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  1. 1. CREATING GREATER PUBLIC VALUE Through Effective Local Legislation A Reaction Paper By: Mr. Roderico Y. Dumaug, Jr. Submitted to Dr. Dixon Q. YasayPrefatory The training entitled Creating Greater Public Value: Through Effective Local Legislationwas initiated by the Philippine Councilors’ League Region 10 in partnership with XavierUniversity Governance and Leadership Institute and was held at Philtown Hotel, Cagayan deOro City. Aside from being part of the academic requirement on our course on the Master inPublic Administration of Xavier University through our adviser, Dr. Dixon Yasay, my attendanceand participation to the training was equally important on my part as I was engaged before for18 years in Local Government being a former SK Chairman, Barangay Kagawad and a two-termer Punong Barangay. The training had enlightened me on the greater importance ofLegislation, especially when I looked back on my experiences in the local governance. Dr. Yasay, a prominent educator in the country and an outstanding government officialbeing the former multi-awarded Mayor of Opol, Misamis Oriental, have successfully convinced,inspired and motivated the participants. He authored and especially designed this training toinculcate legislation as one of the important elements in making our democracy functional as apolitical system and in by having governance relevant to the needs and aspirations of thepeople.Reaction. Legislation. Mr. Roderico Y. Dumaug, Jr. Dr. Dixon Q. Yasay Page 1 of 5 of pages.
  2. 2. During the entire training, it was pointed out that Legislation is an important function inthe local government for it will institute reforms in the government, institutionalize law makingas the answer to the pressing problems of every constituent and of the entire locality andpromote the participation of the civil societies and of the community in the crafting of locallaws. It was satisfactorily articulated the challenge posed by Dr. Yasay that by performing one’slegislative functions efficiently will ensure a reward of winning again in the next local electionsor will be best remembered in the future of crafting an important legacy that creates an impactto the community through legislation. For local leaders, educators and students of local governance and administration, theentire training was grounded on the principle that legislation, being one of the importantelements of political processes in all our democratic institutions, is the way to our society’sprogress and development. It also includes the participation of the civil societies and theconstituents. The society’s growth is actually a function of the quality, sustainability and theprospective effects of legislation. Dr. Yasay and all the resource speakers of the training pointed out that legislative bodiesfrom the local and even up to the national level is the real expression of the Republicanism.Meaning, a republican country is a representative form of government. People are directlyelecting leaders to whom they delegated their role of participating in the government whichincludes an authority given to their elected officers to decide for and in their behalf. With thisidea therefore, Legislation, as a power, is what is nearest to the will of the State and its peopleand closest to the ideals of democracy. The other departments in our government, if one can analyze the same, even with theconcept of balance of power among them, are actually inferior to the Legislative body and aredependent to legislation. The Executive Department cannot execute without first beingauthorized by legislation and the Judiciary cannot interpret without the laws passed. Second,this collegial body, representing directly the people in a particular constituency, is what makesReaction. Legislation. Mr. Roderico Y. Dumaug, Jr. Dr. Dixon Q. Yasay Page 2 of 5 of pages.
  3. 3. a democratic and republican state of having a government “of the people, by the people andfor the people.”Analysis Not only because the training is lined up with credible author, resource speakers andfacilitators but because the call of today should be the inevitability of legislation towards thefunctionality and relevancy of democracy in our society. If the people have organized and decided for a democratic political system, therefore,legislation shall be given utmost public value to enhance the individual freedom and dignity,progress in the society and the State’s peaceful co-existence with the family of nations. Acontrolled political systems like despotism, authoritarianism, dictatorship and totalitarianism,where there’s a need to control and diminish human freedom in pursuit of a different type ofdevelopment and with an isolated State, legislation is a nil in the political processes. I would say that the entire training was very enlightening, educational and convincing. Itwas enlightening because you are being taught about the superiority of legislation in thegovernance, in solving society’s problem and in preparing the future of the community. I havenot read any literature and attended a training that gave focus on the superiority of legislation.Its relevance to the pressing problems that besieged our society, to the improvement of the lifeof a person and the quality of our governance are quite manifest. Hence, the training was soeducational. From the active fellowship of both the trainers and the participants, it shows that theentire experience in that three (3) day training was indeed convincing to those who areimportant stakeholders in the local governments and for the students of public administration.No topic that was discussed had so far are inapplicable to our current endeavors. Hence, theReaction. Legislation. Mr. Roderico Y. Dumaug, Jr. Dr. Dixon Q. Yasay Page 3 of 5 of pages.
  4. 4. excitement to actually witness it, apply them and to answer the challenge that was alwaysposed by Dr. Yasay to us. The training is actually the summation of the well rounded experiences and passion ofDr. Yasay in the fields of politics, governance and education. Hence, one can attest that thepresentation and the entire training are well researched, orderly and it answers temporalissues. Adding to the passion and experience of Dr. Yasay are the credibility and the integrity ofthe other resource speakers including the sources of their presentation. The three-day training is indeed very short if we have to dissect legislation in the field ofgovernance. While it is true that the training did successfully cover the entire province of theimportance and inevitability of legislating to improving the quality of life of every person in alocality but, in my own observation, an additional premium may be added on how a communitywill choose its leaders and the type of leadership that will exercise the power of legislation.While it may be true that the product of legislation is very important, an analysis on the peoplebehind this process may be included to make the education complete: the people, leaders, thefunction and the legislation. Another one is the fact that for democracy to succeed, while recognizing the greaterimportance of legislation among the other two branches of government, inputs may be madeon how we are going to blend and harmonize legislation with execution and in disposing ofjustice by interpreting its laws. Presently, the country is highly polarized and there’s so muchdivision which at the same time have so much concentration of powers to the President. Thiskind of situation is also happening in the local. There’s a competition between the popularity ofone leader in the executive department as against the collegiality among the members in thelegislative council.Reaction. Legislation. Mr. Roderico Y. Dumaug, Jr. Dr. Dixon Q. Yasay Page 4 of 5 of pages.
  5. 5. Being a student of political law, my mind is so conditioned on the theory that the threebranches of government cannot work alone in a highly specialized functions. Based on theexperiences shared, it would be more educating to present how an important legislation beharmonized with the other departments so that the public value of governance is unifying andstable. Time is really an important factor in completing the entirety of the subject which I havesaid that with the passion and ideas put forward by Dr. Yasay, the three day training is notenough for us to grapple the entire gamut of legislation. I know that more will come withtraining like this.Conclusion The training really enhances my interest in studying public administration and increasedmy interest in local governance and administration. As I was involved in the local governmentfor 18 years especially in the Barangay, my participation with the training had widened myperspective about legislation, and the principles and theories I learned have added aneducation to my actual engagements with local governance. If I have a better chance, I would confer with Dr. Yasay about his passion in thisparticular field and I dreamed to have that same passion so that, like him, will give a lastingimpact to the life of others especially in public service. I realize that though our country is the first democracy in Asia, there are still many areasin our public institutions that need careful study and education. There’s really a need toarticulate this one to the public so that the latter will have a wider perspective in selectingleaders that will govern them and in evaluating the quality of their governance.Reaction. Legislation. Mr. Roderico Y. Dumaug, Jr. Dr. Dixon Q. Yasay Page 5 of 5 of pages.