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NETP vs SpringISD
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NETP vs SpringISD


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • Hi, my name is Adrienne Brown, I currently teach 6th grade in Spring Independent School District located in spring tx. This presentation addresses Spring ISD’s current technology plan.
  • Spring ISDconsistes of
  • Spring isd’s vision is…….it’s mission is
  • Public relation and technology is a division within spring isd and it’s is to
  • I was unable to find the technology plan for Spring ISD, but technology principles could be found within the 5 year plan. The goals between the two documents are similar, but spring isd overall does not incorporate using technology to achieve them.
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  • Spring Isd’s plan does not mention using technology in regards to the purspose of learning acording to NETP / Spring Isd’s plan also focuses on the teacher rather than the student concering learning.
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  • Assessent according to NETP focus on quality quantity of feedback to learners and parents , collaboration and alignment between educators and experts and the use of game formatted assessments
  • Sprence Rodgers, the creator of PEAK learning is a great way for immediate feedback and assessment, but does not incorporate technology. Also, not other aspects of the National plan are addressed in springs plan
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  • While colaboration and reading students with special needs are mentioned in springs plan it does not address it from a technology or social networking viewpoint
  • Neither 3.4 or 3.5 are specifically addressed although the school district recently introduced Google docs as a district resource. Staff was never trained how to use nor implement this tool
  • Like many schools within my district I teach in a low income school. Many students do not have the 24/7 access or even the devices required to get online. Spring ISD as of yet can not ensure that evey student has whenever wherever access and has not gone about trying to find a way to create this opportunity.
  • There currently is not a plan for an in house IT professional nor a plan of how the district will share data. The financial records I could find were very generic and did not address specifically what each amount is going to
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  • Spring ISD is still functioning using the traditional learning environment, therefore outcomes are not defined or measured, reports are not created to address how technology is being used and collaboration is on an individual or school basis.
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  • Transcript

    • 1. Spring ISD’s 5-Year Strategic Plan vs. NETP Adrienne Brown Lamar University May 13, 2012
    • 2. Spring ISD● Consists of – 26 Elementary Schools – 7 Middle Schools ● 6 traditional ● 1 math, science, fine arts academy – 6 High Schools ● 3 traditional ● 1 early college ● 1 career academy ● 1 online learning
    • 3. The VISION and MISSION of Spring ISD● “By 2015, Spring ISD will be recognized nationally as a leader among learning organizations and known for exemplary student achievement.”● “The principal goal of the District is to develop students who excel academically, reason and solve problems rationally, and act responsibly, displaying good character and citizenship.”
    • 4. Division Mission of Public Relations and Technology● Promote Spring ISD as a nationally recognized learning organization and mobilize District resources to achieve the District vision.
    • 5. Spring ISD 5-year Technology Plan● Spring ISD does NOT have a specific technology plan.● However, Spring ISD’s 5-year Strategic Plan for 2010-2015 includes some plans for technology.● The goals and objectives in Spring ISD’s 5-year Strategic Plan can relate somewhat to the goals in the National Educational Technology Plan, but without incorporating the use of technology.
    • 6. National Educational Technology PlanNETP is comprised of 5 categories:1. Learning2. Assessment3. Teaching4. Infrastructure5. Productivity
    • 7. NETP: Learning● Prepare students to be active, creative, ethical members of a global community● Create opportunities for wider and more flexible set of learning resources and set of educators● Experience tailored learning that addresses individual learners, interests, and experiences
    • 8. Learning: Creating engaging and empowering experiences both inside and outside of classroom NETP Spring ISD1.1 Using technology, integrate ● Spring ISD’s Plan does not critical thinking, complex mention using technology for problem this purpose. solving, collaboration, and ● The “learning” mentioned in the multimedia communication report focuses more on1.2 Study and enhance teachers than students. motivation, factual and procedural knowledge1.3 Personalize learning available anytime anywhere
    • 9. NETP: Assessment● Place emphasis on formative assessments which involve stake holders in the creation, design, and using of assessments.● Use online learning, student response devices, and multimedia to reinforce concepts and measure progress.● Technologys role should be varied, and used analytically to determine the effectiveness and adjust policies based on data collected.
