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If you'd like to sponsor a clothing drive, please view this presentation.

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Sponsorship Information

  1. 1. + Operation Dress Up! collecting back-to-school clothing for homeless children We invite you to join our cause!
  2. 2. + Facts about homelessness in L.A.   There are approximately 73,000 homeless men and women in Los Angeles. An additional 10,000 are children (Source: LA Homeless Services Authority, Homelessness Count 2007).   Los Angeles is America's wealthiest county, with over 250,000 millionaires; it is also the nation's homeless capital with 1 in 4 children living in poverty.   Of the four major race/ethnic groups, African Americans make up over 50% of the homeless population; 24% of the homeless are Latino, followed by whites at 19%, multi-race at 4%, American Indian or Alaskan Native at 2% and Asian Pacific Islanders at just 1%.   Homelessness is throughout the County, not only in downtown Los Angeles. In San Fernando Valley, there are approximately 6,400 homeless residents, Antelope Valley has over 1,800 and Glendale, Long Beach and Pasadena having over 5,000. SOURCE: United Way of Greater Los Angeles
  3. 3. + About Operation Dress Up! Operation Dress Up! came about after sisters Megan and Phoebe read about the growing number of homeless students in Los Angeles due to the harsh economic climate. The girls conduct year-round clothing drives giving their peers the opportunity to help less fortunate students and make a direct difference in their community. “Everybody has something to give ... whether it be pants that are too short, or a blouse that you're tired of. Those items can mean a lot to someone who doesn't have much,” says Megan, a sophomore at El Camino Real High School. Hale 8th grader Phoebe adds, “Every student deserves a wardrobe despite their living conditions. You can make a difference by simply sorting through your closet.”
  4. 4. + Beneficiaries include:   LAUSD’s Homeless Education Program, providing homeless students with educational and social services.   Beyond Shelter, an agency that assists homeless families with social and educational services.   School on Wheels, providing one-on-one tutoring for homeless kids who live in shelters, motels, group foster homes and on the streets.   Women’s Care Cottage, helping women and children to move off the streets permanently and to succeed independently in all areas of their lives.   Los Angeles Mission, providing help, hope and opportunity to families in need. Operation Dress Up! is in the process of applying for 501c3 status but all of our beneficiaries are non-profits and can provide Tax ID numbers.
  5. 5. OPERATION DRESS UP’S FIRST CLOTHING DRIVE A SUCCESS WITH OVERWHELMING COMMUNITY SUPPORT! “Operation Dress Up!” which collects back-to-school clothing for homeless students in Los Angeles held its first clothing drive Saturday, June 6, 2009 at Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt in West Hills (Fallbrook Mall). Each person who donated a bag of clothing received a coupon for a complimentary 10 oz. frozen yogurt from the popular frozen yogurt chain. Operation Dress Up! co-founders Megan and Phoebe and their friends collected an estimated 2,300 clothing items, shoes and belts from generous West Valley families during the 3-hour clothing drive. All donations will be delivered to Beyond Shelter, an agency that assists homeless families with permanent housing and social services to help them rebuild their lives. For additional information, visit www.operationdressup.org.
  6. 6. Join our cause and you will receive: +  Online Marketing  On-air Exposure  Grass Roots Marketing  Additional Media Coverage
  7. 7. + Online Marketing Clothing Drive events are heavily marketed online with exposure on the following sites:  OperationDressUp.org  Parentzone.com  Craigslist.org  losangeles.com  backpage.com  laparent.com (event page)  laparent.com (blog)  eyespyla.com  yelp.com  Eventful.com  laist.com  Jen’s List  sanfernandovalley.macaronikid.com  Facebook  Myspace
  8. 8. + On-air Exposure   PSAs on top ranking Adult 25-54 radio station, KOST 103.5 Listen to announcements from our last clothing drive here. and here …
  9. 9. + We sure hope that you will partner with us in our efforts to help homeless students in Los Angeles. Operation Dress Up! Contact: Julie Kertes 818.970.6673
  10. 10. + Grass Roots Marketing Over 500 flyers distributed at:   Hale Middle School   El Camino Real High School   Topanga Mall   Ciara Dance Studio   Trader Joe’s   Menchie’s Fallbrook Mall   Target In addition, for each clothing   Ralph’s drive, a press release, media alert and post event press release are distributed to major media outlets that include local TV stations, newspapers and magazines.
  11. 11. + Your company to provide:  Incentive item for each person who donates a bag of gently used or new clothing. (Approximate quantity: 200)  Permission to use company name, incentive offer and logo to market event (online, on air and on site at various locations).  Inclusion of Operation Dress Up! event on company website or newsletter.  Highly trafficked location for clothing drive event.  Permission to set up table, chairs, signage and collection receptacles in event area.  Inclusion of Operation Dress Up! on company’s liabiity insurance for day of event.