Quarter spiral ethan levy-遊戲設計是商業設計 演講簡報


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Quarter spiral ethan levy-遊戲設計是商業設計 演講簡報

  1. 1. www.QuarterSpiral.com Game Design is Business Design digital taipei | sep 13 ethan levy | cofounder @quarter spiral | consultant @famousaspect
  2. 2. www.QuarterSpiral.com Game Design is Business Design digital taipei | sep 13 ethan levy | cofounder @quarter spiral | consultant @famousaspect
  3. 3. www.QuarterSpiral.com about a boy • 10 years experience as a game developer • 30+ shipped games, multiple awards and nominations game design game production metrics & user testmonetization consultant
  4. 4. www.QuarterSpiral.com
  5. 5. www.QuarterSpiral.com
  6. 6. www.QuarterSpiral.com
  7. 7. www.QuarterSpiral.com desired takeaways what do you want to get out of this session?
  8. 8. www.QuarterSpiral.com better freemium design better communication my motivation for giving this talk
  9. 9. www.QuarterSpiral.com
  10. 10. www.QuarterSpiral.com
  11. 11. www.QuarterSpiral.com
  12. 12. www.QuarterSpiral.com KingsRoad by Rumble Entertainment
  13. 13. www.QuarterSpiral.com
  14. 14. www.QuarterSpiral.com
  15. 15. www.QuarterSpiral.com
  16. 16. www.QuarterSpiral.com
  17. 17. www.QuarterSpiral.com emotion is key
  18. 18. www.QuarterSpiral.com
  19. 19. www.QuarterSpiral.com
  20. 20. www.QuarterSpiral.com
  21. 21. www.QuarterSpiral.com
  22. 22. www.QuarterSpiral.com
  23. 23. www.QuarterSpiral.com
  24. 24. www.QuarterSpiral.com
  25. 25. www.QuarterSpiral.com emotion is key
  26. 26. www.QuarterSpiral.com
  27. 27. www.QuarterSpiral.com “I'm one of those guys who has a voice constantly jabbering at him in his head. And it's usually not very pleasant things that voice is saying. And the games have that way short of having any chemical alterations to quiet that voice. I find it very relaxing and centering to play them.” Ken Levine on the Active Design podcast
  28. 28. www.QuarterSpiral.com Farmville 2 by Zynga relief
  29. 29. www.QuarterSpiral.com Clash of Clans by SuperCell relief
  30. 30. www.QuarterSpiral.com Injustice: Gods Among Us by NetherRealm curiosity
  31. 31. www.QuarterSpiral.com Bubble Witch Saga by King.com accomplishment
  32. 32. www.QuarterSpiral.com Bubble Witch Saga by King.com accomplishment
  33. 33. www.QuarterSpiral.com Bubble Witch Saga by King.com accomplishment
  34. 34. www.QuarterSpiral.com Puzzle & Dragons by GungHo pride
  35. 35. www.QuarterSpiral.com The Last: Stand Dead Zone by Con Artist Games exhilaration
  36. 36. www.QuarterSpiral.com Bejeweled Blitz by PopCap mastery
  37. 37. www.QuarterSpiral.com Bejeweled Blitz by PopCap mastery
  38. 38. www.QuarterSpiral.com Bejeweled Blitz by PopCap mastery
  39. 39. www.QuarterSpiral.com framework
  40. 40. www.QuarterSpiral.com general monetization framework • identify the core loop • identify emotions you wish to monetize • identify opportunities to monetize the core loop • make the ability to spend money present
  41. 41. www.QuarterSpiral.com evaluating smb3
  42. 42. www.QuarterSpiral.com evaluating smb3
  43. 43. www.QuarterSpiral.com evaluating smb3
  44. 44. www.QuarterSpiral.com evaluating smb3
  45. 45. www.QuarterSpiral.com evaluating smb3
  46. 46. www.QuarterSpiral.com evaluating smb3
  47. 47. www.QuarterSpiral.com super mario bros. 3 World Choose branching levels, play mini games Sink time Tap items Platform Finish the obstacle course before time runs out Sink lives, items Tap lives Gate Lives Gate Boss castles PayGate:$5
  48. 48. www.QuarterSpiral.com delight We can build off of the slightly linear nature of Super Mario Bros. 3 to build a system dependent upon earning stars instead of pure level completion to unlock new areas and abilities. Taking queues from games like Candy Crush Saga and Jetpack Joyride, we will build in systems of achievement that will motivate players to use a variety of consumable boosts. Super Mario Bros. 3 is a masterclass in surprise and delight. The player is introduced to novelties throughout the game that keeps the experience constantly fresh. In order to monetize emotion, we will introduce elements like a crafting system that allows the player to unlock new characters for use with slightly different powers which allow for more novelty. achievement
