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Iroad manual eng_20120815

  1. 1. User Guide
  2. 2. ■ This product is a car video recorder which is installed in a car to record video, GPS information (only for GPS-supporting model), and voices so that car accidents can be fully understood.■ This manual contains user guide and precautions. Please be sure to read this manual before use.■ Product specifications and components can be changed without prior notice for performance improvement. Visit our website to download the latest software and user manual. Thank you.Web site http://www.cnstec.comCustomer center 82.2.3015.1478(Sales, Technology, A/S)Open Mon ~ Fri, 9 am ~ 6 pm
  3. 3. Warranty Scope and Responsibility■ This product is intended to automatically record video and audio in case of a car accident. We do not warrant that the whole accident will be recorded.■ This product is a supplementary device that helps to understand a car accident. We do not take responsibility for damage, video and data loss caused by the product failure; damage caused by loss of recorded data; and other damage arising during the use of this product.■ We do not bear any expenses related to insurance or other accident handling costs. However, if people are injured or objects are damaged due to our product, they can be covered by our PL insurance.■ While a vehicle is traveling, data is recorded into “normal file (normal situation)” and “event file (accident or shock)” which is recorded by the G-Sensor when a shock exceeds the user’s setting. As the oldest file is overwritten when data is saved, if you want to save data, you have to back up data on the PC or other storage devices. At the same time, as the number of supported event files is limited and the oldest file is overwritten when the maximum number of event is exceeded, you should save important files on the PC or other storage devices.■ While a vehicle is parked, if there is no movement or change in light for a certain period of time, data recording stops. If a movement or change in light is detected, data recording starts again.■ Intentionally or unintentionally, videos and audios regarding your privacy can be recorded on the memory card of this product. They can cause legally critical problems. You will be fully accountable for disclosing, transferring, distributing or using data saved on the memory.■ This product is a car video recorder. Other than its purpose, do not use the product in a way that violates ethics, morals, customs and laws. We do not take any responsibility for such uses.
  4. 4. ContentsPrecautions 05 Firmware Upgrade 24Components 08 Windows Viewer 25Product Information 09 1. Installation Guide 2. Basic ConfigurationProduct Specification 10 3. Play VideoInstallation Procedure 11 4. SettingCautions for Installation 12 FAQ 28Directions 13 Warranty 30Starting mode-RecordingMain Menu1. Play Video2. Sound Option3. Device Information4. Card Format5. Time Option6. Language7. Video Option
  5. 5. Precautions Be sure to read the following for correct use and safe driving.Time SettingWhen the product is delivered to you, the time is not set. After purchasing the product, set the time.However, the GPS-supporting models do not need time setting as their time is automatically set.Always Automatic SavingBasically, this product always automatically record data. Its recording time depends on card capacity,recording environments and parking modes.Error Message on the LCD ScreenIf there is a problem in the memory card, trouble occurs while the memory card is inserted, or there is nomemory card, the error message is displayed on the LCD screen and audio guidance is provided. Followintroductions to clear errors, and then use the product.Power SupplyThe product is designed to work on DC12~24V. Be sure to use the power cable supplied by us. Inprinciple, we do not take any responsibility for problems caused by using other power cables.Start-up Time PrecautionsAfter the vehicle starts, for 10 - 20 seconds, the product does not record. During this time, power isbeing stabilized.Operation after Power ShutdownEven when power is shut down, this product can record 3 - 5 seconds. However, the LCD is off as soonas power is off. 05
  6. 6. LCD Safety Mode according to Operation Environments One minute after video recording starts or if product’ internal temperature rises above 60℃, the LCD is s automatically off for stable operation. When product’ internal temperature goes down to 60℃ or less, s if the user presses the button, the LCD is on. For safe driving, drive with the LCD off. Parking Mode (Motion Detection) This product supports the constant power supply and parking mode (motion detection). However, the constant power supply unit is sold separately. Constant Power Supply This product supports the constant power supply. However, when the constant power supply is used, the memory card’s lifespan can be reduced and vehicle batteries can be discharged. Memory Card Handling ❶ The memory card supplied with