Flat Classroom Workshop HK Day 2

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Review of Day 2 activities including the 'selling your vision to stakeholders'

Review of Day 2 activities including the 'selling your vision to stakeholders'

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  • 1. Research, Design & Plan
    Flat Classroom Workshop
    Hong Kong Day 2
  • 2. What's Next?
    Day 2 - Friday
    8:30: Join Keynote: Bruce Dixon
    9:30: The Perfect Pitch: Selling your vision to stakeholders (Vicki Davis)
    10:00: Preparing your pitch
    11:00: Team pitch presentation (to main conference participants)
    12:00: Lunch
    12:45: Artifact creation and multimedia tools for digital storytelling (Kim)
    13:30: Join Keynote: Robyn Treyvaud
    14:30: Teams work on presentations
    16:30: Flat World Solutions to Digital Divide Problems (pitch presentations main conference participants)
  • 3. What's Next?
    Day 3 - Saturday
    Teams break into 2 strands
    STRAND 1: The top 3 teams (determined by international vote) spend today developing a ‘F.L.A.T.’ (Flat Learning Action Talk). This will be presented in then Saturday closing session. Max 5 min.
    STRAND 2: Remaining teams will be combined into larger groups and work on a short piece of multimedia. This will also be presented at the Saturday closing session.
  • 4. Our “Problem”
    What is the ‘digital divide’ and how does it affect people around the world?
    How can we join multi-cultural classrooms and take action to address it?
    • ……Brainstorm
    • 5. ……Analyze
    • 6. ……Plan
  • Plan
    Go to your team wiki page
    Plan by completing the form
    Plan your pitch
    … Each person should speak about the topic idea
    … Name of project
    … Summary of project
    … Getting ready for your pitch tomorrow
  • 7. BackchannelJumps InHere!
  • 8. The perfect pitch: selling your vision to stakeholders
    Vicki Davis
  • 9. It mattered to “that one”
    Story of the Starfish
  • 10. What is a stakeholder?
  • 11. Some who has a “stake” or part of what you’re trying to do?
  • 12. Educators
    People in the community
    People who benefit
    Who are stakeholders of this project?
  • 13. Teachers
    Curriculum Directors
    Today’s Audience of stakeholders
  • 14. WIIFM – What’s in it for me?
    How do you “pitch?”
  • 15. “Hook” (i.e. the starfish story)
    The “Close” (what you want them to do)
    If you have 3 points, you can have 3 hooks!!!
    Each person on team should have this format!
    3 parts of your presentation
  • 16. Wiki – add content
    Look at the scoresheets (rubrics)
    Begin to practice in your teams
    10:00 – 10:30 – Preso work, development of aids
    Audiovisual? Multimedia? Videos to share?
    10:30 – 10:45 – Pitch practice with team
    10:15-10:30 – Feedback and evaluation
    11:00 – 11:15 – Move to main conference to sell your idea!
    Get ready to present
  • 17. BackchannelJumps InHere!
  • 18. Project Pitch and Action Plan feedback
    Joint Project Based Learning Session
  • 19. What would a global collaborative student project that successfully addresses a social issue look like?
    Our “problem”
  • 20. 3 rotations
    5 minutes per table
    Appoint a timer for each table
    Complete the rubrics during the pitch.
    Give teams feedback after the pitch.
    What objections do you see? Problems? Obstacles? How could they improve? Provide feedback!
    15 minutes per table
    Our “Round robin” format
  • 21. Presentations 4:15 – 5:15 pm
    3 minute setup
    Each team has 5 minutes
    2 minute “take down”
    Rubric Completion
    Announce winners in opening session at 9:15.
    Final Presentation: The Format