5 productivity hacks to save you at least an hour a day
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5 productivity hacks to save you at least an hour a day






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    5 productivity hacks to save you at least an hour a day 5 productivity hacks to save you at least an hour a day Presentation Transcript

    • 5 Productivity Hacks to Save YouAT LEAST 1 Hour a DayChristopher SmallLaw Firm Marketing Mastery@csmall
    • My typical day• To do list all set.• Ready to work hard and knock stuff out.• Then the phone rings.• Then my assistant comes in.• Then I get on Facebook.• Then a client calls.• I look up and it’s 6:30 and only 2 things are offthe list.
    • I got tired of it.• So I came up with some ideas to end my lackof productivity.• Here are 5 productivity hacks that areguaranteed to save you at least one hour aday.
    • 1. Tame the Telephone
    • Do You Have a Telephone Policy?• Not just how people answer the phone, buthow calls are dealt with.• Is it written down?• Easiest way to save time is to tame thetelephone.
    • This is my policy.
    • 1. Is it a new client, a current client, oran old client?
    • 2. New client – get their info andschedule a consultation.
    • 3. Current client – (1) is it anemergency? (2) No. Then schedule acall back between 12-1 or 4-5; NOEXCEPTIONS.
    • Before hanging up with client, find outwhat issue is – if assistant can answerit, answer it!Include information on calendar note.Immediately send email to clientrehashing conversation and phone calltime.
    • Why do this?• No interruptions while you are working.• No checking to see if you want to take the call.• You can see exactly who you need to call andexactly what they want before you call.• Time Saved – an hour by itself.
    • 2. Wean yourself off the email crack
    • How often do you really need to check email?
    • Productivity Hack – Set an Alarm• I check email every two hours, trying to workup to every three hours.• I set an alarm to go off at 10, 12, 2, and 4. Inbetween that time the email is off.• How much time do you spend “putting outfires” that are only fires because you read theemail?
    • 3. Plan Your Day the Night Before
    • There are 3 things you MUST dotomorrow.• Write them down first on your list.• Then write down all of the things you want todo (with the extra time you have).• When you know what to do you don’t have tospend any time thinking about it.
    • 4. Do the hardest thing first.
    • • Stop carrying over the thing you don’t want todo.• Knock it out at the beginning of the day.• It will make the day easier.• It will feel like you’ve accomplished so muchmore.
    • 5. Delegate
    • • Written policies and procedures.• Written processes.• It’s okay for someone else to do something.
    • Who can you delegate to?• Assistant.• Associate attorney.• Contract assistant.• Contract attorney.• VA
    • Want more great info?• Subscribe to my podcast on itunes – Law FirmMarketing Mastery Podcast• Sign up for my weekly newsletter –lawfirmmarketingmastery.com/newsletter.• Follow me on twitter. @csmall• Call me and ask – 206-601-2545; Skype – chris.m.small;chris@lawfirmmarketingmastery.com