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Global Learning and Collaboration - Key ideas and themes
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Global Learning and Collaboration - Key ideas and themes


Short workshop at SHORE school Sydney, January 24, 2014

Short workshop at SHORE school Sydney, January 24, 2014

Published in Education , Technology
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  • 1. Global Learning and Collaboration Key Ideas and Themes SHORE School January 2014 Julie Lindsay lindsay.julie@gmail.com
  • 2. Julie Lindsay Director Learning Confluence – Flat Connections MA Music, MA Educational Technology Leadership EdD Student, University of Southern Queensland @julielindsay learningconfluence.com flatconnections.com about.me/julielindsay
  • 3. ….my global journey
  • 4. GLOBAL   Understanding   COLLABORATIVE   Learning   LEADERSHIP   Crea;vity  
  • 5. Global Understanding You don’t have to leave the country anymore!
  • 6. We must (and will) take learning global
  • 7. Why GO GLOBAL? Learning about the world, with the world
  • 8. The 3 min Conversation How important is it to have a global perspective and understanding? How do we provide that for our students?
  • 9. Glocalization: Thinking globally acting locally
  • 10. Cultural  Awareness   þ  Everyone  is  not  just  like  me.   þ  Everyone  is  like  me  in  some  ways.  
  • 11. HOW  TO  GO  GLOBAL   ‘Going global’ is a mindset rather than a plane ticket  
  • 12. There  needs  to  be  changes  in  the  learning   paradigm  to  break  out  of  20th  century  linear   modes  that  are  not  conducive  to  solving  the   problems  of  the  world   Yes!        And……….  
  • 13. The 3 min Conversation What are the changes we need to see in teaching and learning to support global understanding? THREE Words?
  • 14. Collaborative Learning hQp://www.flickr.com/photos/cogdog/8536946439/  
  • 15. Collabora/ve  Learning:  Holis/c  and  ‘Flat’   Global  Project  Design   Blended   Learning   Culture  of   sharing   Flipped   Classroom   Inter-­‐ connected     Collabora;ve Connected   Learning   Leadership  for   connected   learning   Project  &   Challenge-­‐ based   ‘Flat’   Learning   Pedagogy   Web  2.0  
  • 16. Edgar talking about the Flat Classroom as a global village http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=LDCzsklCpPU
  • 17. The  future  of  learning  includes   collabora;on  online  –  how  are  we   suppor;ng  this?  
  • 18. The 3 min Conversation What is collaboration? What is ‘global’ collaboration? Do you agree with Edgar – ‘flat’ learning makes us a global village?
  • 20. Connec/on   Taxonomy ©  Vicki  Davis  and  Julie  Lindsay,  ‘FlaQening  Classrooms,  Engaging  Minds’.  Pg  55  
  • 21. Communica/on   Two types to sustain a global project Tradi/onal   Classroom   Flat     Classroom   Separated  by     Loca;on   Unified  by  the   Internet   Separated  by  Time   Unified  by   asynchronous   communica;on   tools   SYNCHRONOUS and ASYNCHRONOUS
  • 22. The 3 min Conversation What digital citizenship issues impact connection and collaboration with the world?
  • 23. Co-created Multimedia Product: Student Video Flat Connections Global Project (formerly the Flat Classroom Project)
  • 24. Defining the Global Collaborative Classroom A classroom that is: •  connected •  engages with multiple audiences •  engages with diverse resources, and tools •  creates authentic, collaborative learning outcomes
  • 25. Impact of technology - mobile, ubiquitous, Web 2.0
  • 26. Global  Youth  Debates:  Deba/ng  into  Ac/on   hQp://globalyouthdebates.com   Slovakia   Japan   Singapore   Hong  Kong   USA  
  • 27. Global Debate http://voicethread.com/share/5198980/ "Using plastic water bottles does more harm than good"
  • 28. The 2 min Conversation “What is an INSPIRING, CHALLENGING, RELEVANT and GLOBAL topic or theme to join classrooms/learners across the world?”
  • 29. Leadership Creativity
  • 30. Leadership  for  what?   •  Shared  vision   •  What  should  that  be?   –  Connected  learning   –  Clear  ar;cula;on  of  a  school-­‐wide  pedagogy   •  Issues  of  organisa;onal  culture   •  Didac;c  vs  construc;vist   •  Local  vs  global  –  is  this  either  or?  
  • 31. Who  makes  decisions  about  the   learning?   How  ofen  do  we  ask  the  students?  
  • 32. A  New  Paradigm  for  Educa;onal   Leadership   •  Online  learning  communi;es  are  leveling  the   playing  field  to  advantage  learners   •  Leadership  must  address:   –  School  revitaliza;on  in  a  digital  world   –  Teachers  as  providers  of  new  forms  of  leadership   in  schools  and  communi;es   –  Support  of  the  ‘teacherpreneur’  or  ‘outlier’  
  • 33. What  is  a  Teacherpreneur?   “A  teacher  who  sees  an  opportunity   to  make  a  profitable  learning   experience  for  students  through  the   forging  of  partnerships  with  other   classrooms  with  common  curricular   goals  and  expecta;ons”     FlaQening  Classrooms,   Engaging  Minds:  Move  to   Global  Collabora;on  One  Step   at  a  Time  
  • 34. What  do  Teacherpreneurs  do?   Teacherpreneurs  take  all  the  best  prac;ces  in   educa;on  and  latest  advances  in  technology  and   use  them  to  blaze  new  trails  in  teaching  and   learning  that  focus  on  connec;on  and   collabora;on.   See  Teacherpreneurs  -­‐    hQp://;nyurl.com/teacherpreneurs  
  • 35. Teacherpreneur  Leadership   A  teacher  gets  an   idea  for  learning   Fosters  excitement   amongst  other   teachers   A  group  of  teachers   come  together  to   do  something   significant  
  • 36. Community   builder   Connector   Pedagogy   expert   Innovator   Change   maker   Teacherpreneur   Integrates   new   technologies  
  • 37. How  do  school  leaders  foster  the     Teacherpreneur  Leader?   •  Encourage  customiza;on  of  learning     •  Support  innova;on  and  encourage   pedagogical  excellence   •  Encourage  an  agile  curriculum     •  New  global  rela;onships  and  solu;on  designs  
  • 38. The 3 min Conversation How can we design learning experiences that embrace global education and understanding as well as enforce rigor and relevance? Are these the same?
  • 39. Some  ‘What  if’s’.......?   •  every  school  in  the  western  world  personally  partnered  with  a   school  in  the  third  world?   •  for  one  year  all  fund  raising  went  to  that  school?   •  teachers  from  both  schools  learned  how  to  effec;vely  design   and  implement  and  facilitate  collabora;ve  learning   experiences  to  support  higher  order  thinking?   •  students  and  teachers  connected  through  online  technologies   on  a  weekly,  if  not  daily  basis?   •  together  they  not  only  achieved  beQer  cultural  understanding   and  empathy  and  global  awareness  -­‐  but  actually  created   something  together  that  impacted  the  world  in  a  posi;ve  way?   •  a  classroom  in  Australia  collabora;ng  with  a  school  in  Zambia   solved  the  Australian  cane  toad  problem?  I  believe  this  is   possible  -­‐  we  just  need  to  make  this  happen!  
  • 40. The 2 min Conversation 1.  Add your own ‘What if……?’ statement 2.  Share with students. 3.  What are the challenges for implementation? 4.  Make it happen this year!
  • 41. 1. Global     Understanding 2. Collabora;ve   Learning   3. Leadership   Crea;vity  
  • 42. What’s  the  Other  Story?   Theme  for  the   Flat  Connec;ons  Conference   Sydney,  June  2014   Students,  teachers,  leaders  at  the  same  live  event!   hSp://flatconnec/ons.com  
  • 43. hQp://www.flickr.com/photos/cogdog/8541170416/in/photostream  
  • 44. Global  Portal     Teacher  Network   Email       TwiQer      flatconnec;ons.com    flatconnec;ons.net    admin@flatconnec;ons.com    @flatconnec;ons