Final Review And Assignment For Vocab Unit
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Final Review And Assignment For Vocab Unit

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This presentation shows my strengths in visual elements and multimedia instruction.

This presentation shows my strengths in visual elements and multimedia instruction.

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  • 1. Vocab: Final Project The Review and the Assignment Note: A teacher would give this presentation on a smartboard in a classroom. White squares are ”notes” showing teacher-student interaction. This feature would NOT be included in the in- class instruction.
  • 2. Review: Epics What is an epic? The teacher would give this presentation on a smartboard. A student would define the word, and the teacher would write it on the screen along with student examples of ”epics” (ex: Epic Movie, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, etc.)
  • 3. Review: Epics What are some features of epics? Students name features of epic stories (ex:have a hero, shows triumph of good over evil, takes place over a long period of time, etc.). Teacher writes these features on the smartboard.
  • 4. Review: Vocab You've learned a ton of vocab words. What are some of the vocab activities we've done in here? The process here is the same as before. This slide gives students an opportunity to recap some of the ways they've learned about the vocab words (ex: word circles, word squares, mastery sentences, etc.)
  • 5. Review: Context clues What do context clues do? Teacher says, ”and we've learned about context clues. What do context clues do?” The classroom procedure here is the same.
  • 6. Review: Context clues You're writing sentences using context clues. What sort of details do you put in? Some possible examples:  Who, what, when, where, why, how  Details showing what's happening  Show, not tell
  • 7. Assignment Now, you're going to write your own epic story using 10 of the vocab words. Here are the instructions:  Write at least five paragraphs  Underline all ten vocab words  Use context clues to show you understand the words This assignment is worth 40 points: This is a lot of information for  2 points for each vocab word one slide. See teacher  2 points for each set of context clues instructions on next slide for more details.
  • 8. That was a lot for one slide, but the info was necessary for the sake both contiguity and preventing panicking students. Underline key points on the smartboard, and pass out identical info as a job aid. Tell the class they'll have 90 minutes over two days to finish the assignment. Modify the time available to students as a form of differentiation. Allow students to use notes/glossaries as job aids.