Docker - 15 great Tutorials


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15 great tutorials to understand and start running Docker containers.

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Docker - 15 great Tutorials

  1. 1. 15 GREAT DOCKERTUTORIALS2013-06-21@julienbarbier42
  2. 2. What is Docker?• Docker is an open-source engine which automates thedeployment of applications as highly portable, self-sufficient containers which are independent of hardware,language, framework, packaging system and hostingprovider.• It is based in lxc, cgroups, namespaces, aufs, and iswritten in go• website:• Twitter: @getdocker
  3. 3. Getting Docker to Run on Linode• Blog post dedicated to getting Docker installed on anUbuntu 12.04 LTS VPS run by Linode•• Author: Nick Stinemates, @nickstinemates
  4. 4. Push-button Deployment with Docker• Zero-configuration system using Docker•• Author: Nick Stinemates, @nickstinemates
  5. 5. Deploy JavaApps With Docker = Awesome• how to use Docker to deploy a Java application inside acontainer•• Author: Nicola Paolucci, @durdn
  6. 6. Deploying django using docker• A look at Docker and discussion on ways to deploy djangousing docker•• Author: Javed Khan, @tuxcanfly
  7. 7. Building Your Own Platform Service Using Docker• Video on how to build your own platform service usingdocker•• Authors: Jeff Lindsay, @progrium& Solomon Hykes, @solomonstre
  8. 8. Using Docker to build FireFox• Create an environment for building Firefox•• Author: Gregory Szorc,
  9. 9. Running Drupal on Docker• Install and run Drupal on Docker•• Author: Rob Knight, @rob_knight
  10. 10. Running Docker on Rackspace with Ubuntu• How to install and run Docker on Ubuntu 12.04, 12.10,and 13.04 on Rackspace Cloud•• Author: Ken Cochrane, @KenCochrane
  11. 11. Running Docker on Digital Ocean with Ubuntu• How to install and run Docker on Digital Ocean•• Author: Ken Cochrane, @KenCochrane
  12. 12. Getting Docker on Chunkhost• Run Docker on Chunkhost•• Author: Silas Baronda, @SilasBaronda
  13. 13. Build your own SaaS using Docker• Build Your Own SaaS using Docker. A proof of conceptwith a simple Memcached SaaS•• Author: Julien Barbier, @julienbarbier42
  14. 14. Docker and openSUSE:AContainer Full of Geekos• An openSUSE container that could be used by docker’susers•• Author: Flavio Castelli, @flavio_castelli
  15. 15. Installing Redis on Docker• How to install Redis on Docker•• Author: John Costa, @johncosta
  16. 16. Docker makes creating secure sandboxes easier than ever• How to run some JavaScript on node safely inside asandbox with Docker•• Author: Dave Kuhn, @davekuhn