Is Virtual Reference Worth the Effort?


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presented for RUSA at ALA 2012, Anaheim, CA.

Is Virtual Reference Worth the Effort?

  1. 1. Is virtual reference worth the effort? Julie StrangeAmer ic a n Li bra ry Ass oc iati on, Ju ne 2012
  2. 2. virtual referencewill save the day
  3. 3. our core values Acc ess Service Colla Play bora tion lu ti onRe vo Relationships
  4. 4. we break down barriers (ninja style)Ac ce s s
  5. 5. we expand the library’seffective service hours (like a boss)Ac ce s s
  6. 6. we improve the model (transcripts ftw)S e r v ic e
  7. 7. we play well with others (and don’t run with scissors)C o ll a b o rat io n
  8. 8. we won’t stop playing (and therefore won’t get old)P lay
  9. 9. we build good relationships (communication is key)Re lat io n sh ip s
  10. 10. we will lead the revolution (and it will be youtubed)Re v o lu t io n
  11. 11. customer love“I wouldn’t mind a few more potholesif it meant funding services like this.”
  12. 12., @strnglibrarian t h a n k yo u !