Gippsland Region E-Mentor Project introduction Junita and Leo

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This is the first presentation from E-Mentor program for Gippsland

This is the first presentation from E-Mentor program for Gippsland

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  • Appshare the survey
  • Help them Set up a blog
  • Help them Set up a blog


  • 1. ACFE e-mentor program
    Gippsland Region
    Webinar 1
    Preparing for the Journey
    First things First – Audio wizard setup
  • 2. Outline of Today Session
    Getting to know Blackboard Collaborate
    Communication in Bb – chat, audio/video
    What are its main features – moderators, loading documents, participants, interactive whiteboard
    Professional development for the next 12 months – What are our workshop offerings
    Your tasks to complete
    Complete survey
    Nominate a day for site visit/workshop
    Set up a blog to record your ACFE experiences
  • 3. Participants panel
    • Interact with emoticons
    • 4. Let us know when you are away
    • 5. Poll
    • 6. Raise your hand
  • Profiles
    Text chat panel
    • Send text
    • 7. Send private text
  • Chat
    Private chat
    Send Text
  • 8. Audio / video panel
  • 9. Video
    Multiple video
  • 10. Interactive Whiteboard
    • Use the text tool
    • 11. Use the pointer
  • Whiteboard
    • Practice using the tools here
  • Managing participants
  • 12. Loading content
    Load slides
    Load a file
    Move slides
    Managing slides
  • 13. What we will be offering you
    • Blackboard Collaborate/ Skype
    • 14. Social networking
    • 15. e-learning resources
    • 16. Cloud Computing
    • 17. Communities of Practice + PLN
    • 18. Moodle / Blogs / Wiki
    Use the following rating scale: A – Complete novice – no idea at all! B – Know a little bit – enough to talk about it C – Moderate level of competence – I know the basics D – Reasonably confident in this area - I can help others E – High level of competence - very confident
  • 19. First Steps Complete Survey
    Explain your personal elearning goals.
    Explain your organisation'selearning goal.
    • Share with your echampion and ementor by answering the Survey
    • 20. Link to survey
  • Register a day for your site visit
    We will use doodle to register for these events
  • Prepare your action Plan in a Blog
    Consider your personal and organisational needs for elearning
    Draft your personal and organisation's
    e-learning goals
    • Identify your e-learning skills and tools
    • 21. Set Up a Blog
    • 22. edublogs
  • Would you prefer evening online sessions
    The Australia Series invites you to join us Thursday nights for free webinars about Web 2.0
    Free PD from Microsoft just for e-leaders
    Go to IT Academy Student Portal
    Accept terms and Conditions
    Paste the following code in access code box 9333-ACFE-7260
    Sign in with Live ID
    You should now see the courses on offer