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CSC1100 - Chapter01 - Overview of Using Computers

CSC1100 - Chapter01 - Overview of Using Computers







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    CSC1100 - Chapter01 - Overview of Using Computers CSC1100 - Chapter01 - Overview of Using Computers Presentation Transcript

    • Chapter 1Overview of UsingComputer
    • Chapter 1 ObjectivesRecognize the importance ofcomputer literacyRecognize the importance ofcomputer literacyDefine the term, computerDefine the term, computerIdentify and describe the componentsof a computerIdentify and describe the componentsof a computerDescribe the categories of computersDescribe the categories of computersDescribe the various typesof computer usersDescribe the various typesof computer usersDiscuss various computerDiscuss various computerDiscuss the advantages anddisadvantages of using computersDiscuss the advantages anddisadvantages of using computersRecognize the purpose of a networkRecognize the purpose of a networkDiscuss the uses of the Internet andWorld Wide WebDiscuss the uses of the Internet andWorld Wide WebDistinguish between system softwareand application softwareDistinguish between system softwareand application softwareDiscuss various computerapplications in societyDiscuss various computerapplications in society
    • Learning OutcomeSuccessful students will be able to:Describe the characteristics of computer hardwaredevices and explain their functionalities.
    • Computers are everywhere…
    • Computers are everywhere…
    • A World of ComputersCOMPUTER LITERACYKnowledge and understandingof computers and their uses
    • How is a computer defined?What Is a Computer?Electronic deviceoperating under the control ofoperating under the control ofinstructions stored in its ownmemory
    • What Is a Computer?Accepts datadataRaw facts, figures, andsymbols- Collection of unprocessed items- Text, numbers, images, audio & videoProcesses data intoinformationinformationData that is organized,meaningful, and usefulProduces and stores results
    • A computer holds data,information & instructions instorage for future use.What are instructions?What Is a Computer?They are the steps that tellcomputer how to perform aparticular task.
    • What Is a Computer?What is the information processing cycle?InputProcessOutputStorageCommunicationCommunication
    • The Components of a ComputerWhat is an input device?Hardware used to enterdata and instructionscontrol pointer movementallow user to speak into computerconverts printed material intodata and instructions converts printed material intodifferent form the computer canunderstandtake pictures & transfer the imageto computer or printercreate movie or take stillphotographs electronically
    • Input Devices
    • The Components of a ComputerWhat is an output device?Hardware that conveysinformation to one orproduce text & graphics on aphysical medium (paper)display text, graphics & videos oninformation to one ormore peopledisplay text, graphics & videos onscreenallow user to hear music, voice &other audio
    • Output Devices
    • The Components of a ComputerWhat is the system unit?Case containingelectronic componentsused to process dataits circuitry usually ispart of or is connected top. 8 Fig. 1-3part of or is connected toa circuit board calledmotherboard
    • The Components of a ComputerWhat are TWO (2) main components on the motherboard?Central Processing Unit (CPU)Central Processing Unit (CPU)Also called a processorThe electronic component that interprets and carriesout the basic instructions that operate the computerout the basic instructions that operate the computerMemoryMemoryConsists of electronic components that storeinstructions waiting to be executed and data needed bythose instructions (some stored permanently & most temporarily)
    • Processor
    • The Components of a ComputerWhat is storage?Storage mediaStorage mediaPhysical material on which data, instructions,and information are storedStorage mediaStorage mediaPhysical material on which data, instructions,and information are storedHolds data, instructions, and informationfor future usefloppy disks, harddisks, CDs, DVDs,memory cards, ...and information are storedand information are storedStorage deviceStorage deviceRecords and retrieves items to and froma storage mediumStorage deviceStorage deviceRecords and retrieves items to and froma storage mediummemory cards, ...CD drive, cardreader/writer
    • Storage Devices
    • The Components of a ComputerWhat is a communications device?send and receive data, instructions,Hardware component thatenables a computer tosend and receive data, instructions,and informationOccurs over cables, telephonelines, cellular radio networks,satellites, and othertransmission media
    • Communication Device
    • Quick Quiz1) What is computer literacy?Answer:Having a knowledge and understanding of computersand their usesAnswer:Data is a collection of unprocessed items; information2) How is data different from information?Data is a collection of unprocessed items; informationconveys meaning and is useful to one or more people.Answer: d3) Which of the following is not an example of astorage medium?a) DVD b) memory card c) USB flash drive d) system unitAnswer: False4) A CD-ROM can hold from 1 million to 650 millioncharacters. True or false?