  49. 49. www.QuarterSpiral.com metastructure changes • Each level is a social leaderboard • Earn 1 to 3 stars per level based on score • [bonus stars for completing w/other characters] • Unlock new worlds based on star totals add achievement focus and social competition to game to allow for monetization
  50. 50. www.QuarterSpiral.com time based elements • Lives regen at 1 per 30 minutes • Mini games are playable 1 per 24 hours • EOL reward pays out once 1 per 24 hours • Add new daily scratcher return mechanic add time based gating to encourage daily returns
  51. 51. www.QuarterSpiral.com coins as currency • Coins no longer grant free life at 100 • Spend coins on entrance to mini games • Spend coins to buy consumables pre level • Spend coins to buy mystery box of craft components • Spend coins to complete crafting tasks players can grind for coins, but can purchase them in packages for $$$
  52. 52. www.QuarterSpiral.com toad the craftsman • EOL reward and Toad mini games grant craftables ✦ Scripted, public facing payout for each • Craftables + gold turned in for consumables • Rare craftables + gold to unlock new characters ✦ Princess Peach, Luigi, Donkey Kong, Samus, Link, Wario... crafting will be the major coin sink
  53. 53. www.QuarterSpiral.com standard requirements • Starter pack for straight cash ($20 of value for $5) • Boost upsell dialog before entering each level • Contextual upsell on not enough coins, out of lives • Notifications standard elements to make purchasing and returns present
  54. 54. www.QuarterSpiral.com new feature - survival mode • A weekly high score challenge • Randomly generated level • Receive rewards based on making certain distances • Costs coins to enter • New level/refreshed leaderboard each week coin sink + a piece of infinitely replayable content to keep players engaged
  55. 55. www.QuarterSpiral.com super mario bros. 3 World Choose branching levels, play mini games, craft Sink time, coins, craftables Tap boosts, craftables Platform Finish the obstacle course before time runs out Sink lives, consumables Tap coins, craftables Gate Lives Gate Stars earned crafting lives consumablesmini games characters
  56. 56. www.QuarterSpiral.com on accessibility
  57. 57. www.QuarterSpiral.com Dragon Age Legends by BioWare ease of access
  58. 58. www.QuarterSpiral.com Dragon Age Legends by BioWare ease of access
  59. 59. www.QuarterSpiral.com War Commander by KixEye be present
  60. 60. www.QuarterSpiral.com Zuma Blitz by PopCap teach spending
  61. 61. www.QuarterSpiral.com Zuma Blitz by PopCap teach spending
  62. 62. www.QuarterSpiral.com Zuma Blitz by PopCap teach spending
  63. 63. www.QuarterSpiral.com Zuma Blitz by PopCap teach spending
  64. 64. www.QuarterSpiral.com Zuma Blitz by PopCap teach spending
  65. 65. www.QuarterSpiral.com Zuma Blitz by PopCap teach spending
  66. 66. www.QuarterSpiral.com unleash your power
  67. 67. www.QuarterSpiral.com Temple Run by Imangi Studios possibility of infinite monetization
  68. 68. www.QuarterSpiral.com
  69. 69. www.QuarterSpiral.com social elder game Life is Crime by Red Robot Labs
  70. 70. www.QuarterSpiral.com luxury goods
  71. 71. www.QuarterSpiral.com currency package pricing The Last Stand: Dead Zone by Con Artist Games
  72. 72. www.QuarterSpiral.com Fifa Ultimate Team by EA weekly events
  73. 73. www.QuarterSpiral.com theory into practice
  74. 74. www.QuarterSpiral.com • Classic score based arena shooter re-imagined for Mobile • Bite sized levels played for high score • Compete against friends’ scores, earn achievements and medals smash tv saga
  75. 75. www.QuarterSpiral.com x statement • Single sentence that describes the essence of the game • “Razor” used to make decisions • Punchy & memorable Meaningless X statement Return of the arcade classic Meaningful X statement Compete and cooperate in an over the top, reality TV shooter.