the product contains information for fast data saving and reliability. However, if you use the other memory card than the one supplied with the product, its performance cannot be guaranteed and we do not take any responsibility for damages caused by such use. ❷ If the memory card is used for a long time, it may not save data. If you cannot save videos, replace the memory card.Precautions ❸ Use “Copy” to save recorded videos on your PC. If you use “Cut”, there can be a problem with the number of files saved on the memory card, and video recording may not be available. ❹ If you “Rename” or “Cut” files on the memory card, the product may malfunction. Also, never store anything on the memory card other than data created by the product. ❺ Do not use the memory card for other devices such as the navigation, digital camera, MP3 player, PMP, cellular phone or electronic dictionary. 06
  7. 7. Smoke or Smell of BurningIf you sense a smoke or smell of burning, shut down power supply immediately. Due to risk of fire andelectric shock, remove the power cable from the body and contact us or dealer.Camera Adjustment During DrivingAdjust the camera while your vehicle is safely parked as it is risky to relocate the product or adjust thecamera angle while driving the vehicle.Audio RecordingWhen the product is delivered, audio recording is not set. However, you can set it on. Turn on the MICbutton. Even if power is shut down, the user setting is not deleted. Precautions 07
  8. 8. Components Basic Components Black-Box Cradle Memory Card Micro SD Card Cable Clips Reader Additional Components to saleComponents User Guide Power Cable Constant Power supply cable 08
  9. 9. Product Information ESC / Go to the upper menu LCD Go UP / Mic Menu LED Select the MENU/ENTER Blink in normal operation Go DOWN / VIEW Settler for Cradle Security LEDTurned on in general video mode Blink in detecting motion Speaker Camera Lens Product Information TV-Out(EXT) MIC DCIN Insertion for memory 09
  10. 10. Product Specification The specification of this product may be changed for better performance without prior notice. Items Details 3˝ 1.9˝ 1.5˝(7.5cm × 4.8cm × 3.8cm) / × × Size / Weight 65grams(Main body), 22grams(Mounting bracket) 1 Channel, 1/3 inch WDR Digital CMOS sensor, VGA (640 × 480), CAMERA Max 30 Frame(Auto Frame), View Angle : 67o(V) × 92o(H) × 122o(D) Video Compression MPEG 4 LCD 2.4 inch Motion Detection Fuzzy Algorithm GPS or RTC Internal GPS (iRoad ll-G11) or RTC (iRoad ll-R11)Product Specification G-Sensor 3D, Internal G-Sensor Data Storage micro SD(2GB), micro SDHC Card(4GB ~16GB) Recording Continuous Rec., Events Rec., Motion Detection Cradle L / R 90o, Up / Down 130o Audio / TV-output Built-In mike(On/Off), Built-In Speaker, TV output (NTSC / PAL) Button ESC, UP(MIC), ENTER(MENU), DOWN(VIEW) LED 2LED : Red LED(in ENTER key), Security LED Operating Temperature -20 ~ +80℃ Power DC 12 ~ 24V, Power Cable , Compatible with all vehicles 10
  11. 11. Installation Procedure❶ Insert the memory card to the body, and then close the door. If the door is not closed fully, videos are not saved. When the product is delivered, the memory card is installed.❷ Connect the body to the mount. Remove the lens protection film, LCD protection film and mount sticker. Install the mount to the desired location.❸ Connect the power cable and arrange the cable with the cable clip. Installation Procedure❹ When you start the vehicle, video recording starts automatically. (Red LED blinks in the ENTER / MENU key [ ] .) 11
  12. 12. Cautions for Installation Be sure to read the following for safe installation. ■ For your safety, while the vehicle is off and parked on the flat ground in the bright environment, install the product in a way that it does not blind the driver. The product cannot be installed on the outside of the vehicle. ■ Clean the surface where the mount will be attached. ■ Do not touch the cable with wet hands or do not damage the cable. This may result in a fire or electric shock. ■ Install the camera in the traveling direction of the vehicle. Do not have coating block the camera. Videos will be unclear or distorted. ■ Keep a distance from the radio device and reception antenna inside the vehicle. ■ Do not drop the product or apply a shock to the product.Cautions for Installation ■ Do not make the product contact chemicals such as alcohol, benzene, thinner or cleaning agents. This may result in surface deformation, inner part damage or fire. ■ Do not leave the product at extremely low or high temperatures. If the product is left for a long time in such conditions during summer or winter, this may cause deformation or failure. Under such conditions, store the product separately. Never disassemble or modify the product. The disassembled or modified product may not function properly and cannot be covered by the warranty. 12