    • Consists ofa series of instructionsthat tells the computerComputer SoftwareWhat is software?Also called a programthat tells the computerwhat to doTwo categories:System softwareApplication software
    • Computer SoftwareWhat is system software?Programs that control or maintain theoperations of the computer and itsdevicesServes as the interface between theuser, the application sw, & the comp’suser, the application sw, & the comp’shw
    • Computer SoftwareTWO (2) types of System Software:Operating System (OS)Operating System (OS)is a set of programsthat coordinates allactivities amongOperating System (OS)Operating System (OS)is a set of programsthat coordinates allactivities amongactivities amongcomputer hardwaredevices and allowsusers to runapplication softwareactivities amongcomputer hardwaredevices and allowsusers to runapplication softwareUtility ProgramsUtility Programs allow the user toperform maintenance-type tasksusually related to managing acomputer, its devices or its programsUtility ProgramsUtility Programs allow the user toperform maintenance-type tasksusually related to managing acomputer, its devices or its programs
    • Computer SoftwareWhat is application software?SpreadsheetWordProcessingPrograms that performspecific tasks for usersPresentationGraphicsDatabaseProcessing
    • ApplicationSoftware
    • Application SoftwareWhat is application software?Programs designed to make users more productive28
    • Application SoftwareHow is software distributed?Packaged software, mass-producedCustom software, performs functions specificto a business or industryOpen source software, provided for use,modification, and redistribution29modification, and redistributionShareware, distributed free for trial periodFreeware, copyrighted software provided at nocostPublic-domain software, freeware with nocopyright restrictions
    • Application SoftwareWhat is system software?Programs that controlthe operations of thecomputerServes as the interfacebetween the user, the30between the user, theapplication software,and the computer’shardware
    • Application SoftwareHow do you start an application?From the desktop, click the Start button, point to AllPrograms, and click the name of the applicationThe program’s instructions load into memory31Start button All ProgramsApplication
    • Application SoftwareWhat is a window?Menu BarA rectangular area of the screen that displays aprogram, data, and/or information32
    • Application SoftwareWhat is a dialog box?A special window that provides information, presentsavailable options, or requests a response33
    • Business SoftwareWhat is business software?Software that assists people in becoming moreeffective and efficient34
    • Business SoftwareWhat is word processing software?Allows users to create andmanipulate text and graphicsClip art is a collectionof graphicsthat you can35that you caninsert indocuments
    • Business SoftwareWhat are popular word processing features?AutoFormatAutoFormatAutoFormatAutoFormatAutoCorrectAutoCorrectAutoCorrectAutoCorrect CollaborationCollaborationCollaborationCollaborationColumnsColumnsColumnsColumns MacrosMacrosMacrosMacrosInk InputInk InputInk InputInk InputGrammarGrammarCheckerCheckerGrammarGrammarCheckerChecker36Mail MergeMail MergeMail MergeMail Merge ResearchResearchResearchResearchReadingReadingLayoutLayoutReadingReadingLayoutLayoutSmart TagsSmart TagsSmart TagsSmart Tags ThesaurusThesaurusThesaurusThesaurusTemplatesTemplatesTemplatesTemplatesTablesTablesTablesTablesVoiceVoiceRecognitionRecognitionVoiceVoiceRecognitionRecognitionTrackingTrackingChangesChangesTrackingTrackingChangesChangesWeb PageWeb PageDevelopmentDevelopmentWeb PageWeb PageDevelopmentDevelopment
    • Business SoftwareWhat is a font?A name assigned to a specific design of charactersFont size indicates the size of the characters in aparticular font in points (a single point is about1/72 of an inch in height)Font style adds37Font style addsemphasis to afont such asbold, italic,and underline
    • Business SoftwareWhat is spreadsheet software?Organizes dataPerforms calculations andrecalculates when data changes38= SUM (C12:Y12)= A1+B2 (*C12) = D1+E2 (*F12)
    • Business SoftwareHow is a spreadsheetorganized?Columns identified by lettersRows identified by numbersA cell is the intersection of acolumn and row39
    • Business SoftwareWhat is a function?A predefined formulathat performscommon calculations=C4+C5+C6+C7+C8=SUM(C4:C8)40=SUM(C4:C8)
    • Business SoftwareWhat is charting?Allows you to display spreadsheet data in graphical form41
    • Business SoftwareWhat is database software?Allows you to createand manage data42Add, change, delete,sort, and retrieve data
    • Business SoftwareWhat are the parts of a database?A table contains recordsA record is a row in atable that containsinformation about agiven person, product,or event43or eventA field is a column ina table that containsa specific piece ofinformation withina record
