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ASU social media ecosystem & tips

  1. 1. Social Media ASU Ecosystem Tips by Nina Miller & Julie Espinosa
  2. 2. Like everything else here, it's a big ecosystem 120+ Twitter accounts 70+ Facebook page 125+ Foursquare venues A few dozen YouTube and Vimeo channels Closed groups for admitted students ASU on Facebook app for current students Growth of main ASU accounts (Facebook, Twitter) 400+% since starting 1.5 years ago
  3. 3. Social media is part of broad digital strategy Focus on our core goals and messages, using campaigns and daily interaction to build community, all the while measuring and assessing progress. Social media helps us connect: Big ideas Challenges University-wide aspirations Common goals
  4. 4. What that means for you: 1 - integrate... Social media should be part of your overall marketing/communication/ customer service strategy
  5. 5. 2 - talk/listen like a person (not a robot)
  6. 6. 3- create and share engaging content Your content drives everything. Content needs to be engaging and should be repurposed in various formats, such as articles, videos, podcasts, Facebook and LinkedIn updates and discussions, etc. Mix up your content to provide variety and make it easy to share. 17 Crucial Things You Must Know for Social Media Success by Randy Duermyer
  7. 7. Above all, don't hide behind the curtain: responsibilities of effective online presence Attend community events (not just yours) Cross-pollinate: reach out to new sectors Listening is as important as talking, online and IRL Balance thick skin and vulnerability Human trumps all
  8. 8. What are your (program's) goals? Recruit students as new program participants? Keep current program participants engaged in an informal way? Publicize events? Publicize classes? Meet donors ? Meet customers? Provide customer service? Other goals?
  9. 9. More questions to consider Should I create my own presence or leverage existing platforms and audiences? What content do I already have? Do I have the manpower and time to create social content? What kind of social interaction do I want to encourage? Do I have the manpower to moderate and respond to questions?
  10. 10. Leverage what you already have 1. Events Calendar ( 2. Entrepreneurship, Community, Challenges sites 3. My ASU announcements 4. Segmented My ASU ads (by grade level, for example) 5. Foursquare venues for tips and specials 6. 7. ASU Facebook Pages (@-convention to cross-post) 8. ASU YouTube/Vimeo channels 9. ASU on Facebook app (discussion board style) 10. ASU News (website/e-newsletters)
  11. 11. Staking your social media claim Only strike out on your own if you have a strategy beyond just "publicize my group's events" What you need: Brush up on branding guidelines Comm Guide Read up on best practices Know who in your group will maintain your presence Map out stories you want to tell Make editorial/promotional calendar Connect with like-minded people Match platforms to goals
  12. 12. Thanks @ninky @julieespinosa
  13. 13. Resources aggregated accounts student social media guidelines other resources Twitter Facebook