  13. 13. DirectionsStarting mode - RecordingAfter the product is booted, this Recording menu is displayed on the LCD at first.If you can see this menu, the product is already recording your driving scene.If you want to stop recording and to go to main menu,press the ENTER key [ ] .In this menu, there are two controllable the UP key [ ] to turn on or off the the DOWN key [ ] to view the current video on the LCD. GPS Reception Speaker On/ Off MIC On /Off Date and Time Directions Drive/ Parking ModeThere are four status indicator of the product about GPS, Speaker, MIC and Recording modes.For the iRoad ll-G11 with GPS module, it indicate a status of GPS.For the iRoad ll-R11 without GPS module, it don’t indicate a status of GPS. 13
  14. 14. ✽Button Information There are four buttons in this device. All buttons except ESC have bi-function. For example, pressing UP key [ ] have function to go up from current highlight and can turn on or off the microphone in the recording menu. ESC : EXIT ESC Press this key to go to the upper menu. UP : Press this key to go up. UP / MIC MIC : In the recording mode, press this button to turn on or off the microphone. ENTER/ MENU ENTER : Press this key to enter the selected menu. MENU : In the recording mode, press this key to stop recording and enter the menu. DOWN : Press this key to go down. DOWN /VIEW VIEW : Press this key to view the current video on the LCD.Directions Press the View button to move the screen in the following order: Full Center Top Left Top Right Bottom Left Bottom Right. Play the External Video : In the view mode, press the Menu button to play the external video. 14
  15. 15. Main MenuIf the product is operated normally, it’s possible to use or configure various menus.Main menu is consist of 7-sub menus. It is listed as follows.Play VideoIt have driving recorded files and you can play and see it.Sound OptionYou can select recording type, speaker volume and voice notice.Device InformationYou can check a firmware version of device, coordinates fromGPS and can configure the format of external out for outer display.Card FormatYou can format micro-SD memory card.Time OptionYou can select Region, Summer Time and adjust time.LanguageThis device is two option(menu language and voice notice) to select language. DirectionsThis device is supported seven different languages in menu text and four different languages invoice notice.Video OptionYou can configure Brightness, Impact Sensitivity and Parking mode.If there is no user activity in all menu for one minute, it automatically switches to the save mode. 15
  16. 16. Play Video When Play Video is green in the main menu, press the ENTER key [ ] to show the recorded video list. In this menu, you can check recorded driving videos. When the File that you want to see is green in this menu, press the ENTER key [ ] to play recorded video. ✽File Name Information Current File / Total Files e.g. 2/22 : 2nd file out of 22 filesDirections 13-VIDEO.ASF 2012/06/25 10:25:34 Impact event File name Recording date icon and time 16
  17. 17. Sound OptionWhen Sound Option is green in the main menu, pressthe ENTER key [ ] to show the menu lists for sound setting.In Sound Option, use the UP /DOWN key [ / ] to select oneout of Recording Type, Speaker Volume and Voice Notice.Then press the ENTER key [ ] to change settings.Format•You can decide to record both video and audio or video only.Speaker Volume•You can adjust speaker volume.Voice Notice : The voice notice is given for eight events. .•If you use voice notice, you can select one of four different languages in Language Setting menu. (Available Languages : Korean / English / Japanese / Chinese - Simplified / Traditional) Directions 17
  18. 18. Device Information When Device Information is green in the main menu, press the ENTER key [ ] to show the menu lists of device information. Use the UP/ DOWN key [ / ] to select Version, GPS or Ext.OUT. Then press the ENTER key [ ] to change device settings. Version •You can check the current firmware version of the product. •If your firmware version is older, download the latest one from our website and update your product. GPS •For the iRoad ll-G11 with the GPS module, coordinates from the GPS are displayed. •For the iRoad ll-R11 without the GPS module, coordinates are not displayed. EXT.OUTDirections •Select NTSC or PAL to see the product’s GUI via the external device. •Output to the external device : In the Recording Menu, press the DOWN key [ ] to go to the view mode, and then press the ENTER key [ ]. When the LCD is off, information is displayed on the external device. •Specification for the external device : 2.5∏ Mono ※ Purchase the video output cable separately as the input terminal differs by product. 18
