Comparing Grand Canyon West Airplane Tours From Las Vegas

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Grand Canyon airplane tours are a great way to experience the National Park. This presentation shares what to look for.

Grand Canyon airplane tours are a great way to experience the National Park. This presentation shares what to look for.

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  • 1. Comparing Las VegasAirplane Tours to GrandCanyon West
  • 2. IntroductionBest outdoor excursion while visiting Sin City?Try a Las Vegas airplane tour to the West Rimof the Grand Canyon. These flights are quick,comfortable and fun. Trips run the gamut. Theones that make the difference are the landingtours. Heres a quick write-up that showcasesthe best in class.
  • 3. Airplane Landing ToursIve flown them all and the following are best interms of safety, experience and value:1. Indian Adventure. Lands at Grand CanyonWest airfield. Comes with 2.5 hours to exploretop of West Rim. Includes full-access to Parkand use of its shuttle bus service to GuanoPoint, the areas premier lookout, and theIndian Cultural Center.
  • 4. Airplane Landing Tours2. Indian Adventure w/ Skywalk. Get VIPaccess to the Grand Canyon Skywalk, the glassbridge that lets you stroll 70 feet past the edgeas the bottom lies 4,000 feet below. Includes acouple of hours to check out all points ofinterest at the top of the rim.
  • 5. Airplane Landing Tours3. Grand Voyage Expedition. My favorite air-tour package. Deplane at Grand Canyon West.Transfer to helicopter for 4,000-foot descent tobottom before floating down Colorado River ona steel-pontoon boat. Includes rim-topexploration time.
  • 6. All-Inclusive Air ToursLanding tours are the complete package andcome with:● Free hotel shuttle service to and from any Vegas Strip hotel● Grab-and-go breakfast● Lunch● Professional guide
  • 7. Flight PathThe flight to the canyon is half the adventure.Youll fly over magnificent Lake Mead, iconicHoover Dam and parts of the majestic MojaveDesert. Planes fly at a higher altitude than, say,helicopters, so expect bigger panoramas of theWests most famous landscapes.
  • 8. Why So Special?The West Rim is the only place where you cantransfer to a helicopter and fly over the edge.These tours depart exclusively from Las Vegas.Theres nothing like these tours at the SouthRim where the airspace is strictly controlled.The point? If you are in Vegas, youve got tobook one of these exotic journeys.
  • 9. Grand Canyon WestGrand Canyon West, also known as the WestRim, is situated on the Hualapai IndianReservation. Currently, its main attraction isthe Sky Walk. Future plans include building outa 100-mile stretch of the rim to include hotels,restaurants and a cable car that goes to thebottom. Stay tuned!
  • 10. Plane TalkThe assumption is that these planes are small,4-seat aircraft. Couldnt be further from thetruth. Tour operators use the Vistaliner, a planethat seats 19 people and is thoroughlycustomized for sightseeing. Features includeoversized viewing windows, deluxe climate-control, lounge-style seats and an aerodynamicbody for one of the smoothest rides in the sky.
  • 11. Get AirborneVegas plane tours to Grand Canyon West arethe perfect excursion for travelers who want toexperience the canyon in the least amount oftime. Landing tours are the way to go, and thebest is the one that includes a helicopter andboat ride. These flights are very popular andregularly sell out. Do your best to reserve yourflight online at least 72 hours in advance.Follow these steps and youll shortly be clearedfor take off!
  • 12. For More InformationAirplane tours are a terrific way to visit theGrand Canyon. For the latest on prices, reviewsand kinds of flights available, go to: