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Pretty%20 data

  1. 1. Interviewee 1. What is your academic year? 2. Do you Drink? 3. How old are you? Addy Sophomore Yes 19 Kelse Sophomore Yes 19 Carrie Freshmen Yes 18 Kelly Sophomore Yes 20 Andrea Junior No 20 Julie 1 Senior Yes 21 Julie 2 Senior Yes 21 Julie 3 Senior Yes 22 Garrett 1 Junior Yes 21 Garrett 2 Junior Yes 20
  2. 2. Interviewee 4. What do you look up/how do you use social media? 4a. Which form of social media do you use most often? Addy I look at pictures Twitter, Facebook Kelse Stalking, to stay connected with people, see how people are doing, to post personal things/pictures, to talk to other people Twitter Carrie Facebook I like to see what is going on in my friends lives and try to stay close to them Facebook Kelly twitter professionally for journalism, facebook for friends and I am careful about what I post Facebook and Twitter Andrea Twitter, Facebook, reddit, tumblr, vine, she looks up facebook for friends and twitter for celebrities and amusement Facebook and Twitter Julie 1 Look at friends updates Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram Julie 2 twitter, instargram, friends Twitter
  3. 3. Interviewee 5. Where have you seen anti-drunk driving ads? 6. What kinds of PSAs do you pay attention to/have a strong effect on you? Addy I have seen videos and posters before The videos reallyopen your in high school (before prom) eyes to what could happen if you drive drunk Kelse I've seen them in magazines and on bill boards. I've seen some postings of them on Facebook and video advertisements on youtube. I don't know who promotes them, or what company does them or anything, but for the most part they speak the truth and are very impacting The ones that have deep music with real people or incidents in them. Something that catches my eye in the beginning or something that someone posts that says "MUST WATCH THIS" I always feel like I have to watch after seeing that Carrie I know that they are trying to get there point across about how dangerous it is to drive after you have been drinking. Yes I have seen them on posters around schools, on TV commercials, in hospitals and doctor offices. The ones that have people telling there story about how a drunk driver hit them and now they are in a wheel chair. Kelly Around schools and on campus, I don't see them a lot on the internet To catch my attention it has to be graphic and have color
  4. 4. terviewee 7. What services would you use to help you get home safely after a night of alcohol consumption? 8. Does your proximity to the location you are drinking aggect how much you go out/go to bars? 8a. Do yo have a c on campu Yes Addy ? Since I live close it makes the option to go to the bars always available, but since I live across campus from friends I don't want to walk all the way over there all the time Kelse Calling a friend, following closely to another group going the same way as me, or calling a cab I think it gives me more freedom living Yes close to the dorms to drink more than I would if I lived further away and had to find an alternative way other than walking to get Carrie Taxi, bus, call a friend to come and get me I go to places where I am able to only walk to No Kelly Yes, friends, look up taxi numbers, MEA for emergencies t doens;t really effect my behavior No Andrea Taxi companies in athens She will not go out alone based on proximity No Julie 1 cab, friend picking me up, bus Somewhat-at OU it really doesn't affect, at home in columbus it somewhat effects Yes
  5. 5. Interviewee How often do you engage in risky behavior pertaining to alcohol? Are you aware of the consequences of drunk driving? How serious do you take the consequences of drinking and driving? Addy Not often Yes Very seriously Kelse Hardly ever Yes Very seriously Carrie So far not at all Yes Very seriously Kelly 3-5 times a week Yes Very seriously Andrea Does not Yes Very seriously Julie 1 2-3 days/week Yes Very seriously Julie 2 3-4/week Yes Very seriously Julie 3 3-4/week Yes Very seriously Garrett 1 Not often Yes Very seriously Garrett 2 Does not Yes Very seriously
  6. 6. Interviewee Addy Kelse Carrie Kelly Andrea How does money affect how much alcohol you buy? Since I'm a poor college girl I don't spendmuch money on alcohol In what situations are you drinking? Friends and family I purchase as cheap and as less often alcohol as possible. If finding more alcohol is an issue, I don't let the fact that not having money stop me. In other words I would rather not drink than waste my money on alcohol if that's the case Celebrations or big weekends I am more of a saver than a spender so I watch how much money I use on With a group of friends at a alcohol. party Not much, I go to parties where I pay a low amount. I do not like to spend a lot of money on alcohol. I don't like to spend a lot of money on alcohol because I am conscious of money and do not have a job on campus. Groups of friends If she is low on money she is not
  7. 7. Interviewee How much do your friends influence the amount you drink? What is your attitude/opinion on risky behavior relating to alcohol? How do you d dangerous dri behavior Addy Not much, I drink how much I want. They never pressure me to do anything I don't want. I think that people should watch how much they drink and never get to a point where they can't make safe choices on their own. I define dangero drunk driving, bl out, getting sick, remembering Kelse On a scale of one to ten about a seven. Friends have a way of peer pressuring you to do something whether they know it or not I think if you are going to drink you need to be smart about it. Sure, have a good time, but don't be dumb enough to do something you are going to regret in the morning. I personally view people who drink to get drunk and have that as an excuse for their stupid actions as disresoectful and stupid Drinking to the p blacking out and thinking you are invincible. Things as, jumping off something, or th you can do some just because you Drinking a lot wh youre alone and with someone el also dangerous b I think you shoul be with someone
  8. 8. Interviewee What is normal drinking behavior for you? Do you feel peer pressure to drink? Is your age a factor in your drinking decisions What are the main factors in how much you drink? Addy Normal drinking is just relaxing and having fun with my friends No yes Driving Kelse Drinking to the point of having fun but not enough to make me sick, pass out, or not remember everything. Yes No Driving Carrie I barely drink, I usually only have a cup or so, I don’t need alcohol to have a good time and just to me alcohol isn’t something I need to consume at parties No yes Driving Kelly I only ever have a No yes Stress, money