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  • 1. Michael Alexander kirkwood Halliday1925-present
  • 2. • Michael Halliday is an internationally recognised schoolar who from the late 1950s has contributed significantly to theories of language and related areas.• His most popular work, Introduction to Functional Grammar, shifted the focus of linguistics out of the «syntactic age» into what we might now call the semiotic age.• He is best known for developing systemic functional linguistics (SFL).
  • 3. Hallidayan Functional Theory of Language Halliday (1994) points out that, in order to make sense of a text, "the natural tendency is to think of a text as a thing—a product" while "seeing the text in its aspect as a process”• Analysist of the different aspects of the language
  • 4. Context of culture:general framework thatgives purposes tointeractions of particulartypes adaptable to themany specific contexts ofsituation that they getused in.
  • 5. Register Variety according to use Why is important?
  • 6. • Context of situation presents three register variables Field: it refers to the nature of the social action that is taking place. Mode: what the participants expect language do for them in that situation. Tenor: it has to do with who are taking part in the situation and the nature of the participants, their status and roles.
  • 7. • The ideational function is the content function of language that allows Ideational us to conceptualize themetafunction world for our own benefit and that of others.
  • 8. •According to Halliday, theInterpesonal interpersonal componentmetafunction represents the speakers meaning potential as an intruder.
  • 9. • It embraces all the grammatical systems Textual responsible formetafunction managing the flow of discourse.