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What is ism code
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  • 1. ISM CodeISM CodeWhat is the ISM Code?What is the ISM Code?June ShweJune Shwe
  • 2. Safety ManagementSafety ManagementObjectivesObjectives(A) Safety management objectives of the Companyshould:1)Provide for safe practices in ship operation and asafe working environment;2)Assess all identified risks to its ships, personnel andthe environment and establish appropriatesafeguards; and3)Continuously improve safety management skills ofpersonnel ashore and aboard ships, includingpreparing for emergencies related both to safety andenvironmental protection.
  • 3. Objectives of the CodeObjectives of the Code(B) The objectives of the Code are:■to ensure safety at sea,■prevention of human injury or loss of life, and■avoidance of damage to the environment,■in particular to the marine environment and toproperty.
  • 4. Designated PersonDesignated Person(C) The designated person should verify and monitor allsafety and pollution prevention activities in the operationof each ship. This monitoring should include, at least,the following internal processes:.1 communication and implementation of the safetyand environmental protection policy;.2 evaluation and review of the effectiveness of thesafety management system;.3 reporting and analysis of non-conformities,accidents and hazardous occurrences;.4 organizing and monitoring of internal audits;.5 appropriate revisions to the SMS; and.6 ensuring that adequate resources and shorebased support are provided.
  • 5. Safely Management CertificateSafely Management Certificate (D) Safely Management Certificate means:a document issued to a ship which signifies thatthe Company and its shipboard managementoperate in accordance with the approved safetymanagement system. Document of Compliance means: a documentissued to a Company which complies with therequirements of this Code.
  • 6. Non-conformityNon-conformity(E) Non-conformity means: an observed situationwhere objective evidence indicates thenon-fulfilment of a specified requirement.
  • 7. Major non-conformityMajor non-conformity(F) Major non-conformity means:� an identifiable deviationthat poses a serious threat tothe safety of personnel or the ship or� a serious risk to the environmentthat requires immediate corrective action or� the lack of effective and systematicimplementation of a requirement of thisCode.
  • 8. ObservationObservation(G) Observation means:a statement of fact made during a safetymanagement audit and substantiated by objectiveevidence.
  • 9. The EndThe End
  • 10. The EndThe End