No More Excuses
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No More Excuses



No more excuses for not taking action and live your dreams. Here is how.

No more excuses for not taking action and live your dreams. Here is how.



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No More Excuses No More Excuses Presentation Transcript

  • Dreams or Excuses?Saturday, February 23, 13
  • Why is it that people can have access to the best super-duper training, the greatest mentors and they just miserably fail? It is not that they are stupid. It has more to do with their being lazy. Be it a real estate course or a class on internet marketing, the majority listens to the original presentation once then goes home and puts his training materials on the shelf. “I am so tired today – I will start some serious study tomorrow.” Of course, tomorrow never comes.Saturday, February 23, 13
  • One of the major factors among many others are not having worthy goals. You should always start out with your “why”. Ask yourself why you got interested in this business opportunity. “Oh, because I can potentially make a hundred grand a year!” Fine! And why do you want to have that kind of money? ”I would pay off my mortgage/ send the kids to college/ travel the World on first class/ feed the needy in Africa.” Very nice! Why would you want to do that? ”Well, it is nice to live rent or mortgage free/ to know that the kids are given the opportunity/ to see the World/ to share the wealth.” All right! Why is that important to you?Saturday, February 23, 13
  • As you can see, we can ask our “why” at least a couple of times before we finally arrive at the last station. And the final response is always something like “Because this gives a kind of fulfillment, spiritual satisfaction deep inside me.” Once you realize this, you will have more motivation and a clear vision. If you have motivation that is seeded deeply inside you and have the clear vision regarding the future, you will do anything it takes to achieve your goals. And your chances will be many times greater. After you have talked it over with yourself, you can say that you are ready for the change.Saturday, February 23, 13
  • The rest of the people will come up with all sorts of excuses to not move their butts to actually do something about their dreams. Are you familiar with these ones:Saturday, February 23, 13
  • -- I do not have enough time. - I do not have enough money. - I have too much debt. - I am too old. - I am too young. - I am too tired. - I do not have any experience. - I am a woman. Women cannot succeed easily in business. - I am too black (yellow, white, whatever). - My English is not the best.Saturday, February 23, 13
  • You should not consider these as obstacles. Rather you should look at them as the basis of your motivation. Just like some of the most successful members of the Empower Network did.Saturday, February 23, 13
  • Saturday, February 23, 13
  • Saturday, February 23, 13
  • Saturday, February 23, 13
  • Saturday, February 23, 13
  • These people are doers – not just dreamers. And more importantly they have the vision. They all took action and made it happen. They were looking for an opportunity and threw out their excuses. Do YOU have a dream or do you have excuses? If you want to take action, here is the link. Type in your name, email address and watch the video. See you on the other side!Saturday, February 23, 13
  •, February 23, 13