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2bstory(company profile)eng

  1. 1. 2BSTORY is a growing enterprise with your brand power. Our major servicearea is viral marketing based on online marketing tools such as SNS andblog. We will play a crucial role in forming positive public opinion about yourbrand.
  2. 2. Yahoo to withdraw from KoreaYahoo Korea said Friday that it will shut down its business in Korea and halt its local Internet portal service in December. It will be thecompany’s first Asian shutdown.The decision came because the Korean unit of the U.S.-headquartered company has been struggling to stay afloat due to heatedcompetition from local rivals NHN and Daum.In a statement, Yahoo said the company has faced several challenges in the past couple of years and decided to pull out of the Koreanbusiness to put more resources on the global business and become more powerful and successful.“Yahoo is seriously tasked with bringing a drastic change to a much smaller and profitable company amid faster-moving rivals such asGoogle and Facebook. Yahoo will focus on other Asian markets but not in South Korea,’’ said Park Hae-dong, the head of publicrelations office at Yahoo Korea, by telephone.With the money saved from the closure of its Korean office, Yahoo decided to set up a joint venture with Yahoo Japan and Kakao TalkJapan for mobile businesses in the neighboring country.Park stressed the decision was made by its headquarters based in Sunnyvale, California, the United States and added that somehundreds of its officials in Korea will follow the company-led new job searching programs with proper compensation.Yahoo started its Korean business in 1997.“I can say the shutdown decision was a part of Yahoo’s global restructuring efforts. Yahoo is facing several challenges in the pastcouple of years,’’ said Park.Industry officials said the decision was no surprise because Yahoo failed to create revenue, here, due to competition from local portalgiant NHN, the operator of Naver, and Daum.Until the early 2000s, Yahoo Korea was the leader in the local portal market on the back of Yahoo’s then stronger global brand. But as ofthe end of September this year, Yahoo’s share in Korea was less than 5 percent.“That’s why Yahoo Korea has been closing its money-losing services such as map- and web cartoon-related ones. There were nobusiness updates over the past few months,’’ said a Yahoo official, asking not to be identified.The departure of Yahoo Korea comes a year after another local portal Paran exited from the market due to falling profits. NHN’s Navercontrols 70 percent of the local portal market, followed by Daum and Nate.SK Communications, which is the operator of the Nate portal, has recently announced a voluntary job retirement program as part of acompany-wide restructuring initiative.“Local portal companies are in trouble. Without a faster transition toward next business models, even leading portal companies won’tsurvive in the future,’’ said an official from Daum.yckim@koreatimes.co.kr
  3. 3. • Yahoo withdraw their Korean business in 15 years.• It costs 94,000,000 dollars for Yahoo to withdraw from Korea.• The only country where Google can’t win the first place.• In Korea, native internet enterprises have strong power.• The highest high-speed internet penetration rate in the world.• The highest WiBro penetration rate in the world.• The highest smartphone penetration rate in the world.• Many foreign companies fail marketing and installation in Korea.• Plenty of SNS users live in Korea
  4. 4. • To do business in Korea, you need a partner which has good grasp ofKorean business conditions and situations of foreign companies.• 2bstory’s CEO had worked for HP KOREA for 12 years, and vice-CEOworked for 10 years in a Japanese company.• The company having the best understanding of “Naver”, and SEOusable can succeed in Korean on-line marketing.• 2bstory understands distinctiveness of Korean SNS well.• 2bstory takes part in Korean public procurement service’s bidding.• We are the best partner you can trust .
  5. 5. Company 2Bstory co., Ltd Personnel Full-time 15, Part-time 3 People with research, design, contentHomepage www.2bstory.com production skills 1-604 Ace Techno Tower, Mullae-dong 3-ga, Yeongdeungpo-go, Seoul, KoreaAddress T. 070-8676-7370 F. 02-3439-2533 Blog Marketing Customer Community Planning Administration Viral Marketing Event Planning /Agencies Design Major Busin ess Viral Mobile App Making Corporate Image Administration 6
  6. 6. Experience-sheafBrand Marketing Marketing• Blog Marketing • Power Bloggers• Viral Marketing • General Consumer• Cafe Marketing • College students• Video Marketing • Offline Events agency• SNS Marketing 2B Homepage STORY Mobile App Making Making• Homepage Making • Mobile Homepage• Shoppingmall Making • Facebook APP• Events page Making • Android • IOS 7
  7. 7. Brand Blog Facebook Operating Making/Operating Meta Blog Marketing agency agency Twitter Operating Corporate Online Crisis UCC Making agency Management SEO Multimedia Marketing Me2day Marketing (Search Engine(WebToon/PhotoToon) Optimization) Local Information Opencast Marketing Cafe Marketing Marketing Mobile APP Making Homepage Making ShoppingMall Making Facebook APP Making Radio AdvertisingNewspaper/ Magazine LinkedIn Operating Making (KOBACO Advertising Making agency Enrollment Supplier) Site Domain Rising RelationIntellectual Marketing Search/AutoComplete Marketing MarketingShoppingMall / Open Social Enterprises Small Business Market Consulting Consulting Consulting
