From Twitter World to Twitter Universe


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  • You have some good ideas for a social media campaign, but the assignment specifically asks for a "full digital marketing campaign" and calls out mobile, internet marketing and requests a detailed budget breakdown.
  • Twitter is trying to gain new users and expand the Twitter universe; we want everyone who isn’t already on Twitter to be there. We want new and potential users to get acquainted with the site and show them how simple and efficient Twitter is as a social media site.We also want to bring in businesses to Twitter and have a page for their brand where they can advertise and create a space to communicate with their consumers.
  • When marketing to the businesses that we want to bring in to advertise on the site, we want to show them all of the successful businesses that also advertise on the site-To show them this we will want to have a successful business promoted on the “trending topics” sidebar.  By doing this they can very easily go to the business’ Twitter page and get a feel for how businesses advertise on Twitter.  We want to make sure these businesses that get promoted are successful and have exceptional pages.Also on the login page we should create a tab that will direct businesses to the advertise on the Twitter page and @TwitterAds. This will be a great way to show businesses how easy and beneficial it is to advertise using Twitter and help bring them in to use the site. When advertising within the site, to cater to our new users we are going to want to have the Twitter brand image and logo visible so that it sticks with the user. The site has already been simplified so that new users can get comfortable with how to use Twitter
  • Twitter’s mobile application is widely successful and includes ways for businesses to advertise. - new and potential users can use the app to tweet where ever they go. They have all the perks of twitter in their pocket at all times.- Businesses can pay to have their brand advertised on the app. By tying their ads to search terms, the company will come up when users search on the mobile app. Businesses can use this for promotions and increase traffic to their twitter page.
  • Twitter has done a great deal of internet marketing; users can tweet news articles, It would also be a good idea to get Twitter’s name out on blogs that deal with advertising for businesses, large or small.  Twitter staff would have to go and find blogs that deal with such and then leave comments and posts about how Twitter is a good site to advertise on, leaving links back to Twitter, TwitterAds, etc.  It would be ideal to form a success page about businesses and their stories with how Twitter helped them. 
  • Of course, this all depends on budget.
  • From Twitter World to Twitter Universe

    1. 1. From Twitter World to Twitter Universe A Social Media Marketing Strategy for the Social Media Giant
    2. 2. Fighting Fire With FireIf Twitter is already a social media giant, then why use social media to market thebrand?With over 500 million active users and estimated to be worth $1 billion in 2014,Twitter is indeed a social media giant. But why not increase our firm grip in the socialmedia world? We want to bring in new users and companies and expand the Twitterbrand. To do this, we will use social media and the power of the internet and geteveryone tweeting and talking about Twitter. We don’t just want to welcome our users to the World of Twitter, we will introduce them to the Twitter Universe.
    3. 3. Target Tweeters
    4. 4. Target Tweeters Our target tweeters (or target audience) thatTwitter is trying to reach through this strategy:• New Users• Potential Users• Businesses
    5. 5. Marketing on Twitter• Businesses – @TwitterAds – Show successful businesses that already advertise on the site. • Trending topics • Promoted Also on the login page we should create a tab that will direct businesses to the advertise on the Twitter page and @TwitterAds. This will be a great way to show businesses how easy and beneficial it is to advertise using Twitter and help bring them in to use the site.• New & Potential Users – Image and logo – Simplified
    6. 6. Marketing onTwitter should create a small campaign that features a 30 second commercialthat is advertised on YouTube before videos are played. Google+ had some really great advertising commercials and I believe Twitter could benefit from a similar campaign.The ad would have to not only mention what it is and how it operates but alsothat businesses can successfully advertise on Twitter as well. This will get the word out about Twitter to people that may have notheard of it or do not have accounts yet.
    7. 7. Tweets To Go – The Free Mobile App • New & Potential Users • Download app • Easy to use • Businesses • Pay to advertise • Search terms • Promotions
    8. 8. Internet Marketing• Tweeting news articles• Businesses are encouraged to market their “hash tags” and Twitter names and use them on their websites, emails, etc.• Blogs – Expanding to blogs that deal with advertising of businesses large or small – Comments & links• Success page
    9. 9. Budget• Because Twitter is still privately owned, information regarding their earnings and revenue has not been released since 2009 when the information was hacked. Since then, most information is estimated and predicted.• Twitter is estimated to have a revenue of $1 billion in 2014.• We are looking to spend 10-12% of revenue on this digital marketing campaign with a greater portion of that percentage going toward marketing on YouTube.• Maintenance to site would cost very little and would only require time.• In order to have Twitter mentioned in blogs and comments, we will use employees and/or interns to go on blogs and comment, etc.
    10. 10. @juliettefennell