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One of the best things about boating is the fact
that there are many boats designed for many
different activities. For the majority of boaters,
a general purpose craft that serves as a fish, ski,
and picnic boat is ideal.

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  1. 1. ==== ====Would you like to pick up a boat at a bargin price? then go here. ====Buying A Used BoatThose of you who have the money and plan to keepone boat forever, should buy it new. If you happento be on a budget and skeptical about owning aboat, you should buy it used.Buying used is great for some, although it isntalways the most glamorous decision. The oceansand lakes are filled with boaters who are farwealthier than most. Many boaters go well beyondtheir means and finance their boats at extremelevels.What really counts with a used boat is being outthere on the water. Someone who is out thereevery weekend on his beat up boat is a greatboater. A businessman who only has time to rideon his 60 foot yacht once or twice a year isntconsidered a boater at all.If you look around the water, youll se that thelittle boats are the ones that move, while thebig boats are the ones that never move. Thosethat are too busy earning money and never havethe time to go boating shouldnt really have aboat at all.New boats can lose half of their value in lessthan 2 years. With a used boat, the previousowner has already fixed the problems that areassociated with new boats. The previous ownerhas also already hassled with the dealer to getthe warranty service taken care of.A used boat normally hasnt be used very muchat all. A boat will sit a majority of the time,which is nothing like a used car. You can findmany boats with less than a couple hundreds hoursof engine time. For the sake of comparison,look at how many hours are on the engine of your
  2. 2. car.A used boat will already have scratches anddings, so you wont feel half as bad when youadd a few of your own. When you purchase yourused boat, you should leave at least a grand tooutfit the boat and make any necessary repairs.A used boat will normally come with dock lines,life jackets, spare props, a radio, safetyequipment, and other nice additions. New boatowners will have to pay hundreds of dollarsfor these kinds of things.The wild card is, of course, whether or not theprevious boat owner did the proper maintenanceof the boat. Prior to buying you should alwaysget the boat surveyed to be sure that its inreasonable condition. This way, youll knowyour getting a great used boat.(word count 420)PPPPP==== ====Would you like to pick up a boat at a bargin price? then go here. ====