Activity 13 common online terminologies
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Activity 13 common online terminologies






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Activity 13 common online terminologies Activity 13 common online terminologies Presentation Transcript

  • Common Online Terminologies Julius Dave O. Alca Bachelor of Secondary Education University of Santo Tomas
  • 1. Email - ‘’Electronic Mail’’ is a method of sending of messages through internet. Only the sender and the receiver can read the messages.
  • 2. Blog - Blog is a discussion or informational site, where you can make your own personal blog, like a diary or commentary written by an individual. - In the world of blogging, many of them have common interest in their blog.
  • 3. Online Chat - Online Chat a communication through internet that offers a real-time transmission of text messages from sender to receiver. - Different kind of online chat, is Video chat, and Group chat etc.
  • 4. Social Bookmarking - Social Bookmarking use for bookmarking a sites. - Most social bookmarks services encourage users to organize bookmarks.
  • 5. URL - URL stands for ‘’UNIFORM RESOURCE LOCATOR’’ - It also known as ‘’WEB ADRRESS’’
  • 6. Streaming - Streaming is a multimedia that constantly receive by and presented by the provider. - Live streaming refers to content delivered through internet. Requires camera or video recorder.
  • 7. Podcast - Podcast is a digital medium of an episode or a series of audio, PDF, and video etc…. - ‘’PODCASTING’’ was first mentioned by Ben Hammersley.
  • 9. VoIP - VoIP stands for ‘’Voice over Internet Protocol. - Voice over Internet Protocol system employ session control and signal protocol to control the signal, setup, and tear-down of calls.
  • 10. Wiki - Wiki is usually a web application which allow to add, modify and delete a content. - Wikipedia is the most popular wiki on the public web. - Ward Cunningham, the first developer of the wiki.
  • 11. Social Networking - Social Networks is the most applicable to communicate with your family, friends, and relatives. - Twitter And Facebook is the most popular social networks in our generations.
  • 12. WWW - WWW also known as ‘’ WORLD WIDE WEB’’ - System of interlinked hypertext documents accessed via internet.
  • 13. HTML - HTML also known as ‘’ HyperText Markup Language’’ - Is the main markup language for creating web pages.
  • 14. Web Feed - A web feed or news feed is a data format used for providing users frequently updated content