal of business management is to create wealth for business owners by providing some value that consumersneed. The process of business management involves:* Researching the market for profitable business opportunities,* Developing strategies for marketing management, operations management, financial management and human resources management, and* Implementing the strategies through planning, organizing, motivating and control.Long-term survival requires that businesses be managed in a responsible and ethical manner by addressing environmental issues and employee career goals.There is also the issue of complying with the law of the land.
  2. 2. Solar panel: Solar (or photovoltaic) cells are a very useful way ofproviding electricity to remote areas where the use of electricity may beessential yet the laying of high voltage cable may not be viable. The bestexample of the importance of solar energy to provide electricity in remotelocations can be found in space. For many years, satellites have been usingsolar panels to catch the suns rays to provide power to the equipment onboard.
  3. 3. Solar thermal energy is a technology for harnessing solar energyfor thermal energy (heat). Solar thermal collectors are defined by the EnergyInformation Administration as low-, medium-, or high-temperaturecollectors, which including the two types of collectors, flate plate solarcollector & evactuated tubes solar collector. In some areas, people also willuse the solar thermal system for room floor heating. It’s an Integratedapplication system.
  4. 4. Wind generator: The conversion of wind energy to various other useful forms, like electricity, is known as wind power. Wind energyis converted into these forms using wind turbines.Wind energy can be converted into electrical energy by the use of a electrical generator. Wind energy is being used extensively in areas likeDenmark, Germany, Spain, India and in some areas of the United States of America. It is one of the largest forms of Green Energy used in theworld today. Wind Energy is highly practical in places where the wind speed is 10 mph.
  5. 5. Solar fan: with fan and led light, can work on AC and DC aswell. When you are in the strong sunshine, the solar fan will work Solar charger:can recharge most small electronic devicesautomatically, if the sunshine is not strong, you can turn on the switch. including: cell phones, laptop, iphones, blackberry, GPS, PSP gamesIt has battery, can storage energy. player, MP3, camera etc.
  6. 6. Solar street lights are most effective in areas with plenty of sunlight. The more sunlight exposure, the more energycan be created and stored. In turn, the more energy that is created, the brighter the potential light output will be. This meansthat more sun allows for brighter light bulbs which utilize multiple LEDs.
  7. 7. 1. solar lawn light 2. solar camping light 3. portable solar system 4. solar backpack5. Led bulbs 6. solar flashlight 7. solar key chain 8. solar calculator