    • Business SoftwareHow do you extract information from adatabase?44Can be sent as areport to the printerRun queries toretrieve data
    • Business SoftwareWhat is presentation graphicssoftware?Used to create visual aids forpresentationsA presentation is sometimes calleda slide show45
    • Business SoftwareWhat is note takingsoftware?Enables users to entertyped text, handwrittencomments, drawings, orsketches anywhere on thepage46pageNotes are organized like anotebook
    • Business SoftwareWhat is Personal Information ManagerSoftware?Includes a calendar,address book,synchronization withdesktop computerMost PDAs and many47Most PDAs and manysmart phones includePIM functionality
    • Business SoftwareWhat is a software suite?A collection of individualprograms sold asa single packageA collection of individualprograms sold asa single packageTwo major advantages:Two major advantages:48a single packagea single packagelower cost ease of use
    • Business SoftwareWhat is project management software?Allows you to plan, schedule, track, and analyzethe events, resources, and costs of a project49
    • Business SoftwareWhat is accountingsoftware?Helps companiesrecord and reporttheir financialtransactions50
    • Business SoftwareWhat is enterprise computing software?Large organizations require special computingsolutionsEach functional unit has specialized softwarerequirements51Marketing Sales DistributionCustomerServiceITHumanResourcesAccounting Engineering Manufacturing
    • Graphics and Multimedia SoftwareWhat are somepopular graphicsand multimediasoftware products?52
    • Graphics and Multimedia SoftwareWhat is computer-aided design (CAD)?Sophisticated application software that allows you tocreate engineering, architectural, and scientific designs53
    • Graphics and Multimedia SoftwareWhat is desktop publishing software?Enables you to design and produce sophisticateddocuments that contain text, graphics,and many colors54
    • Graphics and Multimedia SoftwareWhat is paint/image editing software?Used to create andmodify graphicalimagesSometimes calledillustration55illustrationsoftware
    • Graphics and Multimedia SoftwareWhat is video and audio editing software?Video editing software allows you to modify asegment of a video, called a clipAudio editing software allows you to modifyaudio clips56
    • Graphics and Multimedia SoftwareWhat is multimedia authoring software?Allows you to combinetext, graphics, audio,video, and animationinto an interactivepresentation57presentation
    • Graphics and Multimedia SoftwareAllows users of all skill levels to create Web pagesSome application software programs include Web pageauthoring programsWhat is Web page authoring software?58animationgraphicalimagesaudiovideoorganizemanagemaintainWeb pagesand/orWeb sites
    • Software for Home, Personal, and Educational UseWhat software products areavailable for home, personal,and educational use?59
    • Application Software for CommunicationsWhat software facilitates communication?VideoVideoconferencingconferencingChat roomsChat roomsWebWebbrowsersbrowsersEE--mailmail60InstantInstantmessagingmessagingNewsgroupsNewsgroupsFTPFTP
    • Popular Stand-Alone Utility ProgramsWhat are some widely used stand-alone utilityprograms?AntivirusProgramSpywareRemoverInternetFiltersFileCompression61Program Remover Filters CompressionFileConversionCD/DVDBurningPCMaintenance
    • Application Software on the WebWhat is a Web application?A software application thatexists on a Web site, suchas maps and directionsSome Web applicationsstore your data and62store your data andinformation at their siteSome are free
    • Applications on the WebWhat is an application service provider (ASP)?ThirdThird--party organizationparty organizationthat manages andthat manages anddistributes softwaredistributes softwareand servicesand servicesAllows companiesAllows companiesto outsourceto outsourceinformationinformationtechnology (IT)technology (IT)63and servicesand serviceson the Webon the Webtechnology (IT)technology (IT)needsneeds
    • Learning Aids and Support Tools for Application SoftwareWhat is Online Help?Electronic equivalent of a user manualContext-sensitive help64
    • Learning Aids and Support Tools for Application SoftwareWhat is Web-based Help?A Web site linked from Online HelpProvides updates and more resources to respondto technical issues about a programSome Web sites containchat rooms where user65chat rooms where usercan talk directly with atechnical support person
    • Self-directed, self-pacedinstruction on a topicon the WebDistance learning (DL) isthe delivery of educationLearning Aids and Support Tools Within an ApplicationWhat is Web-based training(WBT)?66the delivery of educationat one location while thelearning takes place atother locations
    • Computer SoftwareWhat is a graphical user interface (GUI)?Allows you to interactwith the softwareusing graphics andiconsControls how you enterControls how you enterdata and how thescreen displaysinformation
    • Computer SoftwareHow do you install and run programs?
