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  • 1. http://designforeveryone.howest.be/
  • 2. drinkbeker 1.7 http://designforeveryone.howest.be/ Julien De Nys / Thijs Leroy Ca. 1 hour € 3 – 20 (depends on personalization) http://drinkbeker2011.blogspot.com/
  • 3. ASSEMBLY MANUAL http://designforeveryone.howest.be/
  • 4.
    • BILL OF MATERIAL - Bottle b’twin
    • Plastic tube
    • Safety glases
    • Ruler
    • USB-stick
    • PC with drawing software
    • Multitool
    • Pencil
    • Round file
    • Laser cutter
    • Selfmade fixation mold
    DRINKBEKER 1.7 8 2 2
  • 5. 1 DESCRIPTION make reference lines on the bottom of the bottle. The lines should devide the circumference in areas of 3cm width. This is the area that can be lasered properly on a curved object, with a similar diameter. For the B’twin bottles (as shown) this corresponds to a division of the bottom in 8 parts of 45°. DRINKBEKER 1.7 None 2 minutes Ruler and pencil Bottle B’twin 1 None
  • 6. 2 DESCRIPTION make a support structure for the bottle. The support structure should keep the bottle parrallel to the table and should have a fixed location indicator. The support stand allows you to turn the bottle according to the guidelines, made in a previous step. The stand is important if you want to work accurate with the laser cutter. BADMINTON 1.7 none 5 – 10 minutes Belt saw, pencil and glue none none none
  • 7. 3 DESCRIPTION design the stencil you want to print on the bottle. Make sure the drawing is a vector drawing; Most programs for laser cuttings require this. The stencil’s length should be the circumferende of the bottle minus some space buffer. We devided our stencil in areas of 3cm wide, this is the working range for the laser on the curved object. When exporting the drawing each of these small areas should be exported as a different file. Number these areas, so you don’t make any mistakes when printing them with the laser cutter. To avoid that the stencil interfere with the logo’s of the bottle, we included some blank areas . DRINKBEKER 1.7 Example pattern 30 minutes PC and creativity Not applicable None none
  • 8. 4 DESCRIPTION it is best to experiment with a spare bottle to check the settings for the laser. We set the laser on engraving and worked with the speed on 80% and the power on 20% of its maximum. The material thickness of the bottle is approximately 1mm. These settings will differ from laser to laser. We start printing the stencil made. After each section the bottle has to be turned and the next partition, of the drawing made, has to be loaded and printed. Make sure that, when you are turning and aligning the bottle, you do not move the stand. This will result in a bad alignement. DRINKBEKER 1.7 None 10 – 45 minutes Laser cutter and selfmade fixation mold Bottle B’twin None € 5 – 15
  • 9. 5 DESCRIPTION remove the silicone sealing from the cap. In the middle of the cap of the bottle there is a cilinder; this cilindre needs to be removerd. The easiest way to do this is to cut its legs off just above the edge. The result should be as shown on the left of this picture. DRINKBEKER 1.7 None 5 minutes Multitool with little grinding wheel Cap of bottle B’twin None None
  • 10. 6 DESCRIPTION make small inden-dations in the lower side of the tube. Experiment with the spindle speed of the multitool. Control which gives the least burrs on the plastic. These indendations are necessary to avoid that the tube sucks itself vacuum to the bottom of our bottle. DRINKBEKER 1.7 None 3 – 4 minutes Safety glasses and multitool Plastic tubee 1 None
  • 11. 7 DESCRIPTION mill out most material out of the silicone sealing with the multitool. The resulting diameter should be slightly smaller than the diameter of the tube. DRINKBEKER 1.7 none 5 – 10 minutes Safety glasses and multitool Soft part of bottle b’twin 1 none
  • 12. 8 DESCRIPTION file out the diameter the remaining ridges, so the inner diameter is approximately the diameter of the tube. DRINKBEKER 1.7 none 5 – 10 minutes Round file none none none
  • 13. 9 DESCRIPTION hone the inside of the sealing with the multitool. Be careful with the spindle speed. If the speed is to high you will start melting the material. You should obtain a burr free inside and the surface should look very similar to the outside of the sealing. DRINKBEKER 1.7 none 6 minutes multitool Parts of bottle B’twin none none
  • 14. 10 DESCRIPTION push the tube in the hollowed sealing. Check the height of the tube in the bottle. The tube should come just above the bottom of the bottle, the sealing should come approximately at the edge of the bottle. The other end of the tube can be adjusted, with a pair of scissors, to your ideal height. DRINKBEKER 1.7 none 1 – 2 minutes none Parts of bottle B’twin and plastic tube none none
  • 15. 11 DESCRIPTION push the tube with the rubber sealing in the hole of the bottle cap. This can will require a little muscle action. DRINKBEKER 1.7 none 1 – 2 minutes none Parts of bottle B’twin and plastic tube none none
  • 16. 12 DESCRIPTION the final assembly is quite simple. Fill the bottle with a liquid, screw the cap on and you are ready to go. For transportation you can use the cap of the spare bottle, used for experimenting with the laser. DRINKBEKER 1.7 none 1 minute none All parts 1 none
  • 17. TECHNICAL ADDENDUM http://designforeveryone.howest.be/
  • 18.  
  • 19. TEAM CONTACTS http://designforeveryone.howest.be/
  • 20. [email_address] TEL +32 0 00 00 00 [email_address] TEL +32 474 23 11 26 [email_address] TEL +32 0 00 00 00 [email_address] TEL +32 0 00 00 00 http://designforeveryone.howest.be/