Small business internet marketing
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Small business internet marketing


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Small business internet marketing Small business internet marketing Presentation Transcript

  • Small Business Internet MarketingSunday, March 3, 13
  • A lot of people believe that small business internet marketing is about creating an attractive site and then relaxing and waiting for the big profits to roll in. In reality it requires a lot more efforts and patience to achieve the results you wanted. This means regularly working on your site especially during the first couple of months. As a first step your online site should have your keywords. If you sell hats, you have got to understand that if somebody types the word hats into his browser, gazillions of results will show up.Sunday, March 3, 13
  • This is the case where the so-called long tail keywords prove to be important. They are basically phrases that someone will put into a browser, for example “black leather hats”. So if you black leather hats as a keyword you’re going to end up somewhere in the search results. Long tail keywords are very increasingly vital in getting found by the search engines. Google provides a free keyword tool you can use to do your initial research to locate these phrases.Sunday, March 3, 13
  • When you type in the phrase “black leather hats” Google will show you the number of searches people had executed in the past month for that phrase, both internationally and in the US. There are numerous similar programs available that you can purchase, if you wish to dive into more in-depth keyword research regularly. No matter which tool you pick you will need to pay attention to the results and carefully consider which keywords you want to use to target in your articles. If a keyword search ends up returning four-six thousand searches a month locally, that is considered a pretty good number. Whether you use local or worldwide searches depends on the product or service that you are marketing.Your goal is to be on the first page of the SERPs and it may take a considerable amount endurance as well as hard work to achieve this but we all know that is where the profits are.Sunday, March 3, 13
  • Google prefers internet sites that are continuously updated and have good, relevant content. So get into the habit of publishing at least a five hundred word article – that is keyword-rich – on a daily basis. Use your main keywords immediately in the first paragraph and also in the last paragraph. Depending on the length of the article, use the phrase one time per one hundred words.You do not want to overdo it. If you have Google Adwords on your page, this may also assist Google to laser target your readers.Sunday, March 3, 13
  • Quality backlinks to your site are of paramount importance. Building topical backlinks is not an easy process. It takes time. But you should remember that your goal is to be in this for the long term.You want to run the marathon, not the 100 meters. Do not buy backlinks and avoid the so-called backlink farms. Google warns against these tactics. Their search engine will ignore such links and you might get penalized for using them. It is not worth it. Our goal is not to try to cheat Google, rather to find out what they like and then follow their wishes. There exist some good strategies that are totally legal and effective. We will discuss them later.Sunday, March 3, 13
  • Article marketing is a one of the best ways to have backlinks. Most s0-called article directories will give you their permission to include one link in your article to your site. To get the best results, you will need to come up with and submit several dozen quality articles. There are time-saving methods to do this. First it may seem a bit frightening but again the competition is strong out there and we are planning on becoming and staying successful. Small business internet marketing is the future for those wanting to promote their products or services online.Sunday, March 3, 13
  • http://www.bigideamastermindonline.comSunday, March 3, 13