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Cloud and the Future of Networked Systems


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Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Why “big, flat and dumb” isn’t enough James Urquhart CNET | The Wisdom of Clouds Market Strategist, Cloud Computing, Cisco Systems, Inc.
  • 2. James Urquhart @jamesurquhart CNET | The Wisdom of Clouds
  • 3. In 20 years of distributed systems practice, what have I learned?
  • 4. We need to simplify operations from the point of view of the application.
  • 5. Application a. A type of job or problem that lends itself to processing or solution by computer: Inventory control is a common business application. b. A program used for a particular use (as opposed to a system)
  • 6. Cloud is an application centric operations model.
  • 7. Why?
  • 8. Prior to cloud, we were server centric…
  • 9. Pre- Cloud
  • 10. VM VM VM OS OS OS Pre- Cloud
  • 11. VM VM VM OS OS OS App App App App App App App App AppPre- Cloud
  • 12. With the adoption of cloud, we are now application centric…
  • 13. Cloud Application Config Code Data Policy
  • 14. Cloud Application Config Code Data Policy Service(s) Other Services
  • 15. Cloud Application Config Code Data Policy Service(s) InfrastructureOther Services
  • 16. Any cloud service or enabling technology must look at solutions from an application perspective.
  • 17. So, what is the network’s role in cloud computing?
  • 18. Application developers want one thing from the network… …invisibility.
  • 19. The temptation is…
  • 20. Big
  • 21. Flat
  • 22. Dumb
  • 23. Put a little nicer…
  • 24. Unified
  • 25. Simplified
  • 26. Pushed to the Edge
  • 27. One topology to rule them all…
  • 28. …and in the darkness bind them.
  • 29. The problem is that the actual requirements for cloud infrastructure don’t stop at the application.
  • 30. Take security…
  • 31. Each solution will almost certainly be only part of the system(s) that is/are being secured.
  • 32. Security will be distributed throughout the “cloud stack”
  • 33. Security will be distributed throughout the network stack
  • 34. Security will be distributed across geographical and topological boundaries
  • 35. Security must become multi-tenant
  • 36. Security must scale.
  • 37. Security must scale. * Chris Hoff (aka @beaker) will tell you that this is impossible today.
  • 38. Security must meet a wide variety of application needs.
  • 39. Same goes for Application Management
  • 40. Same goes for Performance Management
  • 41. Same goes for QoS
  • 42. Same goes for Load Distribution
  • 43. Same goes for Etc.
  • 44. Same goes for Etc., Etc.
  • 45. Same goes for Etc., Etc., Etc.
  • 46. So how will the network adapt?
  • 47. Five ways:
  • 48. 1. Data center network architectures will simplify.
  • 49. 2. The network will adapt to new dominant payloads and traffic patterns.
  • 50. 3. Core networks will become agile and dynamic. Enterprise Network Cloud Service Provider Network Service Provider Cloud Network Boundary Cloud OS Cloud OS App OS App OS App OS App OS App OS App OS App OS App OS App OS App OS App OS App OS Network Transport Virtualization (VPN) Network Services (Security, Performance, Monitoring) Application Security Services Application Security Services Virtual Data Center Virtual Data Center
  • 51. 4. The network will introduce new abstractions to simplify configuration and operation. Private Cloud Public Cloud Firewall Load Balancer Management Network Container
  • 52. 5. The network and its capabilities will become services to be consumed by cloud services. Routers, switches, services (physical and virtual), etc. Network service catalog(s) and fulfillment API(s) IaaS PaaS SaaS
  • 53. Thanks!
  • 54. Why “big, flat and dumb” isn’t enough James Urquhart @jamesurquhart