  8. 8. NHIC(National Health Fair Trade CommissionHAAN Domestic science Insurance Corporation) WONJIN Beauty Medical SIMMONS BED LG U + Group MIFAFF(Ministry for Food, KOSAD(Korea SportsAgriculture, Foresty and Fisheries) Association for the Disabled) CJ Conglomerates WONANDWON Cheonggugyeonghui SBS Academy CO.,Ltd(박가부대) Oriental medicine clinic HanmiParsons (Listing Baeoom Cyber School TaeChang Paros company) of Continuing Education SANGSIN EDP (Listing INNOBIZ SBS Drama company) (Innovation Association) SMBA(Small and Dr.4U Plastic surgery Gwangju Jongro EDU Medium Business Administration) SEDA(Small Enterprise Jungchul English Topclass academy Development Agency) 9
  9. 9. • Official agency of Senior establishment at Small and Medium Business Administration public relations• Official agency of One-person created enterprise business center Rehoboth corp. public relations• Promote event celebrating 50000th download for business village Small and medium business administration• Ministry of food, agriculture, forestry, and fisheries Rice museum “Rice diet official reviewer”• Starbucks Korea „2011 summer new menu reviewers‟• CJ Food-vill „VIPS‟ new menu official reviewers• Review Daishin securities‟ Meet the Mr. Balance 4th Nawa area coexistence balance• Review Cheil industries‟ smartphone case, IZALL• Recruit LG U + twitter for Korean “Waggle” official supporters• Official book reviewer “We go to heaven to work” written by Kim Jong-hoon, chairman of Hanmi global• Manage Kyoungbuk Sungju Sinsunan experience farm famtour reviewers• Manage Kangwon DMZ famtour reviewers• Prof Kam Dong-gyu, Europe travel expert „Europe culture visit experience youth‟ public relations• „Social leadership‟ book reviewer• Review Incheon Sinpo international Market Famtour
  10. 10. name address Mobile and appDiptyque April http://www.facebook.com/diptyquekorea/app_248828705213294Diptyque June http://www.facebook.com/diptyquekorea/app_423298431037605Daegu metropolitan police agency http://www.facebook.com/daegupol/app_426851640659338Cj http://www.facebook.com/Petitzel/app_193539200765293National tax service http://www.facebook.com/ntsKorea/app_425841134095817Defense Acquisition ProgramAdministration http://www.facebook.com/dapa.Korea/app_235247323247805 http://www.facebook.com/pages/JackDaniels-Jackdaniel korea/278165345597211?sk=app_115540871903619NKB card http://www.facebook.com/PowerKBcard/app_409272729094158Human mind research http://www.facebook.com/cosmosapps/app_138060752996250 http://apps.facebook.com/psytestingNational Health insurance corporation http://www.facebook.com/nhicsns/app_309126295847840National Health insurance corporation http://www.facebook.com/nhicsns/app_385144161543803National Health insurance corporation http://www.facebook.com/nhicsns/app_149088461892202Yes card http://www.facebook.com/kebcard/app_403936832981933CJ http://www.facebook.com/condition.hgs/app_336734026396086National Health insurance corporation http://www.facebook.com/nhicsns/app_191550514305386National Health insurance corporation http://www.facebook.com/nhicsns/app_252865704824395Woori card http://www.facebook.com/wooricard/app_397456650319088Cosmos app http://www.facebook.com/cosmosapps/app_150422558427329 http://apps.facebook.com/todo_vacation http://apps.facebook.com/solo_psytestiHuman mind research http://www.facebook.com/cosmosapps/app_247871558657757 ngKeb http://www.facebook.com/koexbank.page/app_383105911746261 http://apps.facebook.com/kebcashSmile talent bank http://www.facebook.com/woorichon/app_170357489755945
  11. 11. Analysis of Social Voice, the monitoring SW can be utilized to various area. Social Voice can be used not only to collect information on companies, brand, products, people, and issue but also to help various business activities Monitoring Reporting* It is possible to collect fresh voices from customers with reasonable cost. Monitor netizens‟ opinion on company and brand Measure effect of event /promotion Manage crisis through early detection of negative issue Analyze response on newly released brand /product Monitor comparative analysis with rivals Survey of enterprise, party, and people Monitor existing product(service) satisfaction/improvement/complaint Analyze netizens‟ opinion on issue Analyze response and opinion on new product(service)
  12. 12. Able to monitor data from news, twitter, blog, and facebook in real time
  13. 13. Inquire to contact with1.Inquiry manager advertiser Advertiser‟s Overhead operations2.Proposal service choice (design, open ad media etc.) Proceed with Work on each3.Execution media marketing4.Report Weekly report Monthly report
  14. 14. • e-mail : help@2bstory.comMarketing • Tel : 1688-3607 • e-mail : design@2bstory.com Design • Tel : 1688-3295 Choi, Joon-young Shin, Su-jeongcjy@2bstory.com ssj@2bstory.com070-8676-7373 070-8676-7137 • blog/community/SNS• contract manager • consumer review & power• marketing & news manager blogger• design manager • contents high rank exposure