  19. 19. Card FormatWhen Card Format is green in the main menu, press theENTER key [ ] to show memory card information.Memory Card FormatIf there is any problem in the memory card supplied with theproduct or the memory card should be reinstalled for somereasons, you should format the memory card. However, for anyproblem caused by not using the memory card supplied withthis product, we do not take any responsibility.In the Card Format menu, press the ENTER key [ ] .Then, the following message appears. “All files will be lost.Do you want to continue?” If you want to format the memory card,press the ENTER key [ ] .If not, press the ESC key [ ] . Directions•Once you format the memory card, all saved files will be lost. You must make sure to Back-up important files before formatting.•Card formatting time and number of files depend on card capacity. (No. of files : 45 for 2GB, 60 for 4GB, 90 for 8GB, 96 for 16GB)•Be sure to format the memory card after updating firmware.•You can format the memory card with our PC playback program. 19
  20. 20. Time Option Model with GPS(iRoad ll-G11) When Time Option is green in the main menu, press the ENTER key [ ] to show the menu lists for time setting. Use the UP/ DOWN key [ / ] to select Region or Summer Time. Then press the ENTER key [ ] to change time settings. Region •Select one out of 141 regions to set correct time in the time zone. Summer Time GPS built-in model •You can set summer time for your region. (iRoad ll-G11) As for the product with GPS module installed, time is automatically set without your intervention. Model without GPS(iRoad ll-R11)Directions When Time Option is green in the main menu, press the ENTER key [ ] to show the menu lists for time setting. Use the UP/ DOWN key [ / ] to select Region or adjust Time. Then press the ENTER key [ ] to change time settings. Region •Select one out of 141 regions to set correct time in the time zone. 20
  21. 21. Adjust Time•You can set time.In case of iRoad-II-R11 model, after purchasing the product,you should set time by yourself. In case of No GPS model (iRoad ll-R11)If you entered this menu, you can configure your time byusing UP/ DOWN key [ / ] to select one of menus.(Year, Month, Date, Hour, Min, Sec) DirectionsAfter time is set, press the ENTER key [ ] to save timesettings. 21
  22. 22. Language When Language is green in the main menu, press the ENTER key [ ] to show the menu lists for language setting. Use the UP/ DOWN key [ / ] to select Menu text or Voice notice language. Then press the ENTER key [ ] to change setting. Menu text •Select one out of seven different languages to set. If you select a language, all texts of menu is changed to it. Voice notice •Select one out of four different languages to set. If you select a language, all voice notice is changed to it. ※ If you want to set voice notice to use or not, you set in Sound Setting menu. Refer to 2. Sound Setting. Video OptionDirections When Video Option is green in the main menu, press the ENTER key [ ] to show the menu lists for video setting. In Video Option, use the UP/ DOWN key [ / ] to go to the Park mode /G-Level /Brightness. 22
  23. 23. Parking Mode : Off, 10 Min., 20 Min., or 30 Min. can be selected.•On the Recording menu, the parking icon [ ] appears.•Parking Mode Setting and Description (e.g. when 10 Min. is selected) ❶ During 10 minutes after the vehicle is parked, if any movement is not detected, the parking mode starts. ❷ When a movement is detected, the general video is recorded for 20 seconds. If a movement is still detected after 20seconds, the general video is recorded for additional 40seconds. ❸ When a movement disappears, it is switched to the parking mode in 10 minutes.G-Level : You can control Impact Sensitivity.Brightness : You can control LCD brightness.✽Video modes : Three types of video are available.•General : If the impact is lower than the specified level, the video is automatically recorded as general one in the format of VGA (640x480) 30fps after the product is switched on.•Event : The video is recorded only when the impact is higher than the specified level. The file has an event mark in front of its name.•Parking : Off, 10 Min., 20 Min., or 30 Min. can be selected for the parking mode. In this mode, the video is recorded as the parking one only if the camera lens is detected movement or change in Directions contrast for the selected time period. FPS is the same as that of the general video.• In the parking mode, power must be supplied continuously.• If ambient brightness or external movement is not strong, motion detection may not work. 23
  24. 24. Firmware Upgrade After download the latest F/W, copy it to micro SD Card. And you should insert micro SD card to the product and connect power. ❶ Download the latest F/W for each model from our website. ❷ Decompress the file on the display. ❸ Copy sel5upg.slm in the decompressed folder. ❹ Insert the SD card to the computer, open the black box drive, and paste mbs7upg.slm next to Myvideo. ❺ Remove the SD card from the computer, and insert it to Folder downloaded the latest firmware file the black box and close the Door and connect power. ❻ During F/W upgrade, the red LED blinks fastly. Copy ❼ After upgrade, the product reboots and recording starts. (The red LED blinks fastly.)Firmware Upgrade Folder in micro SD Card After F/W upgrade, format the memory card to improve data recording reliability. 24
