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  • 1. Google Plus or Google Minus? Patricia AndersonComments: @pfanderson#cilgplus Joel Shields @shieldss J. Shore @7shores Julie Strange @strnglibrarianJoin us on stage: hangout address here(as bit.ly URL)
  • 2. << J. Shore @7shores IntroJoel Shields >> @shieldss Privacy Comments: #cilgplus << Julie Strange @strnglibrarian Applications<< PF Anderson @pfanderson Hangouts
  • 3. << J. Shore @ s oe 7h r s Intro Joel Shields >> @shieldss Privacy Comments: #cilgplus << Julie Strange @strnglibrarian Applications<< PF Anderson @pfanderson Hangouts
  • 4. http://www.flickr.com/photos/_flood_/6602309297
  • 5. G+ allows you tothink differently & build a strong network.
  • 6. Content+ Community Libraries
  • 7. use circles to curate contentto your communities
  • 8. use circles for internal groupsor community partners
  • 9. share circles and promotethe resources (people) inyour community
  • 10. Swiss Photographers Awesome G+ Ladies Circle 500 Non-Profit Brands Nature and Landscape Photographers Japan Lovers Circle Google+ Visionaries Circle Super Science Circle Active Tech Journalists & Thought Leaders CircleEspresso & Coffee Connoisseurs Circle Dance & DJs Circle World Musicians SoundCloud Circle
  • 11. think outside the circle
  • 12. G+ as travel journal for your: - bookmobile - roving activities or programs - author tours - your library mascots adventures - summer reading activities - community events - "where in the library is..." - and more!
  • 13. Let your communityrecommend you.
  • 14. use +1 to vote &engage yourcommunity withdirect questions
  • 15. disable sharingall together.
  • 16. << J. Shore @ s oe 7h r s Intro Joel Shields >> @shieldss Privacy Comments: #cilgplus << Julie Strange @strnglibrarian Applications<< PF Anderson @pfanderson Hangouts
  • 17. "Hangoutscontinue tobe the boldnew featurethat cantbe ignored"Google+ AnnouncesDrug War Debate viaHangout By Jon Mitchell /March 1, 2012 2:58 PM
  • 18. Start a hangout: http://support.google.com/plus/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=1215275What does it do?Videochat / videoconferenceUp to 10 people at a timeScreen sharingWindow sharingVideo sharing (Youtube, maybeHulu?)- GTV? Someday?File sharing / GDocs sharing
  • 19. "It just blowsme away ...the distanceson the planetare shrinking...and Google+hangouts arespeeding thatprocessalong."
  • 20. ART INTERPRETATION astronomy ATHLETICSauthor sessions BOOK TOURS breaking newsCHAMBER MUSIC charades CIVIL RIGHTScoding COMIC BOOKS concerts COOKINGdebates DRAMA REHEARSALS drawing DRUGISSUES & INFO education FILM FESTIVALS foodGAMES help desk IMPROV COMEDY internshiptips INTERVIEWS jam sessions JAZZ legal tipsLIVESTREAM language study LOCALCELEBRITIES music lessons NASA origamiPAINTING parodies PHOTOGRAPHY pictionaryPOETRY SLAM recruitment RESEARCH DESIGNrole play SCAVENGER HUNT science fairsSKETCHING storytelling SUPPORT GROUPStech tips TELEVISION tours ZOMBIES
  • 21. Tips & Best Practices Push to stream for events - private hangout, public audience - Hangout on Air (HOA) - or just use a livestream tool like Livestream.com or UStream.tv Hangouts with extras - extras include screensharing, and realtime collaboration in Google Docs - currently available only for PERSONAL accounts, not enterprise, not pages - must start the hangout from the personal account Safety & Privacy - use caution in joining public hangouts from unknown sources - moderate, mute, block, blackout, report - if private, can delete post from stream after hangout complete - teens muted in presence of strangers
  • 22. http://gphangouts.com/ http://www.gglpls.com/hangouts/https://sites.google.com/site/gsharedcalendars/google-plus-shared-events
  • 23. Unknown Item Search Known Item Search
  • 24. Google+: Learn More: http://www.google.com/ +/learnmore/https://plus.google.com/u/0/115200251016762857369/posts/2w9D2BC9rQX Google+: About Hangouts: http:// support.google.com/ plus/bin/answer.py? hl=en&answer=1215273https://plus.google.com/u/0/115516333681138986628/posts/ARh6BQzzpKA GPlusTuts: Over 50 Google+ Hangout Ideas: http://gplustuts.com/50- google-plus-hangout-https://plus.google.com/106600962597764825745/posts/VfrGf6A8Uff ideas/ The Google Plus "F1" Directory [Sorted A-Z] https://plus.google.com/ u/https://plus.google.com/114424163811716070551/posts/c9pgGA4889P 0/109471940039062886 080/posts/exRpJNqzrJz
  • 25. << J. Shore @ s oe 7h r s Intro Joel Shields >> @shieldss Privacy Comments: #cilgplus << Julie Strange @strnglibrarian Applications<< PF Anderson @pfanderson Hangouts
  • 26. If you are not paying for it, you are the product.
  • 27. PageRANK +
  • 28. You are here
  • 29. Nothing is private
  • 30. Google does not care about you
  • 31. Security on the Internet
  • 32. www.google.com/transparencyreport/
  • 33. << J. Shore @ s oe 7h r s Intro Joel Shields >> @shieldss Privacy Q&A << Julie Strange @strnglibrarian Applications<< PF Anderson @pfanderson Hangouts