Space in Rural, Suburban, Urban Area.


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Case Study of the Rural, Suburban and Urban Context (Group)

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Space in Rural, Suburban, Urban Area.

  2. 2. Public space Concept Public space and narrow sense refer to those for the usage of urban residents' social life and daily life, public, outdoor and space. It includes streets, parks, sports venues, squares, residential outdoor space, etc. Generalizing refers to the public space which is more than just a geographical concept. The important issue is to enter the space of the people, as well as showing in the space above the broad participation, communication and interaction. These activities include roughly spontaneous public daily cultural leisure activities, and topdown grand political rally. According to people's life demand, the urban public space can process transportation, performances, exhibitions, commercial transactions, sports competitions, , holiday gatherings sports fitness, leisure, sightseeing and interpersonal and other kinds of activities. Public space is divided to opened space and exclusive space. Opened space has street, street green space, parking lot, residential green space, park, etc., special public space such as stadium. Also refers to the space of land for public facilities such as the city, district, urban green space, etc. Introduction Public space is not limited to economic or social conditions (even if the actual situation is not necessarily so), anyone has the right to enter the place; For example, people don't have to pay cost or buy tickets to enter, or entrances will not be discriminated just because of the background. Shared space (Commons) is the earliest example of public space. And it seems the "public space" private shopping center, is "personal space" (private) as an example. Most of the street including sidewalk such as town squares and parks are known as public spaces. Government buildings, such as public libraries and many similar buildings are public Spaces. However, it does not mean that every building is categorized as public space. Private space Private or personal place offers a safety and comfortable place to take a rest. In this society, values of personal space are very important because everyone need their own private space. Activities that are not appropriate doing at public are carried in private. Private space can be a space which is used for work, self-reflection, leisure and hobbies and so forth. The best part of owning a private space is we can do whatever we want.
  3. 3. Space – RURAL Residential areas Private The arrangement of rural communities housing is not standardized and are not in order. There are large unused spaces of land between houses causing the houses to be distant from each other. Weeds grow around the houses.Building structures are simple. Itis a closed community where everybody knows everybody else in the area because they have either met everyone somewhere in the small rural town or grew up there. Parking space Private The rural citizens park their car in their own places with no security system or gate protections. Public The parking space is used for parking vehicles. The main role of a parking space is to allow people to park their vehicles. Rural areas do not have an efficient parking system, so people park theirvehicles anywhere without any safety precautions.
  4. 4. Park pavilion Public A pavilion is used to adorn a garden landscape sketch. It is a place where people can take a rest and spend their leisure time calmly while enjoying the scenery. Commercial buildings Mini market Public People are not able to purchase and enjoy luxurious itemsin a rural community most of the time but they can buy some daily supplies at mini market. The goods sell from Mini market in JandaBaik is quite expensive because JandaBaik is a Malay village surrounded by thick rainforests, they have to import the goods from city. Restaurant Public  You might can enjoy the local flavor food in JandaBaik restaurant. The food are scrumptious and formed a compelling unique style. Perception Space in Rural
  5. 5. Overwhelm Crowded – Tourism in JandaBaik Calm Intricate Enchanted Claustrophobic
  6. 6. Tight— A lot of different kind of trees Open Space Skeletal Open Space
  7. 7. Space – Suburban SEMI-D Condominium Shop-houses Serviced apartment Residential buildings Private Suburban residential buildings offer people a place to live in and acts as a shelter from rain and many other burdens that people face every day. These buildings are usually under a unit sharing basis, where residences can share a unit as a family or even with random strangers. Buildings like this are much more affordable and are built to be space conscious. They have many floors to hold many more units upwards unlike bungalows or terraces where they take up a lot of space and provide almost the same amount of space to people.
  8. 8. Guardhouse Private A guardhouse is a building that is specifically built to house one or more guards to ensure the safety of the residence that a guard house is situated in. Guardhouses are usually situated in front of the residential areas mainly just to allow entrance for residences of the area. In other cases, where there are the likelihood of visitors, they will allow these visitors to enter the premises after the showing of their identification. Some of these guardhouses act as a security control room where they monitor the surroundings of the residential area. Commercial Buildings Bank: Public Public Bank, Maybank, CIMB, HSBC, Alliance, Ambank. Suburban areas usually have banks around it. Banks act as financial institutions that channel money into lending activities, accept deposits, providing loans, discounting of bills of exchange, overdraft, investment of funds, miscellaneous and agency functions. It is convenient for citizens to save their money and also to transfer their money to others.
  9. 9. Shopping Mall: 1 Mont Kiara Mall. Public A shopping mall is a building that is built along with many shopping lots offering various types of services. The stores are connected by walkways so that consumers can simply walk in between the stores. The malls in Mont Kiara are built in an open-air format.The convenience of having so many services in one single location is the reason of people like to visit malls. Education Buildings: Mont’ Kiara International School, Garden International School. Public Schools are a main sub-category under education buildings as they offer children and teenagers the education they need as well as provide adults a reaching position in the education industry. Schools are built in with classrooms for education distribution among students of different age gaps and also offices for teachers to carry out their work. These number of classrooms and offices would eventually accumulate in one place, making schools big in size. From what is observed in Mont Kiara, there are many houses and residential areas which only prove that education buildings are one of the suburban’s public spaces.
  10. 10. Perception Space in Suburban Geometric Overpowering – 1 mont Kiara Mall Enchanted- Residential Area (Semi-D) In Mont Kiara Crowded – Traffic in Mont Kiara Calm
  11. 11. Space  Urban Diagram 1 Diagram 3 Diagram 2 Diagram 4 Shopping Mall Public 9 Shopping Malls in Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur: Sungai Wang Plaza, Bukit Bintang Plaza / BB Plaza, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur (Diagram 4), Lot 10 Shopping Mall, Starhill Gallery (Diagram 1) , Berjaya Times Square Kuala Lumpur, Low Yat Plaza, Fahrenheit 88 (Diagram 3), Lot 10 (Diagram 2). Bukit Bintang is the best shopping location in Kuala Lumpur. Shopping malls in Bukit Bintang, K.L. are one of the main attractions for tourists in this urban area. Culture in the city are colorful, rich and varied. Recreational and entertainment areas such as cinemas, theaters, bookstores, gyms and many other places in the city. This ends up making the city much more prosperous and busy. Civic Center
  12. 12. Government buildingsand office buildings Public In the city, the municipal public facilities are concentrated where the crowd flows frequentlyin apublic activity area. These are places where people can interact andcommunicate with each other. A city plays a vital role in political, economic, and cultural activities. Usually the most prosperous area and streets areplay the part ofurban commercial center and functions as an urban social activity center. Commercial services play a very big role in a city, depending on the size of the city itself. These servicesare offered through shopping malls, professional business services and financial institutions. Some of the city's downtown is administrative organization which function aspolitics and culture activity places. Downtown has a lot of the representative buildings and landmark in the city. In the center of the modern metropolis of developed countries, civic center can be divided as center transaction area and the center business district (CBD). The area of tall buildings and skyscrapers, show the city stereoscopic landscape. Central business district (CBD) refers to a concentration of business activities in the city. It has strong economic, commercial, industry foundation. In addition, it also has important position in international trade and financial flows in big cities. It provides city plant a large number of jobs and employment places.
  13. 13. Parking lot Public A centralized place for parking vehicles in the city. Outdoor/ Open space parking place is known as parking lot, underground parking garage or indoor also known as parking place. Since the beginning of the 20th century, especially after the Second World War, the nations of the world urban population explosion, motor vehicle ownership increases rapidly. The lack of parking spaces has become a serious urban problems. Therefore, in the urban planning should arrange to provide land for enough parking lot, its size to be able to adapt to the predicted during the planning period increase of city vehicles. That’s why Urban area have a lot of efficient and systematically parking system. Perception Space In Urban
  14. 14. Crowded—Traffic and people around bukit bintang Tight dynamic – night view at pavilion Overpowering Enchanted Conclusion Difference space between rural, suburban and urban.
  15. 15. SPACE RURAL SUBURBAN URBAN TYPES PRIVATE Housing in rural area are arranged irregularly and surrounded by nature. There are a lot of unused land. Majority of citizen in rural area build their houses by taking those material from nature. For example, they take the stone from the river to build the wall. Sometimes, their houses will leak rain water. They don’t have any parking space so they park their vehicle randomly. PUBLIC In rural communities in JandaBaik. There are various kinds of public spaces: mini market, roads or streets, park etc. Every public space has its main function. For instance, mini market is a daily life public spaces which are narrowly related to Housing in suburban area are arranged regularly. Basically, private space in Urban area is just a little. Suburban housing is built with systematic Urban are is more planning by concentrated on public professionals. spaces. Buildings like this are much more affordable and are built to be space conscious. The parking space such as parking lot in condominium function as protect the resident’s vehicles not no damage from outsiders. Shopping Mall is the one of the best example of public space in Mont’ Kiara. 1Mont Kiara Mall is the landmark of the Mont Kiara suburban area. Bukit Bintang is the best shopping location in Kuala Lumpur. Shopping malls in Bukit Bintang, K.L. are one of the main attractions for tourists in this urban area. In Urban area, there are office buildings,
  16. 16. peasant. People are not able to purchase and enjoy luxurious items in a rural communities. The convenience of having so many services in one single location is the reason of people like to visit malls. government building, financial institution, entertainment area and many others more formed a prosperous hectic area. Parking space in urban is not free but open for everyone. You need to pay for the entrance parking fee to enjoy the parking services.