Architectural Design Precedent Studies


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One of the first projects in my Spatial Design course which introduced fundamental principles of architectural disciplines and research. This project not only enhanced my understandings but also expanded my interests in this field of studies.

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Architectural Design Precedent Studies

  1. 1. Bjarke INGELS Scott Horsfall Andy Kuan Erik Ross
  2. 2. PLOT Architecture group co-founded by IngelsBIG Ingels Group Bjarke Created after PLOT was disbanded in 2006KiBiSi Created in 2009 along with Lars Holme Larsen from Kilo Design and Jens Martin Skibsted from Skibsted Ideation
  3. 3. VALUES YES IS MORE By saying yes to everybody, more interesting and demanding schemes are developed, rather than saying no and focus on one requirement. EVOLUTION, NOT REVOLUTION Ideas gradually evolve by adapting and improvising to the changes of the world. PROCESS A great idea may not provide the best solution. However, it may be the right answer for other questions, so it is never wise to throw anything away.
  4. 4. THEMESARCHITECTURE ALCHEMY Idea that by mixing traditional ingredients, when you combine them, they become gold.SUSTAINABILITY Focus on designing buildings where sustainability increases the quality of life.
  5. 5. VM HOUSE
  6. 6. “The second break was when we completed theVM House... That was real credibility - andgaining credibility is a major element inallowing you to do what you want to do.”
  7. 7. “We try to maximize the social qualities of different projects. We alsoask ourselves why you would ever want to move there. Maybe we couldprovide something that wasn’t available anywhere else.”
  9. 9. “When you make architecture, you don’t cut the mountainout of a block of marble, you put together a lot of existingsystems. It’s about how you put things together, how youcurate all the different things from the catalogue togetherin a new way that makes it original.”
  10. 10. “It’s the idea that you combine the suburban lifestyle - a house with agarden - with an urban Danish context. You put something that is normallykept separate, like a parking building and a residential building, andcombine them so it transforms all the apartments into penthouses. Oncewe put those forces into play, the actual architecture was almost just aconsequence. It became quite easy. There are always a lot of problems youhave to solve, but in a way, it’s like you just discover the architecture.”
  12. 12. “The design of the National Library combines four universal archetypes across space and time into a new national symbol: the circle, the rotunda, the arch and the yurt are merged into the form of a Moebius strip. The clarity of the circle, the courtyard of the rotunda, the gateway of the arch and the soft silhouette of the yurt are combined to create a new national monument appearing local and universal, contemporary and timeless, unique and archetypal at the same time.”Perfect Circle Public Spiral Möbius Strip
  13. 13. “Rather than choosing between the practical or the ideal – westrive towards a pragmatic utopian architecture that turnsmaking the world a better place into a practical objective.”
  14. 14. “Architecture is the means, not the end. It’s a means of making different lifeforms possible. Since the planet is populated by billions of people that alllive differently — we prioritize things differently; we believe in different gods;we have different standpoints — architecture, and the city, has to be able toaccommodate this incredible variety. Therefore, I think architecture is rarelythe product of a single ideology. It’s more like it can be shaped by a really bigidea. It can accommodate a lot of life forms.”
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