  76. 76. www.QuarterSpiral.com analogs, antilogs and leaps of faith • Idea taken from Getting to Plan B • Analogs: successful games you want to be like • Antilogs: similar games you want to avoid • Leaps of faith: elements unproven in the marketplace
  77. 77. www.QuarterSpiral.com smash tv analogs • Ratchet and Clank ✦ Leveling weapons ✦ Fast and furious gunplay • Bubble Witch Saga ✦ Short, rewarding levels ✦ Leader board competition ✦ Earned currency and boosts
  78. 78. www.QuarterSpiral.com smash tv antilogs ✦ Smash TV Arcade ✦ Don’t be a quarter monster ✦ Engagement not frustration ✦ Simcity Social ✦ Social network integrity ✦ Multiplayer not friend gating
  79. 79. www.QuarterSpiral.com leap of faith mobile/tablet CRAVE synchronous multiplayer
  80. 80. www.QuarterSpiral.com monetization philosophy doc • Identify player types • Identify a small # of monetization emotions (2-3) • Don’t try and do everything, make a small number of distinct choices • Each emotion should be a razor you use in the future to evaluate monetization moments • Razors are used when writing feature briefs • Define core loop, sinks and taps
  81. 81. www.QuarterSpiral.com Smash TV Saga has multiple achievement systems to entice the player. Each level, he can earn a number of predetermined levels. In addition, there is a global achievement system similar to XBLA. Points earned by completing achievements and earning medals are used to purchase powerful weapon upgrades. dominance Smash TV Saga is a score based game where each level is a unique leaderboard that the player competes to dominate against his friends. Leaderboards are heavily emphasized in game: they are shown before and after levels, in-game notifications show when you’ve passed a friends score and the game encourages you to brag on your friend’s wall after topping his score. achievement
  82. 82. www.QuarterSpiral.com core loop • Simple diagram that lays out core experience • What are the sinks (player spends consumable)? • What are the taps (player earns consumable)? • What are the gates (what gates progress in each section of the game)?
  83. 83. www.QuarterSpiral.com smash tv saga Kill Kill hordes of enemies Sink ammo, time Tap stars, money, xp Guns Purchase and upgrade Sink gold, stars Tap guns, ammo Gate Player level Gate Lifetime Stars
  84. 84. www.QuarterSpiral.com feature brief • High concept • Success metric ✦ Monetization, engagement, virality, retention, quality • Single screen mock up • Sinks and Taps • Description
  85. 85. www.QuarterSpiral.com proposed feature - smash pad • During each round the player picks up money and home goods • In between levels, the player can visit his SmashPad to decorate it with items earned • The player’s friend can visit his SmashPad, choosing to “Bro Out” or “Blow Out” • Monetization: The player can buy premium home goods using the game’s purchased currency.
  86. 86. www.QuarterSpiral.com using our razor •Feature rejected! • Proven mechanic – houses in Sims Social • Based on emotion – Jealousy/Vanity • Social interaction with “Bro Out” vs “Blow Out” • Does not map to our key emotions.
  87. 87. www.QuarterSpiral.com proposed feature - phone a friend • In level, there are buttons to “Phone a Friend” • Each type is a super ability with a cooldown time • Example: “Lifeline” fills you to 200% health • Using “Phone a Friend” costs a Smash Token • Smash Tokens are earned on level up, but can also be purchased in large quantities
  88. 88. www.QuarterSpiral.com using our razor •Feature accepted! • Super abilities will help the player earn high scores • Super abilities will help the player earn medals • Super abilities are consumable based • Super abilities are available to free and paying players
  89. 89. www.QuarterSpiral.com forecasting
  90. 90. www.QuarterSpiral.com
  91. 91. www.QuarterSpiral.com
  92. 92. www.QuarterSpiral.com
  93. 93. www.QuarterSpiral.com
  94. 94. www.QuarterSpiral.com Gasketball by mikengreg
  95. 95. www.QuarterSpiral.com Punch Quest by Rocket Cat Games
  96. 96. www.QuarterSpiral.com ask yourself • How many players will I get? • How many will convert to payers? • What LTV do I expect from the average player? • How much will I pay to platform holders?
  97. 97. www.QuarterSpiral.com super simple forecast
  98. 98. www.QuarterSpiral.com http://apps.facebook.com/forecastquest forecast quest
  99. 99. www.QuarterSpiral.com continue the conversation... • Tools and templates blog.quarterspiral.com • Follow @QuarterSpiral • Contact ethan@quarterspiral.com