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This is a presentation of some Web 2.0 tools being used by teachers in the HWDSB. This was made at an OASBO conference on Feb 26th, 2010. The content is fairly generic as I did live demonstrations along with the supporting slides.

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  • OASBO Web 2.0 Presentation

    1. 1. LEVERAGING WEB 2.0 So much stuff... so little time! Paul Hatala Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board
    2. 2. WE ARE THE WEB...
    3. 3. TODAY’S TOOLS Polleverywhere.com Google Docs Evernote PBWorks Jing & Audacity Slideshare.net Toodledo Dropbox
    4. 4. CLOUD COMPUTING Information is stored in the “cloud” The cloud is just an offsite server Double edged sword; convenience vs access/ security
    5. 5. POLLEVERYWHERE Free version allows you to create polls for up to 30 responses Can vote via text message, web browser or Twitter Responses can be downloaded
    6. 6. GOOGLE DOCS Word processing, spreadsheets, presentations and forms Documents can be shared with others to allow realtime editing Saves in common formats (.doc, .xls, .ppt) Revision history allows you to see edits that have been made
    7. 7. EVERNOTE Great for research (collect as you go) Maintains the links that exist in a web document Allows you to create notes (written, pics, web clippings) There is both a desktop application as well as a web- based service You can share the notebooks with others
    8. 8. PBWORKS Wiki site Great for creating flexible “notes” Revision history maintained (for revision) Can link content to students via login ID
    9. 9. JING/AUDACITY Great tools for creating content quickly Jing is a basic screen capture tool that allows you to voice over as you work on your computer Audacity allows you to record audio to create podcasts Both are freeware
    10. 10. SLIDESHARE.NET Allows you to post PowerPoint documents to be shared Can also post word files, PDFs, etc.
    12. 12. TOODLEDO Online ToDo list creator Lists can also be opened on an iTouch or iPhone Can set notifications or alerts when a ToDo item is coming up All stored on the “cloud”
    13. 13. DROPBOX Online file-sharing system Files that are shared are “dropped” onto your desktop Doesn’t require a constant connection to have access to your files Can access files from any computer than is connected
    14. 14. SAFETY CONSIDERATIONS Who own’s the data? What happens when you aren’t able to get online? What if the data is lost/destroyed? What if your account is “hacked”?
    15. 15. INSPIRATION...
    16. 16. FOR MORE INFORMATION Paul Hatala hatalap@mcmaster.ca OR paul.hatala@hwdsb.on.ca