    • 10. Assessment: what matters and use of data from each assessment for continuous improvement NETP2.1 Learners assessed in the course 2.4 Design assessments from the of learning with increase in quality outset to measure and quantity of feedback to knowledge, skills, and abilities; learners rather than english proficiency or ability to read2.2 Accelerated design and development of assessments 2.5 Parent access to electronic through collaboration and learning record of their student if alignment between educators and student is under 18 and after age experts of 18, access to their own assessment data2.3 Students recieve immediate feedback through use of game formatted assessments
    • 11. Assessment: what matters and use of data from each assessment for continuous improvement Spring ISD● Spring ISD’s plans are to develop a “PEAK aligned data collection coaching tool” which addresses NETP 2.1 (Learners assessed in the course of learning with increase in quality and quantity of feedback to learners).● Spring ISD does not include NETP 2.2 through 2.5 in their 5-year Strategic Plan.
    • 12. NETP: Teaching● Teacher is supported individually and in teams to connect them to data, content, and learning experiences.● Teacher creates online learning communities comprised of other students, teachers, community members, and global experts.
    • 13. Teaching: Empower and inspire more effective teaching NETP Spring ISD3.1 Use resources and collaborate ● “Embed opportunities for locally, state, countrywide and community involvement within globally to provide more identified criteria.” engaging, effective learning ● No mention of addressing social3.2 Continually improve practice and networking. evolve over time though use of ● While “at-risk” students were social networking addressed in the Strategic3.3 Educating vulnerable students in Plan, technology was not included high risk areas via online learning as a an effective source. to be educated by the most effective source.
    • 14. Teaching: Empower and inspire more effective teaching NETP Spring ISD3.4 Making technology an integral ● This is not a specific requirement in component of teacher preparation the Strategic Plan; courses and field experiences. however, “implementation of Google apps for Education for3.5 Provide participatory/personalized students” is mentioned. online and blended learning experiences that embody best ● There is no goal mentioned for practices “participatory” and/or “personalized” “online” and/or “blended learning experiences.”
    • 15. NETP: Infrastructure● Participation and collaboration of different types of institutions as partners● Requires leadership and commitment of importance to transom U.S. education● Key features – Broadband everywhere – Personal or school owned devices for everyone – Open resources/ public domain – Increased use of cloud
    • 16. Infrastructure: where and when you need it NETP Spring ISD4.1 Opportunity for teacher and ● “Every class will provide frequent students to learn whenever and opportunities to use technology wherever they need tools for student learning.”4.2 Engagement,online learning, and ● Their Strategic Plan does not assessments to be most effective address ensuring that all students must have 24/7 access and have a computer (or some other devices to get on internet device) with 24/7 internet access.4.3 New evaluation and selection of ● Broadly mentioned in the Strategic instructional materials including Plan as: “Embed specific open educational resources technology tools and examples into all curricula.”
    • 17. Infrastructure: where and when you need it NETP Spring ISD4.4 In-house data collectors/ IT ● An in-house data/ IT team is not professionals maintain the cloud specifically mentioned, but rather than outsourced brings implementing “desktop virtualization greater efficiency and effectiveness to extend the life of existing district hardware for students” is.4.5 Creating common standards for collecting and sharing data and ● All campuses will be rated broaden markets to increase “Acceptable” by TEA. leverage market advancements ● “Collect and monitor data reports from campuses that detail4.6 Financial data achievement standards, tools, and records data, attendance, discipline and failure rates” (financial data is not mentioned).
    • 18. NETP: Productivity● Structural changes enable dramatic productivity improvements● Keep the function of the school the same, while changing its system to reflect the times● Rethinking operational and financial sides of running a school
    • 19. Productivity: creating more efficient use of time, money, and staff NETP Spring ISD5.1 Define and start measuring ● Learning outcomes are not learning outcomes mentioned in the Strategic Plan.5.2 Remove process and structural ● Traditional learning environment barriers (age, academic, seat-time remains a unquestioned focus. determined groups) ● There is no specific technology plan5.3 Reports of how technology is from which to begin reporting such actually used within a district data. ● This kind of collaboration (NETP5.4 Collaboration between P-12 and 5.4) is not addressed. higher education are crucial to end dropping out and being under prepared at each level
    • 20. Spring ISD Technology by 2015● By 2015, even if Spring ISD meets their current technology goals sparsely mentioned in their 5- year Strategic Plan, they will fall short of what technology in 2015 has to offer.● The District appears to be unfortunately shortsighted.● Their rate of implementing new technology is too slow.
    • 21. References● Shimabukuro,J. A Glimpse at the 2010 National Education Technology Plan. Retrieved May 8, 2012 from education-learning-powered-by-technology/● National Education Technology Plan 2010. Retrieved May 8, 2012 from● Karen Cator on the NETP. Retrieved May 10, 2012 from● Spring ISD 5 Year Strategic Plan. Retrieved May 13, 2012 from: