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Horizon Project Introduction for Students
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Horizon Project Introduction for Students


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An overview of the Horizon Project 2007 (a Flat Classroom Project by Vicki Davis and Julie Lindsay)

An overview of the Horizon Project 2007 (a Flat Classroom Project by Vicki Davis and Julie Lindsay)

Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. The Horizon Project An Introduction for students
  • 2. What is the Horizon Project?
    • An online, global collaborative project designed for classrooms around the world to join together with a common curriculum goal.
    • Another Flat Classroom Project
    • by Vicki Davis and Julie Lindsay.
    • http://
    • Email: [email_address]
  • 3. Where did it come from?
    • This project gets its inspiration from
    • The Horizon Report 2007
    • a collaboration between the New Media Consortium and the Educause Learning Initiative
  • 4.  
  • 5. What is the report about?
    • The focus of the Horizon Report centers on the applications of emerging technologies to teaching, learning and creative expression.
    • The Horizon Report 2007 identified SIX trends that will have a significant impact on college and university campuses within the next five years.
  • 6. What are the Six Trends?
    • User-Created Content
    • Social Networking
    • Mobile Phones
    • Virtual Worlds
    • The New Scholarship and Emerging Forms of Publication
    • Massively Multiplayer Educational Gaming
  • 7. What is the Horizon Project about for Students?
    • Students from different classrooms will be teamed together to work on one of the six trends
    • There will be 2-3 students per team and 2-3 teams per trend
    • Each trend has a student ‘Project Manager’
  • 8. What Will Students Do?
    • Students will collaborate on a team wiki to provide content under the theme of ‘What the future will look like’ based on the trend being studied
    • Each trend will have an ‘overview’ wiki developed by the Project Manager and the trend teams
  • 9. What Else Will Students Do?
    • Each student will also produce an individual multimedia artefact based on the trend and the theme
    • Suggestions for artefact:
      • ‘ A Day in the Life…..’ of a student/person in the future’
      • ‘ 2020 Vision’ Looking retrospectively on development of the trends
  • 10. Summary of the Six Trends
  • 11. User-Created Content
    • This trend looks at how anyone can now contribute to online content as well as be consumers of it
    • Think about how these contributions can be made (tools, methods, authorship)
    • Think about how uploaded material is tagged and classified and how connections are being made
  • 12. Social Networking
    • This trend looks at making connections and bringing people together
    • Think about what tools are used and how they are used to bring people together online
    • Think about how this is being used to create communities of practice as well as social communities
  • 13. Mobile Phones
    • This trend looks at the convergence of ubiquitous, portable devices and networks that allow for online interaction
    • Think about the development of mobile phones and what they can and will offer everyone
    • Think about how one device can provide access to people, information and data
  • 14. Virtual Worlds
    • This trend is about the development of 3D environments and the way they offer different opportunities for people to interact
    • Think about how effective learning spaces can be utilized in 3D
    • Think about best ways to access and use virtual worlds for different aspects of life
  • 15. The New Scholarship and Emerging Forms of Publication
    • This trend is about scholarly activity and how work is disseminated and evaluated
    • Think about new ways of publication and review of work from a student level and beyond
    • Think about new ways of online and multimedia publication and copyright issues
  • 16. Massively Multiplayer Educational Gaming
    • This trend is about the potential of educational gaming for teaching and learning
    • Think about how games are being developed and what features are applicable to help people learn
    • Thing about the different types of games available or to be developed
  • 17. Tags for Horizon Project
    • Use with or on blog posts
    • hz07, hzproject07, horizonproject07
    • For the six trends:
        • user_content and hz07
        • social_networking and hz07
        • mobile and hz07
        • virtual_worlds and hz07
        • scholarship and hz07
        • educational_games and hz07
  • 18. Images from taken at the launch of the Horizon Report 2007 by Alan Levine
  • 19. Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License 3.0 The Horizon Project Julie Lindsay, April 2007