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Flat Classroom Project 2009-2 Awards


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Culmination of the Flat Classroom Project 09-2 …

Culmination of the Flat Classroom Project 09-2
More details at

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  • 1. Flat Classroom Project 09-2
    June 24, 2009
    Flat Classroom ™ Co-founded by Vicki Davis and Julie Lindsay
  • 2. Welcome
    - Julie Lindsay
  • 3. Participating Schools
  • 4. Judges Awards
    Given by the expert judges aggregating their scores
    See Rubrics at
  • 5. Group 1Connecting the World Online
    Judged by Lykowski and Rehman
    First: 1.C.1 Maha_QA
    Second: 1.A.2 MariyumNoor-BH
    Third: 1.C.2 Sara Aziz-BH
  • 6. Group 2How the WWW has changed the world
    Judged by Lykowski and Rehman
    First: 2.C.1 MatildeS_QA
    Second: 2.A.3 Jasmin B_HPC
    Third: 2.A.4 MaheenSaad-BH
  • 7. Group 4Uploading: Changing Shape of Information
    Judged by Union and Edge
    First: 4.A.2 Abdelmeguid_QA
    HMs: 4.A.1 GeoffL_TIGS and 4.B.1 Amira_QA
  • 8. Group 5Web 2.0
    Judged by Union and Edge
    First: 5.B.1 KateV_TIGS
    HMs: 5.B.2 Mallory_QA and 5.C.1 Nada_QA
  • 9. Group 6Globalisation and Outsourcing
    Judged by Nestico and Coleman
    First: 6.B.1 Riona_QA
    HM: 6.A.1 Amna_QA
  • 10. Group 7Google Takes Over the World
    Judged by Nestico and Coleman
    First: 7.B.2 Megan Elliott QA
    Second: 7.B.1 Catherine HPC
  • 11. Group 8PLE's and Social Networking
    Judged by Nestico and Coleman
    First: 8.B.2 Hassan_QA
    HM: 8.B.1 BrendanC_TIGS
  • 12. Group 9Mobile and Ubiquitous
    Judged by Campbell and Turner
    First: 9.B.2 CandiceN_TIGS
    HM: 9.B.1 Mohammed_QA and 9.B.3 Flick_HPC
  • 13. Group 10Virtual Communication
    Judged by Campbell and Turner
    First: 10.B.3 Thomas Holt QA
    Second: 10.B.1 Emily H HPC
  • 14. Group 11Wireless Connectivity
    Judged by Campbell and Turner
    First: 11.B.1 JamesB_TIGS
    HM: 11.C.1 AbdulazizZaghmoutQA
  • 15. Meta-Judge Awards
    The meta-judge for this project is Torsten Otto, a flat classroom teacher from Germany. Torsten led a class through a Flat Classroom Project earlier this year.
    See all comments at:
    “Dear FCP09-2 participants,thank you all very much for providing me with such a difficult and yet enjoyable task. As to be expected for a Flat Classroom Project, you covered a wide range of topics using a wide range of formats from still images to news shows involving a cast of many. I judged the stories themselves, not their connection to the wiki texts which left something to be desired for. The movies clearly were the product of careful planning and for the most part skillful video work.”
  • 16. Honourable Mentions
    2.C.1 MatildeS_QAWell crafted story, effective editiing of the interesting interview.
    1.C.1 Maha_QAThe narration is very clear, with fitting background music at a good volume. The combined effect of the audio and the well chosen images is one of strong emotional involvement of the viewer, conveying the message in a very powerful way. Full credit in the tech department. The story is well crafted, too.
  • 17. Third Place
    6.B.1 Riona_QA
    Globalisation and Outsourcing
    What the judge said:
    A number of different aspects of globalization are shown, the definitions are clear and the examples given are helpful. The technical quality is very high, the music and voice are very well balanced, transitions are used sparingly. The use of an outsourced clip as an example for globalization was well done. This movie can well be used in a class on globalization.
  • 18. Second Place
    7.B.2Megan Elliott QA
    Google: Innovation, Invention and Prediction
    What the judge said:
    The story flows very nicely and is very informative. The technical quality is excellent, the images are helpful. The integration of the outsourced clips is well done.
    The Flat Classroom Project 2009-1 overall winner,
    Here is what the judge said:
    The use of professional video clips greatly enhances the quality of this movie. The technical quality is very high. The outsourced clip was integrated seamlessly. The concept was explained very well.
  • 20. The Winner is…….
    The Flat Classroom Project 2009-2 overall winner for Best Multimedia Artifact is:
    Uploading: Explaining the Topic
  • 21. Congratulations to all students and teachers
    Thank you to all judges, advisors, researchers and supporters.
    Flat Classroom Projects
    Flat Classroom Project Ning
    Flat Classrooms (for educators)
    Flat Classroom ™ Co-founded by Vicki Davis and Julie Lindsay