9 industry sector hotel
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9 industry sector hotel



based on the book MICE by Ms Chloe Lau

based on the book MICE by Ms Chloe Lau
School of Hotel & Tourism Management
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University



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9 industry sector hotel Presentation Transcript

  • 2. LEARNING OBJECTIVES • Describe how the different sectors of the tourism industry are involvedin hosting MICE • Identify the roles of different types of hotels • Look at the contribution of MICE to hotels
  • 3. ROLES OF HOTELS1. Accommodation and meals 3. Facilities for associated receptions, banquets and□ When all the activities of the support events convention are held elsewhere □ When some of the convention activities are held elsewhere and delegates stay in other hotels2. Accommodation, meals, 4. Inclusive residential seminar rooms for conferences and meetings supplementary sessions □ All the activities related to the convention are held andWhen the major convention is delegates stay at the same held elsewhere hotel
  • 4. 9.1.1 FACILITIES• The facilities in a hotel vary in size and set-up, ranging from a small meeting room for 10 people to a large theatre for thousands.• Different types of facilities can be suitable for the different functions of a MICE event.
  • 5. 9.1.2 ACCOMMODATION1. When delegates and their 2. When delegates and their entourages stay in the same hotel entourages stay in other hotels where the convention activities where the convention activities are held: are held, the hotel which holds□ Large hotels can take advantage by the main activity should: housing all related activities (in □ Provide a range of choices the case of a convention), □ Keep in close contact with including all accommodation and other hotels and the main food and beverage services convention venue 3. When delegates and their entourages stay in the hotel while all the convention-related activities are held in other venues such as a convention and exhibition centre: □ The hotel and main event venue must keep in close contact
  • 6. 9.1.3. Types of Hotel
  • 7. 9.1.4. Large Properties vs. Small Properties□ Large properties □ Smaller properties o can cater to a wider range o can take advantage of of MICE activities, from nearby convention and small corporate meetings of exhibition centres 30 to international by hosting all food and association conventions of beverage functions such as 1,000 banquets and housing o tend to host international supplementary sessions MICE activities such as small talks o tend to hold local MICE activities such as local corporate meetings and small local shows
  • 8. 9.2. Food and Beverage • Other than supplying meals such as breakfasts, lunches, afternoon teas and dinner banquets for different sessions included in a MICE event programme, a hotel can also provide delegates and entourages with food and beverages through its restaurants, cafes and coffee shops, as well as through room service.
  • 9. 9.3. Hotel Contribution□ MICE accounts for up to 65% of total sales in major hotels□ MICE attendees tend to use other hotels services, such as restaurants□ Spouses and entourages bring in additional business□ MICE events allow a hotel to forecast advance bookings and can help fill gaps during low seasons□ MICE customers have an excellent chance of becoming repeat guests