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All about me

  1. 1. All About Me By: Jonathan
  2. 2. My Childhood My name is Jonathan I’m 12 years old My birthday is July 13,1998 I was born in Brownsville, Texas
  3. 3. My Favorite Sports My favorite sport is basketball because its easy to shoot, dunk, and easy to do layups. And my second favorite sport is football because you can throw the ball or you can be a receiver or you can kick the filed goal to win the game. And my last sport is Soccer because it is kind of hard to shoot the ball because if its winding its ganna curve were the win is going and it takes long to make a goal that’s why I prefer soccer last because it looks kind of boring.
  4. 4. My favorite movies The Expendables Legendary The Marine 1 and 2 The unstoppable Due Date The other Guys Day and Knight Killers
  5. 5. Favorite places or cities you’ve visited San Antonio Las Vegas Arizona Austin Houston New Mexico Orlando Miami Jacksonville New Orleans Oklahoma Colorado Salt Lake City El Paso Dallas
  6. 6. Things I don’t like about school A lot of Homework Leaving late Do a lot of assignments Read
  7. 7. Things you do for fun Play Basketball Play football Play soccer Play video games play kick ball Play baseball
  8. 8. Favorite Colors Red Blue Green Yellow Black White Brown Gold Silver
  9. 9. Things I like about School Talk with your friends in class Watch the teacher letting us talk Let us draw Play basketball for 50 minutes
  10. 10. About your family My brother is 19 and he works in telephonrance and he goes to college in UTB. My other brother is 16 and he goes to porter High school and he helps my grandma clean in a place were they work and when they are done my grandma and brother cleans the place. My little sister is 5 and she is kind of nice and mean to me and she goes to Sharp. My mom is 36 and she works in the EMS and when ever there is and accident they know and they call the ambulance to go help and they help all the department like police, ambulance, and firefighters. My dad is the same age as my mom and he works in Valley Baptist Medical Center and he does surgery to people and he work in home health but they have not call him to go and check the blood pressure.
  11. 11. Your favorite things to do when not at school. Go with my dad Watch TV Play video games Text my friends Use the computer Play outside Go to sleep Play catch
  12. 12. Your Best Friend. Nicholas Damian Jesus Alex Mario David
  13. 13. Your Favorite Actors. Will Ferrell Brad Pit Dave Batista John Cena Tom Cruise
  14. 14. Favorite quotes What's up with dat Really… Really Who Dat
  15. 15. Favorite show Sponge Bob Square Pants Dragon Ball Z Good Luck Charlie Wrestling Drake and Josh
  16. 16. Your favorite games Smack down vs. raw 2011 NBA 2K11 Madden 11 NBA live 2011 NBA 2K10
  17. 17. The End 