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  • 2.  Researcher’s name:  Juliana Mendoza Williams. Irma López Rivera Student’s registration number: 08-0972808-09821 Working Title: Study of the proficiency of speaking skill in students of Sistemas Comerciales major. General Line of Research:  Applied linguistics. Type of Research:  Descriptive. Cuantitative. Supervisor:  Gilberto Campos. Date: December 11th, 2012.
  • 3. Since we have noticed that the students of Sistemas Comerciales Major seem not having proficiency in English as it is expected when they take English for Business subject we decided to conduct this research.This research is focused on the speaking skill in view of the fact that this skill is fundamental to develop their communicative skill.Participants for this study will be students of the fourth semester of the Sistemas Comerciales Major at University of Quintana Roo. Those students will be taking intermediate level. The observations will take place in a classroom.The instruments we will use are surveys, tests, questionnaires, interviews, and observations. Also, the final exam will be taking into a count in order to know how many of them pass the exam.
  • 4.  The students of Sistemas Comerciales Major, in order to take the English for Business subject, have to reach the Intermediate level of English, so that they are expected to manage a certain amount of knowledge to have a proficient speaking performance. The interest for doing this research emerged due to we had the opportunity to take English for Business subject with students of this major, and we realized they did not have the appropriate English level that is required.
  • 5. Regarding on what we have explained we have a main objective which embraces the problem that is presented on these students.This is: To explore if students reach Intermediate level as it is expected.Then, in order to accomplish this objective we rely on three research questions, which are:The first one is: Do Sistemas Comerciales students have the Intermediate level of English when taking English for Business?The result of this first question will lead us to know the answer of the second question which is: What is the real level of English at Speaking skill of Sistemas Comerciales students who are taking English for Business? Does the lack of Speaking proficiency affect the grades of the students who are taking English for Business?
  • 6.  The Intermediate language level should be reflected on their performance at English for Specific Purposes subject. According to our experience, the English for Business which is taught at University of Quintana Roo is focused in developing the speaking skill and to increase the vocabulary of specialized terms, but according to Rogers (2012): Teaching Business Studies students is much the same as teaching business people in the sense that it is often about striking a balance between giving students transferable language whilst at the same time meeting each individual’s demands from the needs analysis. As with other realms of ESP, one of the benefits for teachers when devising a syllabus is that the specificity limits us in what is useful and applicable to teach. in terms of the traditional four skills, a greater emphasis should be placed on reading and writing rather than speaking and listening.
  • 7.  To sum up, we can say that low proficiency in speaking is a very popular problem among students who are learning English as a second or foreign language. The University of Quintana Roo is not the exception so this research is focused on this skill and could lead to further investigations about the factors that cause this problem.
  • 8.  Participants for this study will be two groups of students. One group in the morning shift and the other one in the afternoon shift. Total of students is forty four which twenty four are women and twenty are men, approximately. They will be in fifth semester of the Sistemas Comerciales Major at University of Quintana Roo, and all of them will have reached the Intermediate level of English. The instruments we will use are interviews, tests, surveys, questionnaires, and observations. Also, the final exams will be taking into a count in order to know how many of them pass it, and what is their grade.