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Trust in networks
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Trust in networks


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Published in: Technology, Health & Medicine
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  • 1. Trust in Networks February 1, 2011
  • 2. Why is trust so important in your network?
    • Based on your experience, what role does trust play in increasing the impact of your work?
    • As you think about a previous project or effort, what specific outcomes can you point to where a high degree of trust between partners made a difference?
    • In what ways can an absence of trust inhibit the success of a collaborative effort? How does this specifically manifest?
  • 3. Trust Assessment
  • 4. Building Trust Means Implementing A System
  • 5. Need network level AND individual level trust building
  • 6. Behaviors/Values That Lead to Trust
    • Give the Individual Trust Assessment.
    • In which behaviors am I strongest?
    • How can I strengthen these positive features?
    • Which do I most need to work on?
  • 7. Reciprocity….
    • You help : Is there a situation in the next week where you could give assistance?
    • You ask someone to help: Is there a similar situation in the next week where you can ask someone else to help another person?
  • 8. Modeling Appreciation
    • I really appreciate…
    • It was so thoughtful of you to…
    • It means a lot to me that you…
    • It really made a difference to me that you…
    • I noticed that you took the time to….
    • In what ways does consistent use of the above phrases among network partners heighten trust?
    • Where and how can you (or do you already) employ these types of remarks to increase trust?
  • 9. Acceptance….
    • People share:
      • what are my strengths and gifts? What do I like to do? What am I good at?
      • What are my challenges? What is hard for me?
      • What do I need help with? Reminders about?
      • Handbook Chapter 5
  • 10. Network Weavers frame…
    • When we’re open and transparent with each other, it helps us build trust.
    It’s really important to think carefully before you make a commitment to do something, because your coming through is key to building trust. . Reciprocity Honesty Appreciation Acceptance Reliability Openness
  • 11. What does a Network Weaver do to build relationships? NW Handbook Chapter 5
  • 12. Coach bad habits…
  • 13. Working through conflict is easy…
  • 14. Accountability Through Transparency
    • Are agendas, notes and discussions for all meetings available to everyone in the network?
    • Can everyone see what people have committed to doing and see if they have done that?
    • Do people have the skills and commitment to bring up issues gently but firmly?
    • Is there an intentional practice of communications to keep people aware that additional information is being added to the site (e.g. a quick email to let folks know something has been updated)?
  • 15. What might your next steps be?
  • 16. Reflection
    • What did I learn today?
    • What insight did I get about my network? About myself?