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Discovery Education
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Discovery Education


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Discovery Education

Discovery Education

Published in: Technology, Education
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  • discovery is very good because you can learn a lot.
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  • Each time you log on, you will need to enter your user name and password.
  • To view the video before downloading it: Click the button to view the video; Wait for it to load Mac – Quicktime PC – Media Player
  • To view the video before downloading it: Click the button to view the video; Wait for it to load Mac – Quicktime PC – Media Player
  • To view the video before downloading it: Click the button to view the video; Wait for it to load Mac – Quicktime PC – Media Player
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  • Transcript

    • 1. Discovery Education Presented By Tracey Coles
    • 2. What Is Discovery Education?
      • A comprehensive library of standards-based video that can be integrated into K-12 classroom lessons.
      • From core-curriculum subjects to health and P.E., there’s something for every teacher and every student.
      • It is never obsolete, video titles are constantly added throughout the year.
    • 3. Why Discovery Education?
      • Because we want to enhance our lessons and provide our students with concrete real-world experiences.
      • We want them to have the knowledge to understand other people, places, things, and most importantly ideas.
      • Our students should be engaged and experience first-hand what might not ordinarily be possible.
    • 4. How Can I Do This?
      • Videos can be accessed directly on the Internet, or they can be downloaded for future use.
      • Videos can be downloaded to any storage device such as disk, hard drive, or flash drive: when you want it you got it.
      • Once the video is downloaded, it can be played without being connected to the Internet.
    • 5. Web Site
    • 6. Web Site Enter passcode
    • 7. Sign Up Complete entire form Scroll
    • 8. Success!!!! Click to log on
    • 9. Log on Type in User Name & Password Click Login
    • 10. Homepage Click Profile
    • 11. Profile Personal Account Information
    • 12. My Preferences Media Settings Subscriptions
    • 13. Search Various search methods: Keyword, Advanced Search, Subject, Grade, Standards
    • 14. Advanced Search
    • 15. Search Results
    • 16. Viewing Video Click the play button to view the video and wait for it to load.
    • 17. Downloading Video Click the download button and select Save.
    • 18. Downloading First window: Download begins Second window: Destination—decide where to save file
    • 19. Saving video Create folder Rename: Streaming video Double Click new folder
    • 20. Saving video New folder opens Name file Click Save
    • 21. Saving video Now you wait…… Again!
    • 22. Uses
      • Add to PowerPoint presentations— insert menu
      • Visually enhance/explain concept— media player
      • Review— quiz
      Smart board
    • 23. Add to PowerPoint Go to Insert Scroll to Movies and Sounds Scroll to Movie from File Click
    • 24. Add to PowerPoint Locate saved video Double click folder
    • 25. Add to PowerPoint Double Click selected video and decide
    • 26. Added to PowerPoint
    • 27. Hyperlinked
      • With action button
      Go to Auto shapes Action button Choose Click button Draw on slide Action Buttons
    • 28. Hyperlink: Action Button Action Settings window Click--Hyperlink to Scroll to--Other File Locate video Click OK
    • 29. Hyperlink: Text/Graphic Highlight text or graphic Right click Scroll to Hyperlink Click
    • 30. Hyperlink: Text/Graphic Locate video in Folder Click on video Click OK
    • 31. Hyperlink: Text/Graphic Chemistry Video Linked text Changes color Is underlined Click link Media Player Opens Video begins
    • 32. Windows Media Player Open Windows Media Player Go to File Open Locate Folder
    • 33. Media Player Double click Streaming Video folder Select video Click Open Video begins
    • 34. Media Player To view full screen: Go to View Scroll to Full Screen Click Esc to exit
    • 35. Other Resources
      • My Content
      • Teacher Center
      • Professional
      • Development
      • Classroom Resources
    • 36. My Content Database of saved video resources Create personal folder
    • 37. Teacher Center
    • 38. Professional Development
    • 39. Classroom Resources
    • 40. My Builder Tools
    • 41. My Classrooms
    • 42. Discovery Educator Network
    • 43. So Remember…
      • Go to
      • Enter your school’s eight-character passcode. You can get this from your school’s Media Specialist or ITRT.
      • Create your own username and password.
      • Log in with your username and password.
      • Search for videos, images, animations, audio files and more!
    • 44. TIP Patience is the key to using United Streaming!