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  • 1. Accel Community Cyber ProgramEncouraging and Inspiring youth to ACCEL(Achieve, Confidence, Caring, Excellent, Leadership)
    • Serving grades 1-9
    • 2. Christian discipline and values
    • 3. Affordable program fee
    • 4. Partnering with Cyber Charter Schools
    • 5. State of the Art Technology provided
    • 6. Community Service Opportunities
    • 7. Extra Curricular Activities
    • 8. Afterschool & Community Programs
    A Cyber Learning Community
  • 9. Vision
    Our desire is to inspire a cycle of learning by
    teaming with Cyber Charter Schools and other
    community-based agencies that provide valuable
    services to youth and families that will inspire
    respect for self, peers, community, and gain a
    new and exciting love for learning.
    Throughout daily interactions,
    Accel’s staff strive to instill in each
    youth Christian values that they
    can apply in their personal lives
    and in today’s worlds.
  • 10. Program & Services
    • Accel Serves grades 1-12
    • 11. Christian discipline and values
    • 12. Affordable program fee
    • 13. Partnering with Cyber Charter Schools
    • 14. State of the Art Technology Provided
    • 15. Community Service Opportunities
    • 16. Extra Curricular Activities
    • 17. Afterschool & Community Programs
    • 18. Field Trips
    • 19. Breakfast and Lunch Provided
  • Join the ACCEL Cyber family
    ACCEL Community Cyber Program is a learning community for parents who
    are cyber-schooling their children.  Parents are able to utilize the center’s
    safe, loving and drug free environment where their child receives the daily
    structure, tutoring, guidance and support needed to complete their
    Our mission is to provide a safe haven for youth to receive a comprehensive
    cyber education and tutoring program that promotes the physical, educational
    and life skills necessary to prepare and empower them for leadership in their
    communities and success in their personal lives. We are Christ centered in our
    approach and administration. The program serves youth in grades 1-12 in
    Philadelphia, Yeadon, Darby, Lansdowne, and Upper Darby areas. 
  • 20. What is a Learning Community?
    ACCEL Community Cyber Program is a cyber learning community
    where parents can utilize our center’s safe, loving and drug free
    environment where their child can receive the daily structure,
    tutoring, guidance and support needed to complete all coursework
    and assignments.  
    The program has highly qualified trained tutors known as Learning
    Coaches (LC) who work with each student and provide
    extensive educational support.
    Cyber Charter Schools partner with the State to provide
    quality education. Your tax dollars support the cyber charter
    school and your program fees support the learning community.
  • 21. Leaning Coaches
    • Learning coaches
    • 22. Trained in early childhood/secondary education
    • 23. Certified Tutors / Teachers
    • 24. Members of the International Tutoring Association
    • 25. Provide:
    • 26. Daily supervised instruction
    • 27. Assistance with all assignments and coursework
    • 28. Group and individual tutoring
    • 29. Communication open between parents and cyber school
    • 30. Provide immediate 24 email response
  • Differentiated Instruction
    Differentiated instruction used to meet every child’s needs and learning styles:
    Video instruction
    Interactive lessons and games
    Digital Notebook
    Hands On Instruction
  • 31. Cyber Charter Schools
    • Cyber charter schools are fully accredited and supported by the state. All teachers are state certified.
    • 32. Coursework and diplomas are provided by accredited cyber charter schools.
    • 33. Materials and state of the art equipment are provided by freely.
    • 34. The cyber program curriculum allows for flexibility during the school day, which allows us to create opportunities for more creative educational methods.
    • 35. Field trips are planned that will help students experience what they are learning.
  • How Cyber Schools Work
    • Students have several curricula from which to choose - asynchronous learning (self-paced) and synchronous (real time) learning. An asynchronous curriculum is best for a student who needs greater flexibility in his or her schedule.
    • 36. A synchronous curriculum is best for students who are interested in real-time instruction. This aspect create a Virtual Classroom for students where students can interact with the teacher as well as classmates through spoken, written, and auditory communication.
  • Technology
    State of the Art Technology Provided:
    Laptop and accessories
    Printer and accessories
    Textbook & Coursework Materials
    Self-Paced Curriculum & Virtual Classrooms
    Personal One–on-One Tutoring
    Extensive Course Selection
  • 37. Course Offerings
  • Each lesson
    designed to be
    completed with
    two days and is
    filled with
    activities and
    hands on
  • 59. In addition to
    the instruction
    provided in
    each lesson, a
    student may
    access all or
    some of the
  • 60. Lincoln Interactive offers a wide range of courseware
  • 61. Sample Daily Schedule
  • 62. Fine Arts
    The programs offer a wide range of activities:
    Music Exploration
    Art History
    Fashion Design
    Graphic Design
  • 63. Physical Education
    • Students attend weekly PE classes as the YMCA and other recreational facilities. There the students engage in a wide range of physical activities. These activities include dodge ball, basketball, soccer, etc.
    • 64. The law requires that all students complete an annual course in physical education. Each student in grades K-6 must complete 36 hours of organized supervised physical activities each year.
  • Browse a Sample Lesson
    Blackboard Guest Account
    Type the following link:
    Then click the Preview button
    on the left to access the site
    as a guest below the Blackboard logo.
  • 65. Program Support Fees
    Program Fee: 2010/2011
    Afterschool Program
    $75 per week
    Multi-family discounts available
  • 66. (Achieve, Confidence, Caring, Excellence, & Leadership)
    Contact Us
    For more information and a tour
    call Veronica Manley, Executive Director at
    484-461-8761 or email vmanley@accelcyber.org
    For additional information visit our website at www.accelcyber.org
    Accel Community Cyber Program, 7400 Marshall Road, Upper Darby, PA 19082