Council on legislation 2013


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Council on legislation 2013

  1. 1. Summary of the Council on Legislation decisions of 2013 PREPARED BY PDG TAM MUSTAPHA, RLI INTERNATIONAL VICE-CHAIR The COL met in Chicago from April 21st to 26, 2013. Here is the summary. I have grouped those enactments into 3 sections - first what is pertinent to clubs, second mostly for district leadership and third for RI directors and board. 1. Pertaining To Clubs - Every club must circulate the club report (Semi- annual report SAR) to all its members - The club secretary shall be a board member - A candidate for the office of club president shall have served at least one year in that club as a member before being nominated -- exceptions can be made by the DG) - Any former member of a club shall not be required to pay an admission fee if joining the club for the second time - Attendance requirement can be met for any service project or any other activities or events by that club - Termination for lack of attendance - the language was changed from “shall” to “may” be subject to termination - Medical leave can be extended beyond 12 months and it shall not be considered as an unexcused absence
  2. 2. - In the rule of 85 (for excused absences) the lower age limit was taken out. Now it is total of 85 with any age (person’s age plus years of membership) - Excused absences (under subsection 3A) are not reported as absences - A partner/spouse shall be excused for attendance if that partner is attending the duties of being a partner of a current RI officer - A Satellite club is a potential club whose members shall also be members of the sponsor club - A club can include people who have interrupted their work or never worked in order to take care of the children (an exception from the requirement of employment for a classification) - When terminating a member the vote should be no less than 2/3 of the board members present and voting - A current or former member of a club is supposed to get a statement from the previous club about any money owed to them before being accepted to the new club. If the new club does not get the statement in spite of the request properly made even after 30 days, then that will be taken as no money owed - Honorary members shall be entitled to wear Rotary emblems, badge or any other insignia of RI so long as the member holds honorary membership - There is no limit to the number of e clubs a district can have The board of e club can determine the locality of an eclub, otherwise it is worldwide
  3. 3. - Any member all over the world can now choose to get Rotary magazine electronically rather than printed version - The International per capita dues will be automatically increased 50 cents every half year until it is changed by the COL The good news is now there is no minimum membership requirement for paying the dues to RI by the clubs (the requirement for chartering remains the same). Also a club can request to reduce or postpone the dues to be paid to RI when there is a natural disaster that has caused sustained or serious damage to the locality 2. Pertaining To Districts - The district assembly is going to be called District Training Assembly for Club leaders - All votes from a club will be cast as a single vote - The fifth avenue of service is now going to be called Youth Service and not New Generations - The qualifications for a PDG to be on the nominating committee for director can be changed by a district vote conducted properly - The duties of the Governor now include ensuring that the constitution and bylaws of the clubs comply with the R.I. constitutional documents especially following COL meetings
  4. 4. - The district governor nominated before he/she would be the governor-nominee will be called governor- designate followed by the year until becoming governor-nominee - For governor nominee, if voting by ballot-by mail, then each club will get one ballot - In case there is a challenge for governor nominee then a club can only concur with one challenger. Clubs with multiple votes must cast all their votes for the same person(s) or propositions - The nominating committee for governor will elect one PDG as Vice Governor to replace the Governor in case of temporary or permanent disability of the governor to continue the performance of duties - When the R.I. board is calling a hearing in case of charges against a club, then the governor of the district or a PDG selected by the DG may be present at the hearing with the cost borne by the district - For a district resolution to endorse a club resolution a district resolution meeting may be called - There should be an alternate chosen or selected by the district for nominating committee for director and for COL delegate 3. General RI Matters - The RI Board may eliminate or change the boundaries of any district with less than1100 members or 33 clubs.
  5. 5. - Pilot projects will be now up to 1000 clubs and not the previous 200 - The board may dissolve a district if 3 or more election complaints were upheld against it in the last 5 yr.period - Vacancies in the position of Trustee shall be nominated by the President and elected by the board - Any Rotarian candidates for offices, or clubs acting on the candidates' behalf should go through the Rotary procedures first before seeking other outside agencies for help. If they fail to do that, the candidate will be disqualified from the election in question and the club may be also subject to punitive action by the board for a period to be determined by the board - No Rotarian shall be a member of the nominating committee for R.I. president for more than 3 times unless there are no more than 2 candidates willing to serve on this committee - The board shall establish procedures as to administration, leadership and representation for future or merged districts - The board shall appoint an Operations Review committee to be comprised of 6 members, each of whom shall serve a single term not exceeding 6 year with one member appointed every year - Strategic planning committee-no member shall be a past president or current trustee - The board shall oversee the Strategic plan and the director shall oversee the Strategic plan in his/her zone - The travel policies were deleted from the Bylaws of
  6. 6. RI and left to the board.
  7. 7. RI and left to the board.