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Presented at Station Fryslan 6 nov 2009.

1.The city of Leeuwarden
3.Virtual is fake. Everything is real.
4.People are losing themselves in fake.
5.The virtual world is now a screen
6.Real is a city.
7.The development of a city in Fryslan. The biggest tower has the power at the moment.
8.The city with all its organs: healthcare, financial, education, shops, press etc.
9. For one on the ground world is chaos
10. Too much information, overflow, back into capsule.
11. Living in compartimentalized organisations/ societies.
12. Bosses on top to regulate information and organization/
13. Chaos on the floor. Is like weather. You cant predict what happens next.
14. Weather found solution. Zoom out and you can predict.
15. Our world on ground is very complicated.
16. With google maps, tomtom it becomes navigatable
17. the weathermaps are the next step in getting overview in all your information.
18. social weathermaps
19. Top-down world. The boss gets everything. The branches dont communicate with each other. Bottom up. Striving for similar ambitions.
20. Capsule topdown companies fighting for growth and attention vs bottom up organism organizations born out of passion.
21. TomToms sudden collapse because of Google Maps Navigator. Information will become open.
22. Network organizations. Cells working together.
23. Back to fryslan
24. Braincell.
25. Roads in fryslan show information flow. Show which cities are important.
26. We zoom out to get context of surroundings.
27. Further zoom out. Germany and rest of Holland
28. We as Fryslan are in a very important economic region in the world. the 3rd largest in the world. Lights show information.
29. Creative class. Talent, Tolerance & Technology.
30. Fill in the picture.
31. Radical Transperancy. Show everything so people know what is happening and can connect. World upside down.
32. Law of the handicap of a head start
33. Networks on internet look like brain
34. Maslov desire map. Our highest goal is transcendence.
35 Exclusion vs Inclusion
36 The city is becoming intelligent. A collective intelligence. With different organs that more and more connect.
37. Story of a 16 year old boy.
38. What about these boys and girls in 2018?

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Fryslan 2018 - Virtual City

  1. 1. 2018
  2. 2. virtueel
  3. 3. echt
  4. 4. chaos
  5. 5. ar Wa Carrier OVERLOAD Correc den So cia TV Fa e Re e al G n t I donʼt care. oe m cla lev N de ilie m orm en BN e d It is about me! Ex oe ers pe e le rts n n Amb Inte ities t rne Scholin Vrienden g
  6. 6. chaos
  7. 7. overzicht
  8. 8. chaos
  9. 9. overzicht
  10. 10. weerkaart
  11. 11. Top Down Bottom Up
  12. 12. TomTom
  13. 13. creative class Talent Tolerance Technology
  14. 14. foto carte blance
  15. 15. Wet van de remmende voorsprong
  16. 16. exclusion / inclusion
  17. 17. “Last weekend, [...] I had a long chat about music with the 16-year- old son of a friend, and my mind boggled. At virtually no cost, in precious little time and with zero embarrassment, he had become an expert on all kinds of artists, [...] Though only a sixth-former, he seemingly knew as much about most of these people as any music writer. Like any rock-oriented youth, his appetite for music is endless, and so is the opportunity..." The golden age of infinite music John Harris, BBC news 1 nov 2009