    • Computer SoftwareWhat is a programmer?Someone who developsapplication or systemsoftwareProgrammer writesinstructions todirect computer toJavascript programdirect computer toprocess data intoinformationResulting Internet application
    • Advantages of Using ComputersWhat are the advantages of using computers?Speed Reliability ConsistencyStorage Communications
    • Advantages of Using ComputersSpeedData, instructions, & informationflow along electronic circuitIncredibly fast speed!Process huge no. of operationsin a secondOrganizingAddingSubtractingMultiplyingDividinge.g.alphabetizingComputing SortingOrganizingFormattingShowingmovie…
    • Advantages of Using ComputersReliabilityThe components are dependable &reliableRarely break or failRarely break or fail
    • Advantages of Using ComputersConsistencyGiven same input & processes,computer produces same resultsGarbage in, garbage outGarbage in, garbage out- Accuracy of computer’s outputdepends on the accuracy of the inputCorrect input + working instructions= ERROR-FREE RESULTS
    • Advantages of Using ComputersStorageStore data & make data availablefor processing at anytimeStorage(store enormous amountof data)ProcessordatadataMemorydatadataset of instructions
    • Advantages of Using ComputersCommunicationNETWORKComputerBComputerACommdeviceCommdevice
    • Disadvantages of Using ComputersWhat are the disadvantages of using computers?Violation ofPrivacyImpact onLabor ForceImpact onEnvironmentHealth Risks
    • Disadvantages of Using ComputersViolation ofPrivacyRecords stored in computer, notprotected properlyImpact onLabor ForceMillions of employees replacedby computersCompanies outsourcing jobs toforeign countries
    • Disadvantages of Using ComputersProlonged/improper computer uselead to injuries/disorder of hands,wrists, elbows, eyes, neck, back, …Need proper work place design,good posture, spaced work breaksHealth RisksComputer manufacturing processesdepleting natural resourcesComputer waste discarded inlandfills, release toxic materials &polluting the environment –dangerous levels of lead, mercury& flame retardantsImpact onEnvironment
    • Networks and the InternetWhat is a network?TransmissionMediaTransmissionMediaCommunicationsDeviceCommunicationsDeviceCollection of computers and devices connectedtogetherOne type isa modemEnables aconnectionbetweencomputersEnables aconnectionbetweencomputersCablesCellularradioTelephonelinesSatellitesMediaMedia
    • To shareTo shareNetworks and the InternetWhat are the reasons to network?ResourcesResourcesHardwareHardwareHardwaredevicesHardwaredevicesSoftwareprogramsSoftwareprogramsDataDataTo savetimeandmoneyTo savetimeandmoneyInformationInformation
    • Networks and the InternetWhat is a server?A server managesthe resources on anetworkClients accessthe resourcesthe resourceson the server
    • Networks and the InternetWhat is the Internet?Worldwide collection of networks that connectsmillions of businesses, government agencies,educational institutions, and individualsAccess Providers – offers users & companies accessto the Internet free or for a fee.to the Internet free or for a fee.People connect to the Internet to exchange info.E-mailInstant messaging - chat roomInternet telephony
    • Networks and the InternetWhy do users access the Internet?2. Information3. Shopping4. Banking and Investing5. Classes1. Communications5. Classes6. Entertainment
    • Networks and the InternetWhat is the World Wide Web (Web)?One of the most popular services on theInternetA global library of info. available to anyone connected to the Internet.Billions of documents, called Web pages,Billions of documents, called Web pages,available to anyone connected to theInternet
    • Networks and the InternetA Web site isa collection ofrelated Web pagesA Web site isa collection ofrelated Web pagesA Web page containsA Web page containsA Web page containstext, graphics, sound,video, and links toother Web pagesA Web page containstext, graphics, sound,video, and links toother Web pagesYou can shareinformation bycreating Web pagesor posting photos ona photo sharingcommunityYou can shareinformation bycreating Web pagesor posting photos ona photo sharingcommunity
    • Quick Quiz1) What does garbage in, garbage out mean?Answer:This phrase means that the accuracy of a computer’soutput depends on the accuracy of the input.Answer:Text, graphics, audio, and video2) What can a Web page contain?Text, graphics, audio, and videoAnswer: False3) The Web is a worldwide collection of networks thatconnects millions of businesses, government agencies,educational institutions, and individuals. True or false?
