Back To School Night Freshman English
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  • 1. Back to School Night Freshman English by Mr. Balmaseda
  • 2. My Objectives as a Teacher
    • * Incite to Think
    • * Incite to Question
    • * To challenge students' to adapt and overcome
    • * To challenge students'
    • assumptions of themselves, 
    • others and their surroundings.
  • 3. Student Objectives of this Course
    • * Apply Critical Thinking and Critical literary analysis to works reviewed in the course.
    • * Improve Vocabulary
    • * Improve Writing skills
    • * Utilize the available technology to teach the class a new way of seeing the material.
  • 4. Course Highlights
    • * "Romeo and Juliet" animations
    • * "A Separate Peace" Years Later paper
    • * Read a work of fiction that is not recommended reading
    • * Student Written Fiction Publishing Party
  • 5. "Romeo and Juliet" Animations
    • * Students will work in groups to use a podcast to animate a 
    • short but critical scene from Romeo and Juliet and lead a short 
    • class discussion as to its importance in its portrayal of Italian 
    • society and the importance of this structure to the plot.
  • 6. "A Separate Peace" Years Later paper
    • Students will complete a paper that continues the plot of this 
    • novel when Gene returns to school years later.
  • 7. Unrecommended Reading
    • Read a work of fiction that is recommended reading in its  
    • country of origin, preferably for your age group. Students will 
    • use the school's electronic authoring tool to receive feedback 
    • from students in the book's country of origin.
  • 8. Student Written Fiction Publishing Party
    • Students will write a short fiction story of 1000+ words and 
    • post it in a personal blog. Students will then comment on the 
    • stories of three other students in a positive and constructive  
    • manner.