  25. 25. Windows ViewerYou can play and view videos saved on the memory card.Installation Guide❶ Run the Setup file •Download the Setup file from the memory card or website •Run and Install the Setup file after download❷ After installation, the shortcut icon appears on the display. And Blackbox folder appears in “all programs” at Windows Startup.Basic ConfigurationViewer to play videos saved on the memory card❶ Video screen window ❷ Setting and control❸ File path ❹ File list ❺ Impact sensor graph ❷❻ Play/Volume ❼ Running speed ❸ Windows Viewer ❶❽ Play information / GPS information extraction / Map link window / Section video extraction ❹•Running speed / GPS information extraction / Map link are ❺ available only for the model with the GPS module. ❽ ❻ ❼•Map link is available only for the computer with internet connection. (Naver Map and Google Map are supported.) 25
  26. 26. Play Video Viewer to play videos saved on the memory card ❶ Select the folder (Go to My Computer BLACKBOX MyVideo) ❷ Double-click the file Play Screen Map Link ScreenWindows Viewer Map Link Window GPS file extraction (My DocumentBlackboxGps) Section extraction Capture (My DocumentBlackboxVideo) (My DocumentBlackboxSnapshot) 26
  27. 27. Setting Recording Option Card Information Speaker Volume Card Format Sensitivity Setting Windows ViewerGPS Standard Time Capture NTSC/ PAL Language Summer Time 27
  28. 28. FAQ Where should I install the product? Install the product on the windshield in a way it does not block the driver’s view. The video is played upside down. What shall I do? Check if the body is connected to the mount in the correct direction. When power is supplied, LED is not on. What shall I do? Check if the power cable is connected correctly. Clean the cable jack if it is dirty. Since power voltage is unstable when you start the vehicle, this may be the cause. In this case, unplug the power cable, and then plug it back in. How can I know if the product is functioning correctly? Start the vehicle, check if the LED is on, and record the video for a few minutes. Then, check the recorded video with your LCD/PC. I need the longer power cable. The power cable is 5m long. If this is not enough, relocate the body without blocking the driver’sFAQ view or purchase the longer cable. I don’t want to record audio. Turn off the audio recording using the up key [ ] in the recording menu.28
  29. 29. Can I delete videos?Reset the memory to delete all data.Even when power is down due to crash, can the product record the video?Even when power is down, the product can record the video for 3 ~ 5 seconds.What shall I do when the memory card fails?The memory card is expendable. Purchase the authentic memory card. For other memory cards,we do not warrant product performance and our service can be limited.If the product is damaged due to the car accident, how do I repair it?If the product is damaged due to the car accident, it may not function properly. So, do not use theproduct again.Even when the memory card is full, can the product continue to record video?The memory card cannot be full as older files are overwritten. However, back up necessary databefore it is overwritten. FAQThe video is not clear.Remove the lens protection sticker or clean the lens or windshield. 29
  30. 30. Warranty This is the car video recorder developed and manufactured by C&S Technology. We provide After Service support and free repair for faults that occur within one year from the date of purchasing. However, for the product of which purchasing date is not clear, its delivery date will be used instead. Warranty period Item 1 year Body 6 months Micro SD card No warranty Other components ■ Cases of Charged Service •When the warranty period specified above is over •When the product is damaged or fails due to the customer’s fault even if the warranty period remains •When the customer repairs or modifies the product at his/her own discretion •When the product fails as it is used with other unproven products or the product fails due to natural disasterWarranty •When the product fails as the customer does not follow instructions in the user manual. •When the warranty is lost •When the product is damaged due to the car accident ■ Standard for Warranty For repair, exchange and refund of the car video recorder developed and manufactured by C&S Technology, we follow the standard of the Ministry of Strategy and Finance. 30
  31. 31. WarrantyThis Warranty is only covered for units used within Republic of Korea.If the unit is faulty, please call C&S Technology for an RMA number for return.In circumstances relating to the limitations mentioned on the previous page, some repairs maybe charged.If the unit is faulty, please send this warranty card with the unit for repair. Product iROAD-II-G11 / iROAD-II-R11 Serial No. Date of Purchase Retailer C&S B/D, 54-7 Munjung 1 Dong, Songpa-Ku, Seoul, 138-826, Korea Tel. 82.2.3015.1478 Fax. 82.2.400.4990
  32. 32. C&S B/D, 54-7 Munjung 1-dong, Songpa-ku, Seoul, 138-826, KoreaTel. 82.2.3015.1478 Fax. 82.2.400.4990