    • Categories of ComputersWhat are the categories of computers?Personal Computers(desktop)Mobile Computers andMobile DevicesGame ConsolesA computers size,speed, processingpower, pricedetermine thecategory it bestfitsMidrange ServersMainframesSupercomputersEmbedded ComputersGame Consoles
    • Personal ComputersWhat are the two most popular series of personalcomputers?PC and PC-compatiblesuse the Windowsoperating systemApple Macintosh usesthe Macintoshoperating system(Mac OS)Contains aprocessor,memory, comm.,and many input, (Mac OS)and many input,output &storagedevices.PC-compatible refers to any personal computer based on theoriginal IBM personal computer design
    • Personal ComputersWhat is a desktop computer?Designed so all of the components fit entirelyon or under a desk or table
    • Mobile Computers and Mobile DevicesWhat is a notebook computer?Portable, small enoughto fit on your lapAlso called a laptopcomputerGenerally moreGenerally moreexpensive than adesktop computer
    • Mobile Computers and Mobile DevicesWhat is a Tablet PC?Especially useful for takingResembles a letter-sizedslateAllows you to write on thescreen using a digital penEspecially useful for takingnotes
    • Mobile Computers and Mobile DevicesWhat are mobile devices?Small enough to carry in apocketInternet-enabledtelephone is a “smartphone”phone”
    • Mobile Computers and Mobile DevicesWhat is a handheld computer?UsedSmallenough to fitUsedby mobileemployees such asmeter readers anddelivery peoplein onehand
    • Mobile Computers and Mobile DevicesWhat is a personal digital assistant (PDA)?Provides personal organizerfunctionsCalendarAppointment bookAddress bookAddress bookCalculatorNotepad
    • Mobile Computers and Mobile DevicesWhat are smart phones and smart watches?A smart watch isan Internet-enabledwatch that automaticallyadjusts to time zone changesand stores personalA smart phone isan Internet-enabledtelephone that usuallyprovides PDA capabilitiesand stores personalinformation
    • CONSOLESGame ConsoleMobile computing device for single-player ormultiplayer video games – music, video & connect toInternetStandard Game ConsoleInput device: handheld controller(s)Output device: television screenStorage media: hard disk, CDs, DVDs, & memory cardsMicrosoft’s Xbox 360, Nintendo’s Wii, & Sony’s PlayStation 3.Handheld Game ConsoleThe controls, screen & speakers built into the deviceSome use cartridges to store games; others use miniature CD or DVD.Can comm. wirelessly with other similar consoles for multiplayergamingNintendo DS Lite & Sony’s PlayStation Protable (PSP)
    • ServersWhat types of servers are there?Midrange server Powerful, largecomputer that supports up to a fewthousand computersMainframe Very powerful,expensive computer that supportsexpensive computer that supportsthousands of computerssimultaneouslySupercomputer The fastest, mostpowerful, most expensivecomputer. Used for applicationsrequiring complex mathematicalcalculations
    • Embedded ComputersWhat is an embedded computer?A special-purpose computer that functions as acomponent in a larger product
    • Elements of an Information SystemWhat are information system elements?HardwareSoftwareDataPeopleProceduresProcedures
    • Examples of Computer UsageWhat software is available for a home user?
    • Examples of Computer UsageProductivity softwareSpecialty softwareWhat software is available for a small office/homeoffice (SOHO) user? (less than 50 employees as wellas self-employed who work from home)Specialty softwareWeb usageE-mail
    • HardwareNotebook computersPDAsSmart phonesExamples of Computer UsageWhat is available fora mobile user?SoftwareWord processingSpreadsheetPresentation graphicssoftware
    • Examples of Computer UsageWhat are the needs of a power user?Speed and large amounts of storageTypes of power usersEngineersScientistsArchitectsArchitectsDesktop publishersGraphic artists
    • Examples of Computer UsageWhat are the needs of the large business user?
    • Computer Applications in SocietyWhat are some examplesof computer applicationsin society?EducationFinanceGovernmentGovernmentHealthcareSciencePublishingTravelIndustry