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Chapter%207%20 salads%20and%20salad%20dressings Chapter%207%20 salads%20and%20salad%20dressings Presentation Transcript

  • Ch. 7 Salads & Salad DressingsNutritional PerspectiveO Excellent source of vitamins and minerals O Potato or pasta salads – carbohydrates O Fish, meat, eggs or cheese – proteins O Dressings – a lot – high in fat; little – low in fatO Fiber is typically abundantO Vegetables – raw or cookedO Fruits – any raw fruitsO Dairy – cheeses of many types; yogurtO Protein – beef, pork, chicken, turkey, fish, eggs, legumes, nutsO Grains – whole grain and refined cereals
  • Ch. 7 Salads & Salad DressingsPlanning Salads Role of the meal (Table 7.1) Size Satiety value – satisfied feelingO Tossed or Composed Greens salads Arranged carefully; artistic; formal appearance Cobb salad Appetizer salad – cooked shimp
  • Ch. 7 Salads & Salad DressingsO Arrangement and Shape1. Appropriate plate or bowl2. Use of a lettuce cup or other liner3. The main body of the salad4. Possible use of a garnish to serve as an accent Balance – center of interestO Color – should be appealingO Flavor – pleasing impressionO Texture - combinations
  • Ch. 7 Salads & Salad DressingsTypes of SaladsO Fruit Salads Decoration - Pineapple, Grapefruit, WatermelonO Vegetable Salads Raw, cooked and chilled, canned, fresh, ready-to- eat mixtures Many types of lettuce to use that add flavor, texture and interestO Gelatin Salads – prepared a day in advanceO High-Protein SaladsO Garnishes
  • Ch. 7 Salads & Salad DressingsPrinciples of PreparationO Washing - removing sand or dirtO Handling of Greens – attractive, crisp leaves; important to remove most of the water – dilute dressing and flavor; tearing over cuttingO Assembling a Salad – dressing added during preparation, on the side Closer to serving time – wilt or lose crispness; except for Pasta, Potato or starch-rich ingredientsO Preparing Gelatin Salads – very particular and careful preparation
  • Ch. 7 Salads & Salad DressingsServing SaladsO Careful attention to detailO Chilled plate and forkO Free of splatters or smearsO (Ex. Judging Points)
  • Ch. 7 Salads & Salad DressingsO Salad Dressings – oil, an acidic liquid and seasoningsO Temporary Emulsions – shaken each time they are used; French and Italian – vinegar or lemon juice Olive, corn, soybean, peanut, safflower 2-3 times as much oil as vinegarO Semipermanent Emulsions – intact for a few daysO Permanent Emulsions - mayonnaiseO Cooked Salad Dressings – Miracle WhipO Varying Salad Dressings – flavors and ingredients